Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Perps Are Far From Cuddly Toys

Impression of a stalker Lurking

Of all the things that perps most certainly are, they are not persons one can empathise with, let alone sympathise with. While it is true that most of them are undergoing the same, and in some cases worse torture or other forms of abuse than targets of covert warfare, that they are almost always unaware they are under attack themselves, covert attack designed to keep them as stupid as will make doing the system's dirty work the only way they can put food on their table, they choose for this life.

The ignorance that makes them join a program that destroys them while spitting some semblance of well-being their way, creating in their lives a standard they believe is good enough, a delusion, is not an excuse. That they fail to make the realisation they are on the wrong side of the fence with regards the one they are attacking is all due to their level of understanding.

What we are talking about here is a set personality with a propensity. This means this is how they are, and this nature determines the choices they make accounting for where they end up in life.

Last thing you want to be doing is feeling sorry for that.

You see, perps are a pimper's paradise in a system like ours. They get pimped on, meaning they get used and are discarded once their value to the pimp is nihil.

The discarding happens because a pimp is in it for the money, not the well being of the whore they solicit even when there may be slight semblances of this. No pimp who wants to put bread on their table and shine while out and about wants to own a two dollar whore, right? That is a beginner pimp's place to learn the hard lessons about pimping, including the fact you cannot teach an old horse new tricks.

A two dollar whore is better left to brace it alone.

This lesson is also one we, targets, need to learn without the added trouble of owning either a new or used and discarded whore. We cannot change the nature of the whore for starters and, most of all, it would be folly for us to hope to use such a new or used tire to our benefit because the ones who suffer in the end are us and others we love.

I should not have to remind targets of the truth in a simple tale from old of a bird that helps a snake across a river ... but I will do it just in case you have not heard the story or you did not get the point. Midway through the flight, the snake bit the bird and, while plummeting, the bird asked the snake why it had bit her because ... now both of them were going to die.

The snake's innocent reply to this was: "I could not help it. It's my nature."

Too bad bird.

This is one thing one cannot afford to overlook about a perp, most of all because the fact they remain hired assassins is salient.

There are a lot of things about them that draw people to get warm feelings for them but the fact of this matter is they only differ from the traditional notion of a hired assassin in the detail that a man hired to carry out an assassination takes on a contract to kill a religious or political figure and carries the task out alone or with an accomplice.

And if the methods used are separated from the main objective (murder), and the social status of the target, then we see clearly that there is no difference between the two.

While perps work for handouts and favours, hired assassins get paid in cash. As mentioned before, a hired assassin usually works alone, usually, while a perp always works within a group with collective intent to do harm. The final outcome of the activities of both is elimination or murder.


Make no mistake about this ... Perps understand fully that they are in the game to kill. As a matter of fact they are on record (see David Lawson's book "Terrorist Stalking in America") expressing their disquiet with the slow-kill routine used in covert warfare.

And if you know some target cavorting with perps, warn them, knowing you cannot assume from the get go that they have already been bitten. Take it as a given, though, because this primes you for eventualities (keeps your guard up). Watch and observe them closely for the slightest signs they have been had ... and, when these become clear, walk away and don't look back. There is really nothing you can do to help them at this point in time.

We are in a war zone after all, and one cannot help but be exacting under the circumstances.

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Gaynor Eastwood said...

Nice article. I couldn't agree with you more. These people are psychopaths and we as targets should not feel sorry for them. They are in this to kill us, simple as that. They know exactly what they are doing. The sided with evil simple as.