Tuesday, 13 February 2018

One Way Ticket to Idiocracy aka the New World Order


Done a good job teaching myself to do one thing at a time.

Once upon a time, before I became a target of covert warfare, I was a master at multitasking. I often freaked people out by, for instance, stopping the car, pulling the hand break, turning the engine off, putting the gear in neutral, unbuckling my seat belt and opening the door to get out ... in one smooth motion. I often left all inside agape, still unbuckling their seatbelts and pulling on the door handel and wondering out loud "how the speed with which I moved was possible?"

And it was all done without the slightest hint I was in a hurry to get out, not in a manner that would prompt "where's the fire?" remarks.

Once, I freaked out a girlfriend I had lived with for two years when I did all that in a hurry ... Lol.

But I am not a cyborg or some kind of AI. Really ... Lol.

The capacity to do several things at once still comes back to me despite everything I have been through ... I sometimes find myself eating while rolling a spliff (never inhale) and replying to some message on whatsapp while figuring out the best way to fix the leg that's broken off of the chair and mentally figuring out the best arrangement of chapters within a book I think would sell well.

Moving limits this tendency to multitask when tasks that require displacement cannot be combined with others that do not and it almost stops when I have to use both arms, unless I am formulating an article or two in my mind at the same time ... Lol.

Comes back but not as complex as in my youthful pre-target days when I would construct entire machines and check out they were operational in my mind while doing something else.

Multitasking is good. Try it out for yourself ... be careful with it, though, might tie yourself into a knot ...

At this point in my life it has become beyond clear why I ended up a targeted individual ... and it saddens me so much that something so primitive, to use a western construct I am not too comfy with, can be done by people, but also because of the nature of the people the leaders within the dominant culture choose to attack and eliminate.

In my case I would be the least of their worries. They would be wrong to sense a brag deserving of an attack because I am always as far from that as can be (and you would be surprised if I took you by the hand and led you through the street on days when my stalking is highest, and you witness how vigorously they say "yeah right!" after they've heard me say that some place, usually my blog or a social networking site ... so vigorously they assert their belief I am bragging it is immediately clear they are clinging on to that because they find it is an important part of the paraphernalia they use to justify why they act like pricks regarding my case).

Addison Gayle Jr's book The Way of the New World

And it must be noted, as the African American author Addison Gayle Jr. also noted in his book "The Way of the New World" that the most fearful but certain thing is this, that people in the present have no idea what intellects and capacities have perished under this system. Those today who boast qualities and capabilities that are remarkable may be mediocre compared to what the dick heads leading the dominant culture of our time have eliminated.

Sad really ... and this trend or mentality just picks up steam the further time progresses so ... do not think those who warn of a future in which the most intelligent person would be an idiot by today's standards are wrong. They are not kidding when they say idiocracy is but a step away from where we are ... if not species annihilation or maybe even the obliteration of an evolutionary model ie. Life on earth.

Well ... it will return in a different form but what a shame about our trial ... the fourth trial of its kind I have been informed. And here I am talking of our evolutionary tree ... starting from the roots when both plant life and animal life were one ...

What scientists do not know that I do, hinted at in texts from old but not grasped, is there have been three previous evolutionary models that went extinct. Ours is the fourth. And you cannot touch the logic in that because it is the kind of sense that modern so called science has not even started making. Just give credit to the source and understand if people like me and others on the target menu can become endangered then so is the whole of which we are a part ...

And those of you who have recognised from the above a way things happen and the fact we cannot have control over our existence in the context of a vast universe will arrive at the conclusion it does not really matter in the end, right? We are just specs of dust in the wind.

leaders in today's dominant culture doing all they can to ruin the species and environment are obviously finding justification for their actions in this truth but, think about this: if it really did not matter then why is there consistency in their MO? Consistency is born of coherence which also breeds science which gives us matter manipulated and presented as technology that helps in our quest to live better because it matters, right?

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