Thursday, 15 February 2018


These pictures were taken on the 24th of November 2007 between 8am and 10pm in Einfield London, UK. They show the progressive widening of holes created In the aluminium foil layers I placed on the walls in my bedroom as they were hit with rays of directed energies emanating from a neighboring property. The second picture shows the dimensions of the frequencies and shape by the holes they made. An adjacent wall later caught fire due to these assaults and I was lucky I woke up in time to fetch a fire extinguisher otherwise I would have died  that night.
The picture below shows a thermometer reading that is higher than the normal temperature for the date it was taken (22-11-2007). I was not using heating in the home that day and even if I was it could not have raised temperatures so high.

The picture below shows the usual target of these attacks: my brains. I wore a double capacitor shield on my scalp they failed to get through so often they fired just below it and caused blisters such as those seen in the picture. The trajectory of the attack was upwards into the brain that I felt as linear pains or headaches. They just had to destroy a mind now, did they not? Typical Freemasons.

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