Friday, 6 October 2017

How to Make an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Gun With but Two Components

It is hard enough being a target of covert warfare or Targeted Individual (TI) under constant radio frequency (RF) bombardment and/or sound frequency fire such as infra or ultrasound.

It is harder still when you are also tagged (implanted with an RFID chip broadcasting your exact coordinates to hovering satellites) because then there can be no escape from the torment save inside a well made faraday cage beneath or behind sound absorbent materials.

Depending on your TI profile, whether or not the fiends attacking you consider it worth the expense to use satellites and drones to keep track of you and keep your biological entity under, as they do me, having a tag on you means the whole surveillance and attack procedure can be fully automated.

You can be in a the center of a high rise building, in the woods, on a plane or in a car but, because your exact global coordinates are known, the operators of the Directed Energy Weapons need not seek you out or manually aim and fire as well as adjust attack intensity ... Computers on-board the satellite with the Directed Energy Weapon, or linked to it, will do this and much more.

You get hit wherever you are, as long as you are not under a material that blocks out the directed energy beam.

When you are tagged you cannot have the capacity to evade surveillance by, for example, shaking off the tail using evasive manoeuvres such as fading into a large crowd, walking into a part of a building where eavesdropping technologies cannot reach, etc., as such making those following you lose track of your whereabouts, allowing you to then emerge or leave the area undetected.

Obviously, getting rid of the tag is your best bet of getting freedom from near constant directed energy torment without the need for shielding. It is your best bet of having moments when you can live life like people who are not targets, a normal existence in other words, unencumbered by zaps from a psychopathic fiend.

Some time back I posted an article with instructions on how to disable implants using a microwave oven. The procedure does involve causing damage to tissue and can also be very painful which would deter some people from using it.

I have tried it myself a couple of times and know of the pain that ensues from the microwaves interacting with tissue, let alone that which is affected when the electronics and metal in the chip burn.

Which is why the method of disabling chip implants using electro magnetic pulse (EMP) generators may be a better option for most people. In most cases you can easily make the device but, unfortunately, instructions on how to do this are forbidding and complicated to follow.

I will share here a simple, uncomplicated way to make an EMP gun that works. The components you will use in so doing are very easy to come by.

Enamel coated copper wire. You can salvage this from step-down transformers found in most electronic devices such as radios, stereo installations and televisions. Otherwise you will just have to buy or order at least 50 meters of this wire from an electronics shop off-line or online ...

This EMP device requires but two components:
1. An enamel coated copper wire that's about 50 meters in length.
2. A camera with flash. You can use a disposable camera or otherwise.

A disposable camera with flash

Most instructions will lead you through a labyrinthine process where you first dismantle the camera, discharge then remove the capacitor that delivers about 300 volts to use in the circuit.

That will not be necessary here because we are going to use the camera's inbuilt circuit to accomplish the same.

All you will need to do is remove the flash bulb and detach the two ends of the wires that were attached to it, that will later be attached to the coil we make as instructed below ...

The coil will have a diameter of about 10 centimetres. Find a round object or cylinder to coil the wire around. A 2 litre container of coke or fanta or some such drink is good enough.

Coil the copper around the container ensuring it is all in one place. Tape it up to hold it together until you get something that looks like the image below ...

Coiled and taped with the two ends of the wire connected to the switch and capacitor in this case.

Get a sand paper and sand down the ends of the two wires then connect them to the ends that were attached to the flash. Your switch is the camera's take-a-picture button.

And your EMP gun is ready to use ...

Always ensure you are not in the vicinity of gadgets such as mobile phones when you fire the EMP. Place the coil on the area where you think a chip is implanted and press the switch.

If you are right on the money or thereabouts, the delicate electronics on the chip will fry and it will turn into junk in your body to be removed when opportunity gives.

You can test whether the device works by using some gadget you do not need, such as an old working digital clock.

Otherwise you should actually feel that it is working when, if you are holding the coil in your hands, a sharp vibration should go through it each time the camera switch is pressed.


Anonymous said...

Can you please give a little more detail on this please. Im trying to make one and am not very technical

Mukazo Vunda said...

Below is a link to a youtube video that explains how to do the same thing to some detail ... the difference between my example and his example is he uses a different measurement for the copper coil and he takes the camera circuit board out while my instructions tell you to remove the flash and connect the coil to the two wires. The gun will work well whether the copper coil is small like his example or has a bigger diameter like my example. One of the two coils delivers more power but it would take testing to find out which one.