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Personality Profile of the Average Perpetrator (Perp) in Covert Warfare

Adapted from the book "Coherent Madness Effective Defense Against Covert Warfare".

David Lawson's book "Predatory Stalking in America" where he sketches experiences gleaned from a gang stalking group he infiltrated. David Lawson was a licensed private investigator in Florida at the time he was writing this book.

Covert warfare relies for the most part on predatory stalking to get things done but unlike the norm of stalking activities, perpetrators of Predatory Gangstalking crimes are not predominantly male, and the vast majority of their victims are not women, but men.

In multiracial societies, they belong to no particular racial group, though evidence of the phenomenon in America, for example, suggests the majority of the victims are African American males or blacks.

As for those on the receiving end of stalking, many report never ending disturbances around their homes during the day that usually intensify with the advent of night. Some Targeted Individuals (TI) report perpetually sensing a presence outside, either due to the sounds these trespassers make, their moving shadows, or alarm installations going off.

Sometimes they only know someone is out there by feeling the actual sensation from an attack launched on them. There are those cases, especially where the target is a woman, when entry into the premises is forced while they are in the house, especially when asleep, waking up to find total strangers standing in their bedroom.

Some of these occurrences may seem unreal to those who live in a secure world where the only place this is expected is in the movies, especially the horror, crime or science fiction genres. It is only when you make people see how much space is created in our individualistic life styles for such events to occur that they begin to see the possibility of it happening to them or someone they know. Only when you show how vulnerable our own lives are to such attacks, how easy it would be for an immoral, often psychotic person to isolate an unsuspecting individual if they so wish, then proceed to haunt that life in abnormal, indescribable manners, with impunity; in part to eliminate the victim, but evidently also to feed a psychotic addiction, do we start to believe these stories, which for most of us will unfortunately come too late.

Some TIs are lucky in that they have at one time or another caught their tormentors red-handed. Some have caught them in the act of sabotage, or have recorded instances of abnormal harassment or surveillance on camera. They have as such provided themselves and others with real evidence of the activity; have assured themselves they are not making things up.

The vast majority, however, are not as lucky, and remain trapped in an unreal world where mature men and women can go to insane lengths to get a single thing done, for example speeding up ahead of a target when they discover where he/she is headed so that they can crowd the checkout line, or working shifts in the houses next to the target just so that they can replicate activities, or report when he/she takes out the trash.

No matter how many measures targets take or threats they make against these people, no matter how many times they attempt to catch at least one instance of a figure engaged in attack activities, the stalkers keep evading, mostly coming back with ever more outrageousness the next time around.

Under such circumstances, it is easy for a target to start doubting their sanity, to start believing they suffer from paranoia or are delusional. Knowledge heat sensitive devices and other technologies exist that can allow people to see through walls, some of it so simple it can be handheld, can provide for some needed reprieve from negative thoughts as it goes a long way in explaining why these people are so elusive.

Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera connected to a mobile phone by wifi

If they can watch the target and neighbours from within the four walls of their house, then they can easily know when best to attack. This means they only make a move on the house when they know the target is involved in activities that encumber the speed with which they can react to a noise outside, if they were to hear something.

But then it takes an adult with extraordinary beliefs not to wait hours for that moment to come when the coast is clear enough to take the expensive car away, but to go over to the front door of a house and plant a stink bomb; to wait for hours on end for a sound to come from the house next door so they can mimic it, to wait for a target to flush the toilet just so they can honk a horn, to wait for the target to take a shower so they can do the same; to wait, then run out of their house so they can make a rude gesture or hurl obscenities when the target goes out to throw the trash; to wait for there to be signs the target is going out so that they can warn other people, who will take turns and shifts following the target so they in their turn can contribute that little nuisance to the targets day.

The absurdity surrounding such activities, especially the fact most members show a lack of individual identity, is the reason most people believe such groups are far from everyday people, but cult members who are working for an agenda.

Closer scrutiny of the average stalker reveals theres something much simpler than ideology controlling their actions, something that lies within the depths of their own minds, and also shows that their actions only seem abnormal to outsiders to such activities, because the gangs always know exactly what they are doing. This is also revealed in many statements made by targeted individuals, and also in the reality targets are not always walkovers.

Targets come in all shapes, sizes and sexes. It can be expected that the females are easy pickings because of their softer nature. Stalkers are then unlikely to come up against personalities capable of being a threat to their own physical health. But then the majority of targets are males, mostly in their prime, among whom are those who have enough connections within their community, and can rally these against such gangs, who are not only capable of aggression, but are roused enough, as it were, to act out the aggression if they identify a stalker. There are undoubtedly a lot of people who are not going to take such abuse lying down and others who are already under attack who have made it very plain they will retaliate once they catch even one single stalker in the act. Yet the stalkers keep coming back even in cases where their very lives are potentially threatened.

