Thursday, 10 November 2016

For TI's who are not yet tagged: here is a way to evade the surveillance technologies and find relief from directed energy assaults

They got me under surveillance
That's what somebody be telling
Know there's dope being sold
But I ain't the one selling

TI Tupac Amaru Shakur - Picture Me Rollin'

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There are many ways of finding out whether you are tagged or not, the best being the discovery they are trying to pin GPS devices on your mobile property, such as your car. This is the clearest indication you will get that you are not tagged, yet.

You, unlike moi, can escape the net, and find relief from especially the directed energy torture routine to a TI's daily life.

Here's how you do it.

There are a number of surveillance technologies you will be foiling with the method of evading outlined below that include: thought reading technologies, tracking devices such as RFID chips, satellite tracking, through the wall viewing technologies, facial recognition technologies, body heat sig technologies.

Prepare for your departure ... Think of a destination. Make the process of thinking and making a choice as brief as possible. Avoid selecting places you frequent, or those where your relatives live as these are the places they will look for you first. Again, make this process as brief as possible and then put it out of your mind, to be thought of at a point in time when you are in the clear. You do this because, if they have gained access to your mind, and can decipher your thoughts, they'll know something's about to go down, but not where it will lead because you did not dwell long enough on the thought for it to register completely.

As an alternative, you can start thinking of where you will go when you are in the clear.

Otherwise just wear a radio frequency (RF) shield on your scalp (for sale online) and, if the metal in it is properly insulated from your body, it will cut the communication to the mind reader, and you do not have to worry about your thoughts giving you away.

Wash the clothes you will wear, ensuring you select non that have metal buttons, metal zippers, or any other metal on or in them. When they are dry, fold them flat, and place them on a microwave tray.

To prevent the microwave from catching fire, place a bowl of water on top to absorb the energies, and into the microwave. You may have to repeat the procedure if what you are taking doesn't fit at once into the oven.

Turn on for a minute to burn any RFID chips that may have been placed in the lining. Now, this is very important. Don't want to be sued for getting someone's clothes destroyed. A minute should suffice, as the high temperature steam from the water, still being hit by microwaves, may ruin some garments.

Take nothing with you that has not been processed in this way.

Leave your car behind, take public transportation and head for a very busy station in town, preferably one where everything happens inside a large building. Once you arrive, go inside, then out another entrance if you have to, and jump on another bus.

Perps may have accessed a satellite and followed the first bus, but, even with the help of through the wall viewing technologies, they will lose you in the crowd and will not know you have exited and boarded another bus.

They may be able to find you in tape reviews, but chamber of this are slim.

You may, thus, have evaded "line of sight" surveillance by satellite and other surveillance and recognition technologies. It may be necessary to repeat the procedure, but you can also skip this and go seek that lodge where you will spend the next days.

They will eventually find you as you walk the streets of your hiding place using the self same technologies you evaded, usually placed on local neighbourhood surveillance cameras. You will know when they have found you, but, good thing about not being tagged is this, that you can dodge again, and again.

Oh btw! Don't forget to keep your cell phone off during the whole procedure, with the battery removed. You can get online, just avoid logging into any account you keep here.

One last thing ... The process of gaining advanced knowledge by experimentation on the unwitting, is expensive. It is as such vital that the investment be tagged in a manner that ensures they cannot escape, otherwise all that money and time is at risk of being wasted.

Therefore, avoid, as much as possible, being in a position where you can be tagged, outside or in your home. Watch the people you mix with, lest you invite the devil into your bed. Get informed, and remember, people don't just get tagged in strange hotel rooms they have been lured into, but in their very homes, as well.

Have a professional check that your home is secure from entry using methods such as taking down entire window frames, picking locks, etc.

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