Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Shield That I Owe My Mental Resilience To

I have retained a level head throughout my ordeal and this is clear to see from what I write and how I write what I write. I have been writing for quite some time now and I do believe I have maintained a level of clarity, creativity and coherency hard to find among targets of covert warfare.

I believe I have this mental resilience to thank on a discovery made gradually in effective shielding of as much the matter between my ears as the major organs.

I knew from the get go that I had been targeted because of how God shaped my mind, nothing else. Within the echelons of authority in the western world, strange minds decided mine was a threat to their order and had to be destroyed. 

I was a kid when they started attacking me and I realised they would stop at nothing to burry and conceal from the world my mental prowess that was shinning brightly in my adopted western country. There were things I was doing  that were beyond the capacities the system had placed on members of my race.

People were listening to me, admiring me, wondering about me, and I had just passed my teen years. This ... the system could not tolerate.

A typical "Planet of the Apes" Scenario.

Turning me into an idiot was going to be their objective, and protecting my brains from harm was going to be the only way to save myself and maybe get this truth about this culture exposed.

I started making this shield for my head after learning of the blocking effect charges can have on radio frequencies. I was at the time working on active shields when I happened upon information that NASA's astranauts generate static charges in the lining of space shuttles to protect them from the frequencies abundant in outer space.

The first shield I made that employed this technique was an eletrified faraday cage shield in my bedroom. The shield comprised two conducting layers separated by a dielectric such as plastic. This was a capacitor.

Problem with capacitors is they only block out direct currents, and allow alternating ones in. They also amplify them and when my tormentors realized my shield was a capacitor, they switched currents and made me hurt.

I had to find a way to make a shield that blocked both currents and I happened upon the idea of passing the current through two capacitors.

The first capacitor would develop a charge that blocks out a pole while the next will develop a charge that blocks out the other pole. Since the dielectric is connected throughout, or one piece while the conducting layers are separated, I hoped the charges blocking out both poles would migrate evenly within the dielectric so that the charge blocked out both poles.

I tried this out in a head cap and the relief I felt from attacks was immense. I wore this shield for a month and the day I took it off I felt so much noise on my brains it was intolerable.

This is the reason why you will seldom find me walking about without some hat on my head and this shield underneath ... I wear the same shield over my torso.

It is actually very easy to make and below I give simple to follow instructions ...

Get at least two 30 meter rolls of aluminium foil and industrial tape. Roll the foil around your head above the ears upwards of 15 times. Crumple the foil to cover the top of the head. Remove the foil cap that results and flaten bulges at the crest with a wood piece or blunt rounded object. When the cap is evenly flat tape the top off completely so it resembles the image above. Place it on your head and roll another 15 layers of foil on top of it,

Take it off and repeat the bulge flattening and taping procedure described before, ensuring the plastic connects with the other tapped on top of the first cap,  then place that on top of your head again for the final 15 rolls of foil. Repeat the process to finish off and your three layer cap should look like the one in the picture.

Make a small insulating layer cap with a cotton layer in one side to place on your head so that the metal does not contact your scalp.

You can use as many layers of foil as you want. I have found 15 to be sufficient.

Wear this cap wherever you go and it will keep your brains safe and sound ... I hope it also helps those of you suffering head intrusions and thought reading such as V2K and RNM.

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