Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Rights To The Book Hosted Here Are, With Immediate Effect, Up For Grabs

This article will feature here for a month so that AS MANY PEOPLE see it as is POSSIBLE.

This blog has attained a steady 4000 visits per month now. Though this is not the highest number of visitors on record for the period in question, it means that there are around that number browsing the articles posted here each month, on a continuous basis.

It has not been rare in the past to beat that number in a single day, especially those times when there are major global events taking place. An example was the death of Nelson Mandela when a good 7000 visitors passed through in a single day.

They were probably looking for an article on his death with a conspiracy theory twist to it. I had my thoughts about his death, the manner it happened and what it appeared to coincide with or overshadow, but I did not share these thoughts.

I know much more than I did when I published this book 10 years ago, but cannot share that knowledge because I cannot afford it. Now, if each of my 4000 visitors per month dropped a dollar into my paypal donation box in the right hand column, that would be a different matter altogether. The best way to support my efforts, of course, would be to increase the number of the book hosted here's circulation. Buy the book.

This is the point of this blog, and this message is getting overlooked. I have, as such, decided to throw the one thing I have going for me into the ring. The rights to the book are, with immediate effect, up for grabs.

If you are interested, then make your best offer by posting a comment to this post, and if I find your offer worthwhile, then we can proceed to my contact page, and other legal stuff.

Keep in mind the fact the book is doing very well in online sales. It simply needs someone with the funds to take it on the road with the guarantee they'll make a good buck from it.


Mukazo Vunda said...

Mukazo Vunda said...

Try pasting the above url in a browser to view book sales on Lulu, otherwise send a request for the data and I will send it to you.

Mukazo Vunda said...

An agent I communicated with assured me the book has a potential worth of from $250,000 to $500,000 if it was translated into just 10 to 15 languages and the average paid was $25,000. Now, that's money worth thinking about. The issue here for me is this ... That I cannot afford to work my way up to searching for then paying the agents who will take the issue to the North Korean publishers or the Iranian publishersm You get the problem?

Mukazo Vunda said...

Posts yo any article on my blog are moderated before they can be published. I am the sole moderator therefore, consider the confidentiality of you querry guaranteed from the get go. If you fail to get a response within a week, contact me directly @ or call @ 00260977266431