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The Global Covert Warfare The Western Elite Wages

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." J. Edgar Hoover giving socialism a description that would have been more appropriate for his COINTELPRO program.

You do not need to be the infamous J. Edgar Hoover to believe a monstrous conspiracy vastly superior to COINTELPRO exists in today's world, or know that its main purpose is to "covertly disable select people within target communities in their capacity to make a difference". These attacks are holistic, meaning it is not the elimination of the target that is the sole objective. Rather, the entirety of the group to which that particular individual belongs is under fire.

The methods in use to this end are vast improvements and refinements upon those COINTELPPRO is infamous for, some of the differences being the use of advanced technologies and, crucially, the kind of organisation that is under fire. COINTELPRO could not take advantage of modern technologies such as eavesdropping and so called non-lethal technologies that make today's war much more immune to exposure, nor could it be as present globally as modern day covert warfare is because of this. COINTELPRO aimed at the destruction of political groups (Socialists, for example) and movements (civil rights movements, the Black Panther Party for Self Defence in particular) by covertly attacking leading figures, while modern day global covert warfare targets local and distant communities by eliminating people already playing or thought to have the potential to play key roles in the future development of the same. It aims to undermine the well-being of the target community, or the collective punch of the tribe or nation by disabling or taking out members believed to be future enabling/empowering factors. The point of these targeted attacks is to make the whole business of control and domination easier given the more advanced a community gets, the more resistant to external control it becomes.

Basically, it is the beheading of a whole group of people. Targets in this war are selected carefully for this to be effective. While it was the case during Hoover's days that an organisation was destroyed by the murder of its leader, and sometimes a few other individuals playing key roles in it, many more people need to be eliminated to impact a community's development. Selection and elimination is an ongoing process, done on a continuous basis, seeing many of those considered to be a plus for the target community, even if potentially so, incapacitated or eliminated as soon as they are recognised, leaving the community as clueless as is desirable.

If these methods of taking communities back to the stone age seem anachronistic, especially to those who know of the tactics used by conquerors of old to subjugate, this is because J. Edgar Hoover did not create methods of control unknown to his predecessors. Hitler, and many of his contemporary tyrants, are known to have used covert attacks that resemble those Hoover used to destroy dissent, etc. The British, French, Portuguese were using very similar tactics to control the masses in territories they overwhelmed after the Berlin Conference. The portuguese are known to have destroyed relics from the past in South America that they replaced with what worked for them where the direction locals genuflected to was concerned. Such destruction was not limited to relics, but to people as well. The ultimate aim of covertly getting rid of anyone locals looked up to was to leave only the Portuguese themselves as the one everyone looked up to. The British are known to have gone on killing sprees that targeted those considered to be royal of lineage. They equalled modern pre-emptive eliminations by not just murdering figures who had actual command of the people, but close relatives, including their children, as well. They are known to have sent the heads of key figures they eliminated back to their leader in England to prove the individual was indeed dead, while orders back in the colony were that the men continue the hunt and murder of blood relatives. There are surviving reports in Africa of individuals not considered leaders by locals seeking refuge hundreds of kilometres away from their homes, fearing for their lives after realising they had been put on a murder list, and only on account they were related to a chief whose head had ended up on a galleon headed for England. Such was the need to replace local authority, to behead the conquered, the British went to lengths that saw them predict futures in a bid to leave no stones unturned.

Hoover often found himself perpetrating overt, violent attacks on his targets that drew attention to his operation, mainly because there was no other way of getting what he wanted to accomplish done. With the aid of technology, COINTELPRO's brutality can be surpassed a hundred fold without signs that tell this tale. With advanced technology at hand, those leading the modern variant of the conspiracy can do more than Hoover, Hitler, the colonial forces before them, etc., would have wanted but could only dream about.

