Saturday, 4 November 2017

True Intelligence is Feared in this Culture

Sandra Bland was found dead in her cell after an officer arrested her for dubious charges

I would have said a picture is beginning to emerge of the kind of people who are put on the Targeted Individual (TI) menu after some experiences I have made of late, to be tortured to death in the most hateful, heinous, contemptible manners imaginable, had I not known better.

As things stand, the info has long since been relayed to me ... and it is that they are some of the most speculative minded, most intelligent people you will ever get to know.

It has been said already by many that it is people who are asking questions that are favoured and it is clear what is making them become more curious than others is an innate critical mind or superior intellect.

Just this afternoon I coaxed a TI friend to tell me what she thought of an idea I sent her, asking her to give advise if she could. It was all innocuous and rather bland to start with but just one comment from her brought such illumination to the idea I was taken aback by the transformation ...

And most of these TI's have no idea they are such brilliant minds.

The majority of targeted individuals are not even highly erudite, but can compete with just about anybody who is highly educated in their capacity to both be inventive and creative, with the added wisdom magicians bring to the table.

The criteria used to single out people for covert attack and elimination is baffling when one considers this prominent characteristic amongst TI's, suggesting strongly that for all the semblance of leaders in the dominant culture who want progress at all costs, they are actually actively driving for an idiocracy in which they feel they can cope.

Out in society, in communities worldwide, and here we should have in mind areas where the people behind global covert warfare still control, the populace at large knows there is such a thing as covert warfare but does not know what it is that gets people on the menu.

The majority simply have ideas of what this can be and many are no doubt looking at all they hold dear and finding within that reason to avoid doing what they believe will jeopardise their achievements or the lives of those they love, including their own ...

The sad truth about global covert warfare is very few people apart from those involved in the selection process, and targeted individuals who have done the math, know what triggers the selection of certain individuals. This means people are busy doing things they think are safe but are in fact liable to sooner than later lead them into the net.

But I think there are things that have happened to some people that serve as indicators of what it is that a person can do that can get them into trouble but then only after the life of that particular individual has been studied in detail.

Remember here that the selection process is complex. It is not just about everybody who will do something considered wrong whom the system will come down upon like a ton of bricks ... It is those individuals who also bring mental alacrity or flexibility and speculation into the equation that causes the system to let out a horrid, deafening howl then pounce.

If you have kept your eyes open and been tuned into developments worldwide, you may have seen events that may have made you wonder how what you were watching was possible on God's good earth.

I have in mind such like the shooting dead of Philando Castille by a police man after a simple stop for a broken break light. Consider the fact the police were looking for a robber they should have approached with caution but did not ... A robber who resembled Castille by having features common to most blacks such as a broad nose and thick lips.

The cop who shot the obedient motorist walked all the way up to what was supposedly a robber's car door and, with head exposed and all, mentioned why he had been asked to stop then, after asking him to show his driver's license, found him dangerous enough to pump seven bullets into.

That is bizarre. Can those of you who have been stopped by the police before picture such a situation?

The other is Sandra Bland and here again it is very clear that the police man had a prior hard on for her. The offence she was stopped for was too minor for the aggression he displayed. He stopped her smoking in her own car as If that would interfere with his capacity to miscarry police duties then dragged her out of her car and slammed her into the ground ... Slammed her so hard she momentarily lost her sight.

It is to expect that not very many people can picture something like this happening to them after a routine police stop and we cannot possibly explain the conduct caught on camera as incompetence on the part of the officer.

Sandra Bland, like Philando Castille, like many other people terminated by police officers, were considered out of line in something they were doing in their daily lives and targeted for elimination because of this.

The killing was done live on police dashcams with intent to show this later and send as clear a message as can be to all people either associating with them online or off-line, of what awaits them if they do not obey, as well as incapacitate them into inactivity with fear ...

To repeat ... Study of the lives of these targeted people, especially discovery and weighing of their special gifts, should they have some, will educate people on just why individuals are being taken out in this system.

It all points to the fact intelligence, especially the very high kind, or the seen potential of its existence, and its involvement with certain, seemingly innocuous activities, is what is getting people sent to the gallows ... It is all being done so that the elite can cope and continue running or ruining things ...

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