Perpetrators of covert warfare are in fact perfect Manchurian Candidates, the best dreams of MKULTRA and similar programs, because they are actual, programmed devices that will act in a given way when a switch is pulled. They are fearless because they are taking a choice between two evils, in which the chance of suffering injury from the target or his connections is the lesser. They are disciplined because they are under pressure that they feel to an extreme degree due to the parameters of their minds that also accounts for their personalities and their fear of consequences if they fail to carry out directives.

Think of them as an army of individuals who have been sentenced through the legal judicial system to die for various, depraved crimes, but are given a chance at freedom if they carry out a given mission.

It is actually so easy to create a Manchurian Candidate most people will not believe this only on account of the simplicity involved, especially since the majority are inclined towards the belief it takes highly complex procedures to achieve a sleeper state in a human being.

It is really the effect of individual mental limitations, and favours or privileges candidates for the role are given that combine to have the eventual and real effect of turning otherwise healthy persons into zombies carrying out orders, zombies that nonetheless attend meticulously to detail; who can lie in wait for hours on end, waiting for that singular sound from a singular person to which they have to act in a certain way, aimed at creating or preventing a specific state in the victim; machines that can even marry the target, or into the targets family, only to lie in wait then carry out the act they were programmed to do at a time when their handlers so desire, when the switch is pulled, which can come years after recruitment. The state of their minds is also almost always a result of covert attacks, including psychological manipulations they are subjected to themselves that result in negative feedback loops aimed at maintaining the negative personality, that ensure they exist in a more or less vegetative state throughout. It makes them easier to predict, while also making them safe to handle.

Many may argue that the high level of discipline gang members display, if it can be called that, is purely a consequence of the military style training they are believed to receive, which is known to achieve the same results with military recruits so that they are able to carry out any mission on command. Though there are a lot of issues about the methods employed in military training, the military is a legal institution in society, whose legality extends to war situations; no matter how unjustified the war itself is; whereas there is no legality attached to the activity of launching covert warfare on innocent civilians. Citizen harassment and elimination groups can as such not comprise entirely of people drilled into an obedient state from scratch, in the same manner military recruits are, as this has the potential to affect not only the potency, but especially the secrecy of their activities. Incidences of desertion are common in militaries, and have measured though non-disastrous effects, whereas the same could have dire consequences for a gang of criminals such as citizen stalkers.

This is the reason the vast majority, and arguably those who come closest to figures in authority, consist of people who are so deep in depravity, criminal activity or other activities with the potential to restrain their freedom to the extent they would not have anywhere to run if they had a change of conscience, since society would reject, if not punish them more severely than their handlers ever could.

It is not even every deviant or criminal who would fit the profile of the average member. Strong willed individuals who know what they are doing when they commit a crime, and are prepared for the punishment society will mete out, are not a very good candidate for the role. These individuals will always follow their own convictions, and would as such form a risk element in such gangs as they could easily reveal what they know, and be fully prepared for the consequences.

Persons who live dangerously without being aware, who end up as a consequence of this lifestyle in a situation they didn't really consider a potential outcome of the behaviour; such as when they cannot face up to the prospect of life imprisonment, are the kind recruiters would be looking out for, and they will be approached at the opportune moment of coming to terms with such a fate, when desperation is at its height. Persons with the potential to unnecessarily complicate their own situation, those who will misinterpret signs they see, and end up accumulating more wrongs as they go along, especially those who have already accrued hideous secrets that makes them potential targets of violence in any society they may live as a result of this propensity to walk into walls, are best suited for recruitment.

These people could include habitual offenders, violent criminals, others whose crimes are a result of an addiction, even a deviancy society doesnt tolerate, such as paedophiles, rapists, serial murderers, etc. The list does not need to end with such extreme cases, but could go on to include any person who can be blackmailed on account of a colossal personality flaw. It could also include asylum seekers or illegal persons whose worst nightmare is deportation. Basically, it is anyone who can be made to do anything on account of a deep seated fear.

I once had the opportunity to get acquainted with a neighbour who would later go on to be recruited by a group pursuing me. He tried his level best to have me understand, by indirect statements made whenever opportunity gave, that he was given little choice in this, believing I would forgive his weakness if I put myself in his shoes. According to him, he would either have been deported on account of the reality he was illegal, or would have ended up homeless, with his capacity to get a job permanently curtailed.

He made it plain he had not had problems prior to the time I appeared on the scene, after which he started feeling his life would only improve if I left. He was a neighbour who lived a few doors away from my flat, but his very existence became that much more of a nightmare than mine since I could more or less insulate myself from the stalker world for given lengths of time, whereas his existence became tied to how well he performed regarding my case. If, for example, I were to leave the premises without him informing the group, he would get attacked where he felt it most, making it necessary that he constantly keep his eyes on my door.