The mainstream media has played its part distorting the image of targets, not just in news reports, but in soaps, series or films, churning out reality that depicts anyone bringing reports of covert warfare as a lunatic or mentally challenged person. Occurring simultaneously with all of this is bullying that involves veiled threats made to a public the powers that be believe has not been fully or sufficiently brainwashed, a public that ever appears at the brink of stirring. Instilling fear into the masses becomes the name of the game. There is an evident need to constantly make them feel a power that they should not dare disobey or question, a power that dishes out very heavy punishment when crossed. To this end, the fate of some targets are surreptitiously opportunely used as examples of this wrath. The power also goes out of its way proving, by giving veiled examples, it can get anybody wherever they are, whenever it pleases. The message is simple: you can run but you cannot hide. Murder also comes into play during such communications. Examples include murders of well known or famous people that seem at times like ritual killings ... They serve as a rite of passage for the target audience. These murders, passed off as natural deaths, have the necessary hallmarks of foul play that is salient enough to be noticed and make the point, but insufficient to prove the case.

Apart from brainwashing or fear mongering that gets the populace at large into a stoical state, those orchestrating the conspiracy blot out any connection the activity could have to the greater community to which the target belongs. They succeed to make it look like it is another person's problem. Nobody from the public trying to uncover the conspiracy will get past the targeting of individuals, and those they will find will be mentally challenged.

All of this is the reason most people will fail or refuse to see truth in the statements I made at the opening of this piece. This is the reason why understanding covert warfare requires what is sometimes referred to as thinking out of the box. It requires debrainwashing done by a radical examination of the logic behind the methods used in covert warfare, and equally radical examination of the information about covert warfare the conspiracy generates that is taken as truth by the general public, for example, information dished out on a regular basis by the leading media regarding the mental health of the average target of covert warfare.

I have uncovered along the way (what many more have mentioned albeit in manners that fall short of having an elucidating or debrainwashing effect) that a significant number of targeted individuals worldwide are above the average intellect, or at least they were before they got blasted with directed energies and/or poisons and pathogenes resulting in the impression of a limited or paranoid intellect, impressions of someone suffering from delusions, or someone who is mentally challenged. I now know that attacks, especially the first series, have as a priority the creation of as much damage to the mind of the unsuspecting target as makes them irrational, or anything else that has the potential to discredit whatever they will say about what they are going through, as much damage as makes them incapable of ever making sense of their ordeal.

But then the fact they were once proper, coherent, highly intelligent human beings can usually be ascertained where the possibility to gain exposure to the target's past exists, whereupon the one thing that becomes crystal clear is the fact the majority of targeted individuals become targets because they have a mind that makes this system's worst nightmares come true, a mind feared by the powers-that-be that require the capacity to detect intellectual fraud to be as rare as makes getting their way easy - a mind so designed it grows and gets more critical even when bereft of that on which normal minds require to feed in order to advance ... growth and advancement that comes even in isolation ... a mind the powers- that-be can only with difficulty defile ... the mind of one who can make a difference.

Only a few communities exist today that do not have targeted individuals, meaning a paucity of communities exist that are not being manipulated covertly. There are in almost every society on our globe unfortunates having their lives destroyed to this end. You do not need to have witnessed Hoover in action to know how the punishment is meted out in our times, its visible effects and also know of the concurrent activities, for instance, covert, under handed behind-the-scenes interventions that frustrate every effort the target undertakes to survive such as the prevention of the capacity to get or keep gainful employment, build or maintain a business, maintain a healthy relationship, the active destruction of the target's image in their community, deliberately caused ill health, etc. People are being attacked on a dumb-founding 24/7 basis, attacks experienced as intermittent overt torture in some cases, as constant torture in other cases (an instance of this can be electrocution of the genitals using directed energies that has been reported by men as well as women, or hearing loud noises, sensations that give the impression the skin is infested with crawling insects, needle like pains on the skin, etc). In addition, targets are having their credibility, their reputations within the communities they live, as well as their very personalities destroyed. This is being done not just by gangs that resemble Hoover's vigilantes, but with technology that both destroys and controls minds.

