Thursday, 15 February 2018

The Soaking Wet Foam Mattress That Dried Three Times During a Single Night

Video recording of the bizarre in one of my flats on my Youtube channel

I have collected a lot of evidence that proves, most of it beyond any shadow of doubt, that my life has been invaded by some entity or group with an agenda who use directed energies to cause harm.

The point of this is to eliminate me, or turn me into a drivelling fool, because it is felt I would be too much of a threat to their plans of world domination, obviously.

Either this or there is something so wrong with me the strangest of things happen in my home everywhere I go on planet earth.

A haunting maybe?

Most of this evidence I have uploaded to my youtube channel. They include the video pasted above showing extremely high readings made by RF detectors and counters in one of the many places I have lived that are restricted to the interior of my flat.

The most hair raising experiences in this bizarre life of mine have occurred after I relocated to Africa where I learnt for a fact that once they have picked someone to be destroyed covertly, they will not spare any resources to get the job done. They will follow that individual to the end of the world if need be. The elimination is that important and crucial to them.

Video recording showing drone activity above my home

I have filmed drones outside my home that made tracks as soon as I start filming. In one instance, also posted to my FaceBook timeline, I have clear pictures of a shiny object in the early night sky that recedes so fast over the horizon it was immediately plain it was a drone.

Every single night I go to sleep a sound starts that heightens with the flow of time. It sounds like an ambulance siren but is not picked up by recorders.

Spectograms or spectrum analysers on the other hand show clearly that there are sounds in my environment that are constantly there, that only rarely go away. The streaks on the spectogram suggest tones similar to the ones I hear when I lay down to sleep. They are constant wails that can only be produced by a machine.

The strangest occurrence out here in the African bush happened in the middle of a wintry night when, unable to fall asleep, sweating profusely where I lay, I stood up and went outside to get some fresh air. A waft of hot air greeted me as I re-entered the home and I knew I was not going to sleep unless I shielded myself from the source of what was causing the exorbitant heating.

The trajectory was from top to bottom so I decided to use a double mattress I had in the home as a shield. I attached it to the roof and placed it flat above my bed and evenly poured 8 (eight) litres of water into it using a two litre milk container. The foam in the mattress absorbed all the water and did not leak.

I slid under the mattress and pulled the bed covers on top of me. The cooling down I experienced told me the water was absorbing the beams ... and I fell asleep almost immediately.

I woke up about an hour later to find myself drenched in sweat again. I got out of bed wondering whether the trajectory of the attacks had been altered and also grabbed the mattress. I squeezed it and, to my dismay, noticed it was completely dry.

It was still the middle of the night according to the time, the 8 litres had been in the mattress for a mere hour and evaporated out of it in less time than it would take the mattress to dry if it was placed outside in the sun the entire day. In fact, a wet mattress with 8 litres of water in it cannot dry in an entire day of extreme sunlight, and here I was in the middle of the night and it had dried in less than an hour?

I picked the milk container up and poured another 8 litres into the mattress and got under it to the cooled area below and fell asleep. I woke up an hour or so later and found it dry again and poured another 8 litres into it then went to sleep a third time determined to keep doing this till the break of dawn.

This happened to be the last time I did this because I slept until dawn. And I remember as I rose from my bed and verified it had dried a third time wishing my neighbours, who I tell about my targeting, who no doubt consider what I say to be a sign of a mental challenge or disease, would have been in the home with me that night and experienced the miracle of a mattress with 8 litres of water in it that dries in an hour.

But then the attackers would never have done this had they seen that someone else was with me in the home. Last thing they would want is a witness to collaborate this strange event.

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