Saturday, 17 February 2018

The Internet: Best Friend and Worst Enemy of the Sharp

A typical forum or Bulletin Board

I started my very first Internet experiences in the late nineties on forums and chat rooms.

I soon used my programming skills to create my own first website, complete with email server, chat room and a Bulletin Board also known as a Forum. I quickly gained a sizeable international membership, and, as the moderator, learnt first hand how highly intelligent members who joined and started posting to the forums stuck out like sore thumbs.

I also noticed how quickly they attracted the attention of a shady element that also joined these forums, and how frequently they faded.

I remember once we had a new bright man join the forum and start posting mainly about politics. His posts were spot on, concise, and highly informative. I noticed a flurry of new members who proceeded to become his main opponents in discussions. They were knowledgeable, and they were out to prove this new member was a fraud and not to be listened to.

In short: they were out to get him. To isolate him from the rest.

This influx of highly informed people did not go unnoticed by older members prompting one to put up a post in which he asked where all the political types had come from all of a sudden. I suspect that many also knew they had followed the new sharp mind.

I soon became accustomed to having these people, whom I identified as operatives, on my forums and recognised they were a feature of every other forum I was a member of. Their sole intent was to locate good thinkers and nullify what they said, or go to the extreme lengths of attempting to discredit them when they could not prove their argument wrong. They would clearly slither their way towards such posters, going to work either attacking them personally rather than responding to what they were saying, sapping them of energy by leading them through moot, convoluted arguments, only to turn around and frustratingly act the fool so that the thinker was left feeling they had just wasted their time arguing, or simply make it hard for some to want to come back to the forums using any trick that could achieve this.

The fact some of these elements lived for the intellectually inclined and highly informed was very evident. They seemed to have a system that alerted them to the fact their targets had made a post because, whether the individual was up late and posted when everybody was supposed to be tucked in bed, the elements would quickly respond and stand by to refute whatever the poster said in response, especially if it was anti establishmentarian in nature.

I witnessed first hand how some of the very sharp ones lost mental clarity and, in rare instances, sanity as well, pointing to the reality they were in most probability getting attacked physically in their own personal lives as well. Others would communicate to me how strange things had started happening to them, and it would not be exaggerating to say I believe many previous members of my forums are walking around insane, or have died as a result of attacks that started at places that are as innocuous as online forums.

Make no mistake about this, such operations, including attacks, continue on social networking sites to this day, and only because people are non the wiser for the most part. Many of us are still stuck with the belief the establishment has bigger fish to fry than chasing after a bunch of nobodies who spend the rest of their days posting to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, chatting away with friends, or posting articles to blogs.

To me, the fact the internet is a God send for figures in authority who have long since sought a manner of detecting minds in society that could potentially become leaders in movements against the dominant order, and is being used to detect and eliminate or incapacitate if not defile their intellects, is as plain as it gets...

The advent of the World Wide Web, or the internet, marked by the development of a hypertext system that required only unidirectional links rather than bidirectional ones, making it possible for someone to link to another resource online without action by the owner of that resource, led to an era in which people across the globe could talk to each other like never before. This new found ability to communicate easily with potentially thousands if not millions around the globe tuned to the same resource scared the establishment for the vast exposure to truths it could give everyday, conveniently isolated, appropriately misinformed citizens, but at the same time, because each and every one of us who goes online has an IP address, it gave the evil ones a window into the inner workings of the minds of individual members of society that solved a lot of issues with their searches for potential threats to the order.

Facebook Logo and Freemason Lodge Logo

I believe this is one of the main reasons social networking was encouraged rather than discouraged, and a major reason besides business that it was made cheaper to the point it became free for people in far flung regions of the world like third world countries that are under the control of the global elite who run the dominant culture. It is one of the reasons one of the most popular social networking sites today, Facebook, was started and forced on people by the CIA, under instructions to do so by the freemasons, whose symbols facebook uses.

For the first time ever, instead of using a vast network of reliable spies, informants and other lookouts, using thousands if not hundreds of thousands of moderately intelligent goons permanently stationed at hot spots around the globe, scouring bars, churches, mosques, and other congregation points, looking out for people that could be deemed potential threats to the order, they could now with precision and ease detect them by merely placing fewer operatives online listening in to what people had to say and how they said it.

A few people could now easily monitor thousands of people by simply logging into a social networking site.

In the days and years that followed the advent of chat rooms, a lot of smart people were identified and easily picked off by operatives, mostly without even knowing what had hit them.

This trend is set to continue and will only stop when people realize they can become targets of covert warfare by simply expressing their minds online, or starting blogs or websites with the sole intention of informing others.

Anyone who knows how well the truth and awareness movement has done because of the internet, despite efforts to destroy it, will tell you keeping away is counter productive. It would in fact amount to a movement censoring itself. Censorship is the last thing we should be doing at this point in our struggle to free humankind from bondage by a psychopathic elite hell bent on destroying everything that makes the species viable.

The gifted among us should be raising awareness and waking people up but should know as we go about doing this of the dangers that lurk if we make the world wide web the platform for our activism ... and try to be tactful with our exposure and time online, and also know of, and be prepared for that which they can throw at us offline.

It is quite clear today that the long range goals of the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) of the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover that included the following: "Prevent the RISE OF A MESSIAH who could unify, and electrify, the militant black nationalist movement. Malcolm X might have been such a messiah; he is the martyr of the movement today. Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael and Elijah Muhammed all aspire to this position. Elijah Muhammed is less of a threat because of his age. King could be a very real contender for this position should he abandon his supposed obedience to white, liberal doctrines (nonviolence) and embrace black nationalism. Carmichael has the necessary charisma to be a real threat in this way", has now been extended to include any movement against the cabal of psychopaths running the dominant culture today, and this goal is being achieved better thanks to the world wide web.

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