The modern conspiracy, the logic it uses, its scope, its chosen methods of destroying targets in particular and the extent it will go to achieve this end, is very strange, and monstrous in this sense as well. Putting people on a daily routine of covert attacks aimed at gradually killing them, for doing nothing wrong, only on account they are seen as a potential plus for their community or that they fulfil the profile of one capable of positively influencing their community or, in the case of whistle- blowers, for caring enough about their community, is weird, to say the least. It amounts to killing another for how they are created by the almighty, or for how nature made them, and this by handing them over to some demented scientist or career perp who uses technology to imprison them, then subject them to torturous attacks on a 24/7 basis for the rest of their lives, making them die slowly.

This is just psychopathic.

We have moved on quite a bit from the dawn of the age of reason and yet, in 2016, the world is much too irrational and more dangerous a place to be than it should have been ... as a result of the success of a system that has, on one hand, a belief in the gift of civilisation evidenced by the adoption of such like rule of law societies complete with constitutions and legal systems punishing offenders with penalties considered befitting of the crime and, on the other, a conspiracy by people in positions of power that disregards constitutional rights and has people under covert attack sentences because, as the system would wish the world to believe, they did something so wrong in the past they do not deserve to be heard in a court of law, that they deserve to pay for by way of none other than covert, torturous attacks meant to last as long as they live. The overlooked truth remains this: there are sensible reasons human beings create constitutions and abide by the laws they make. There are credible reasons people punish others, why, in so doing, the penalty given is measured to the gravity of the offence (steal a mobile phone, get twenty lashes. Steal a car, get 100 lashes plus 5 years in jail).

Let us first understand that penalties serve two purposes: they (1) punish, and (2) they serve as deterrents for those looking on, especially those engaged in or contemplating acts of a similar kind, or with the same or similar effects. Those waging covert warfare globally are known to attack their target for years, even decades, 24/7 ... attacks on flesh and bone they want us to believe is guilty of a crime deserving of the punishment, a crime that remains undisclosed or vague, for the duration. Somebody is taking others for fools here. This cannot be seen any other way than ridiculous. A critical analysis of what we know goes on makes it clear the targets cannot be under attack for what those attacking them are claiming they are being attacked for. Fact of the matter is this that, if they are not subjects of one or other experiment that requires to put them under constant attack, experiments meant to elicit a biological reaction useful for those waging the war, feed sadistic appetites or make targeting or covert warfare better, then it is for no other reason than to pre-emptively deprive their community of someone considered to be one of a kind and what the public is made to believe is a distraction. They are under attack because the powers-that- be fear their potential role in their community.

Covertly Punishing an innocent with attacks experienced as torture on a daily basis for the rest of their life is not a sentence a justice system in the most oppressive country will find reasonable to pass, not even for the most cold blooded of murderers they would sooner execute and forget about, nor is it an idea that will come easily to the most cruel or depraved of hearts within a normal human society because it is evidently overly extreme, as a result gratuitous. Also, covertly handed punishment cannot have a deterrent effect. It can only have a function for those who experience the torture routine, which in the case of a covertly waged war are those on the inside, those conducting research, those being paid to carry out the elimination, or other killers put on the case because they have developed an insatiable appetite for such routines that would otherwise be unleashed on society if they were not given an outlet.

Looking at covert warfare the way those who wage it want us to see it, we see the target as guilty of a really unspeakable crime, the procedure as necessary, the penalty as deserved and a good deterrent for those whose actions have the potential to adversely affect or destroy an entire system/culture. If we understand that the destruction of a system usually brings much suffering to many, for generations, we still will be confronted with the truth punishment meted out as daily torture that lasts for decades involving routines such as those we know targets experience, for instance, arranged scenes where numerous people come out to inconvenience, threaten, ridicule, belittle or affront someone they do not know, is wrong, even for something with consequences as dire as system destruction. There is here the undeniably egregious activity of perpetual mental and physical attacks that questions the sanity of those carrying out the process, and brings to mind the conduct of brainwashed cult members on a leash. On top of that, because attacks are made covertly, there are issues regarding responsibility or association and image. As if the klansman-like masked figure attitude of those behind covert warfare to what they do with relish is not disgusting enough, we become aware that we live in a world where the crime claimed to bring wrath of this kind is unknown and, unbelievably, there are instances of double standards in which leading media outlets are lured into painting the wrong impression about what are in fact crimes that get people targeted. Support for the Palestinian cause is a good example of this today, while support for liberation struggles abroad, of which media outlets no doubt spoke favourably, could get one targeted by COINTELPRO.

