Thursday, 24 November 2016

Effective Method of Detecting and Destroying RFID Tags in Your Body

X-Ray Showing Microchip Implant

You cannot run if you are implanted, that's a fact, but you can find and disable the tag in your body. Here's how ...

You will need a steel pin or a mesh wire and a microwave emitting directed energy weapon.

Find a low watt microwave gun at some spyshop online, or convert a domestic microwave oven into a directed energy weapon using the instructions given here

Can't do it yourself? Then have someone do it for you.

Put the steel needle into a flame to disinfect it. When cold, prick yourself with its tip and break it off. Push it under your skin leaving a tip that you can grip with a pincers. Alternatively, do the same with the mesh wire.

Turn the microwave on and, ensuring that the beam from the microwave spreads so that the density decreases with distance, stand with your back towards the device where you can feel the beam but it is tolerable.

You should start feeling needle like prick sensations on your skin, and if the intensity is right, the millimeter long tip of the steel needle should start causing discomfort..

Study then use this sensation as a guide to finding metal objects in your body. Wherever you feel the sensation, there's a hidden metal object there. Blasting the area with a microwave blast should destroy any electronic chips hidden there.

Contine with this routine untill a strong odor of smelly shoes overwhelms you. Then, it is time to stop.

This procedure should be very effective at detecting and destroying metal objects under your skin on the side of the beam. You can turn around and do the front, but be warned that your eyes, and in the case of males the testicles should be protected. Place a wet facetowel over your eyes, and a metal object in front of your genitals, preferably one made of lead such as that used by phone tower repair men.

And we are done.

Follow the procedure outlined in this ( article to see whether you evade their beams and surveillance, otherwise repeat the procedure again within a month or two, first allowing your tissue to mend. And, watch your environment so that you do not get tagged again, fool.

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Mukazo Vunda said...

Note: case should be taken during the microwave procedure that nobody gets harmed. Best if done in a sparsely populated area.