Most people who have been used once go on to be used for other missions, mostly on the same threats since the stalking groups already know their weaknesses. They get used in the same or other location, accruing as much complicity along the way as would make it almost impossible to reject further requests, driving them further away from redemption.

You see, the rationalisation my neighbour made accounting for his decision to do their bidding makes sense only to a man with a very limited imagination, with bigger than life fears. Accepting to do the dirty work eventually puts him in more trouble than he could ever have imagined.

I was actually already aware of recruitment activities prior to meeting this neighbour. I know that the process goes hand in hand with defamation campaigns against a TI; situations where the victim is made highly visible to a fault in society, and know of many more people who revealed they had been approached, who refused to accept or comply with requests. In most instances, these people would quickly move away from the area as they too would become targets of harassment.

Picture of Medgar Evers courtesy of WikiPedia ...
Byron De La Beckwith, the hired assassin in the assassination of the African American civil rights activist Medgar Evers, was not coincidentally an extreme right wing activist with links to the KKK for nothing. His motive for the crime could not be questioned and the buck could very easily be made to look like it stopped by him.

The suitability of a particular individual for a given case is crucial. A member of a racist, right wing extremist organisation would be best suited for a non-racist white person, also called a bleeding heart, an African or homosexual target as he could be trusted to do a good job against an individual he is told poses a real and imminent threat to the white race or white supremacy, and should be punished in the worst way possible. A homosexual on the other hand would be perfectly suited for a campaign against the same right wing extremist whom he recognises as his worst enemy.

An African criminal with a rape conviction who is released early and kept anonymous in the community, where he is manoeuvred into setting up a lucrative drug running business, will be suitable for any mission whatsoever on account of his gratitude for the early release and anonymous stature, and the false sense of being above the law that his handlers would eventually foster in him. Such a person could come to literary feel complicity with crimes committed by those who give him odd jobs now and then. He could work well against or alongside the extremist, against the homosexual or an African man, with or without a good reason.

Recruits are approached from anywhere: on the streets, places of work, while they are in prison, but especially when there is a target against whom they can easily be rallied in the neighbourhood, an object thats deliberately been made highly visible to a fault, upon whom they can direct their hate. The last method of recruitment is the most used because it has immediate and lasting psychological impact. They are either directly given the proposal, or put through a succession of trials to ascertain their suitability for stalking roles. For example, an offender can be freed unexpectedly from prison, then followed through until they have re- offended, then approached with an either-or proposal.

I have not come across information that indicates they are put through a ritual of initiation similar to that which cult members are known to undergo, but the fact some of them were targets of harassment similar to that which targets experience suggests it could very well be the case.

Once they are full members however, it is an established fact authority deliberately turns a blind eye to offences they may commit, but not without putting these on the record for the purpose of blackmail. These new recruits are made aware with their every waking hour that everything they do can be used against them and their only hope of staying free and enjoying the freedom is to obey, to work hard, which in the case of covert warfare on innocent civilians can sometimes mean doing the abnormal.

Turning a blind eye to crimes some of these individuals are prone to commit has the potential of instilling a false sense of power in them, a sense of being above the law, as David Lawson, author of Terrorist Stalking in America, also notes. Many may foolishly go on a crime rampage knowing no retribution shall be forthcoming, increasing the level to which they become entangled in blackmail as everything they do will be held against them by their handlers. In cases where monetary rewards are involved, for example drug dealing or such, the freedom may give the individual false hope the activity will provide them with the ticket to more power.

The efforts of those pulling the strings are however concentrated on keeping the recruits stuck in the same position. When a gang member starts getting too big, they are quickly cut down to size. It is very common in the stalking world for members to suddenly disappear behind bars for some time, especially around moments when they have reaped substantial successes in illegal dealings. There are those times when entry into prison is a call of duty, but others were they are actually serving time.

From some statements I heard from many stalkers, a deep-seated belief remains that it is impossible to escape without being found, wherever in the world they may run to. Among members, examples abound of cases where an individual tried to escape but was found, and brought back to face "justice".

I learnt of the realities I divulge above by talking to actual stalkers when they would say things that revealed more than they could possibly conceive, and also while listening to conversations between people I identified as members of stalking gangs, who did not know I had the capacity to critically analyse their statements and reach viable conclusions; or through people who were not directly involved, but would unconsciously get inside knowledge because they happened to be close friends of a stalker and knew facts about their lives that only such close friendship allows, who would inadvertently reveal the secrets this world keeps hidden by what they said about the life or fate of a friend who had suddenly disappeared, for example.

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