The question that comes to mind when one gets beyond disbelief something like this conspiracy exists and persists in a world claiming to live by reason, is whether the purpose madness of this magnitude is meant to serve is being met? Could it be possible that, ultimately, the end is justifying the means?

The Masonic Square and Compasses. (Found with or without the letter G)
The one thing that is very clear about global covert warfare is that it is a problem that the west has brought. It is true that it has made rounds around the globe and been adopted by almost all, but the west itself remains the key player in global covert warfare. This is made clear even when I just use my own life as an example. It is the west that sees a need to wage a covert war on me, a war that has seen the west follow me half way across the globe, to Africa. Several things about global covert warfare are confirmed as a result of this chase. In this case, a lot became clear after I put up heavy wall shields to protect myself from the main method used to attack me (directed energies), that offered near comprehensive protection from energies launched from lateral positions. Soon thereafter, a scenario arose in which it was at once clear vertical or near vertical energies were the only rays causing hell in my home. This new situation made it clear satellites had been the main source of attacks all along. The satellites in question could not have been performing new functions. They could not have been moved so quickly into place because I happened to have turned up. Obviously, this is what they had been there for all along. The most important thing to note is how clear it becomes that I, the target, became a link to a whole community. I cannot be the first or only one that such a fate has befallen in this region. It's the community that's really under fire. Considering the length of time the Star Wars Program has been active, graveyards in Africa must be full to the brim with targets, especially those used to develop the capabilities.

Now, the satellites causing mayham in this sphere could not belong to the Russians, Indians, Chinese or any other nationality outside the west. Only the west had a prior need to attack me. Only the west, that has strategically spread its satellites around the globe and, as a specialist interviewed by a leading news source mentioned, "networked them" in ways other world powers with satellites in orbit have not yet done... in ways that make possible the kind of attacks I get ... only the west could have been able to reach me as easily, and eagerly, as they did and continue to do.

It is clearly the west that is spreading the madness to others in order to weaken then dominate them. It is true that powers outside the west have used satellites and directed energies to eliminate people they feared. The Russians are known to have done this as early as the sixties. These actions, however, are not the same as those the west engages in.

Regimes outside the western block that can be considered third world countries have been quick to adopt the western practice of covert warfare in full, keen to keep rivals out of contention, others in order to stand up against this very kind of new threat. Some have cooperated heavily with western missions in the third world. These regimes have in return been allowed access to western technologies such as those aboard satellites (eavesdropping and directed energy attack technologies) to help them with their quests, but, unbeknownst to the parochial, the interests of the west remain primary in such arrangements. Western interests are what those allowing the west access to selected civilians in exchange for cash and limited access to advanced technologies are in fact serving. The west knows why it wants those people eliminated while the cooperating regimes remain in the dark.

In the west itself, at the very top of the madness are the people who run the western world "in fact". They are the ones giving the commands, selecting the targets, outsourcing the punishment to private contractors abroad with the expertise, equipment and experience, perps, imported or local, research institutions, especially the overly ambitious with links to such like NASA (known to be keen on studying the long term effect of exposure to self perpetuating energies found abundantly in space that are minimised on earth because of the ozone layer), with links to the military industrial complex that would like to develop better energy weapons to use in peace-time (such as directed energies that cause epidemics by causing innocuous pathogens to become virulent that I am aware have been used extensively in Africa), and during times of war, also eager to develop their capacity to remotely tap into the brains of people in order to better control the course that their lives take, etc.

The goal of the western elite in orchestrating this secret plan is to retain the reigns of control they hold, to strengthen this as well as make their present and future safe for their own selves. This, then, is the end. This much we know. Is this end being secured, though?

To answer this question, it is essential to look at the changing state and future prospects of the beneficiary ... the very elite in western countries. Sufficient research on the subject matter should lead to knowledge they comprise a small, masquerading group of men and women who are the actual power behind the visible show of power, the ones who really run the western world, the ones who pull the strings attached to puppets regarded as the actual leaders by the public. These elites are also regularly named by some, for instance as the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, and so on. It is hard to verify this information, but I know from personal experience that the Freemasons, or at least a percentage at the very top, are an important part of the elusive western elite, and this conspiracy too. Tentacles of control stretch out from the same group to their own people, then other parts of the planet ... to those who remain vulnerable to external control, nations that are deliberately kept vulnerable to external control using the same monstrous conspiracy, and tribes that have yet to get wisdom.

The western elite are evidently successfully using the monstrous conspiracy to surreptitiously rule the world. They are clearly succeeding in their efforts to control world events, as witness their many victories worldwide. We can skip providing the examples and simply take note of these victories as occurring there where people are getting forced to make choices that work against their own well being, for instance when the will of the people, expressed in votes, is overturned. Such instances are those where it is abundantly clear the same elites are the ones bringing the issue to the table, the ones who stand to win when others are rendered self-less.

Micro managing world socio- economic affairs in the shadows using improvements upon methods developed during the COINTELPRO heydays is a cinch. With this conspiracy in place, in possession of formidable technology with which to apply it, the western elite have the power to manipulate the reality in which men anywhere exist. They are placing, moving and removing pieces (people) from the board at the micro-level, where it matters most, at will, while they have their unwitting targets either so handicapped they refuse to accept the existence of the conspiracy, or they accept it exists, but fail to find ways to tackle it, otherwise they get distracted because they, like fools, are following the rules in the book handed to them by the same masquerading lot.

The increasing rate at which the western elite are making populations perpetually undermine their own well-being tells us it is working for them. This is the reason they have placed a lot of trust in this conspiracy's capacity to help them retain their dominant position globally. This is why it is expanding and spreading as quickly as it is in our times. Surely, where they are concerned, the end is justifying the means if the fact they are still as much in control today as they ever were in the past is used as the measure. They most certainly cannot stop now, as they cannot imagine things would be the way they are had they not been manipulating reality covertly behind the scenes, all along.

There is only one thing that will help bring this western reign of terror to an end, and this is when all of us, not just individuals who are already fighting back because they are targets, not just blacks or whites, third world citizens or citizens of industrialised countries, get involved in the fight to stop this high-tech terrorism. People have to move away from ignoring this reality, believing it will just go away, or considering it another individual's problem. This is what those who wage the war want. All of us are at risk of either becoming its targets or spending our lives in communities ruined by it. The elite will defile all our lives with their strategic strikes. What we need to get over in order to stand a chance of defeating this evil is fear. It is our greatest enemy in this ... We require to understand that we are at war and behave as befits the situation of people in a war zone, people constantly under lethal attack. We need to stop, if not limit the reach of these people by, among other things, taking target testimony more seriously, watching western activity in our skies using advanced technologies capable of picking up directed energy activity so that we know where they are active and who they are after to get the bigger picture. We require to focus on exposing them, and also channel our efforts into the creation of internationally binding laws that ban the use of technologies such as those being used today to remotely destroy lives, cultures, communities and nations. It is in our best interests to do this, and more, that is necessary, as soon as possible, if we are going to succeed in decreasing the chances future generations will be living in a world where the mentality of using the very tactics in use by the west today to gain social, economic or other advantages, has proliferated. What we can expect is a world where it will not just be the western elite that people have to be fearful of, but anyone who can harness the techniques and technologies the west is using to keep us all in chains.

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