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Of Restless Spirits, the Limitations of Vessels They Choose to Dwell in, and War Zones.

The late Afeni Shakur, mother of the slain rapper Tupac Shakur, speaking about her son. She overlooked his cremation on September 14 1996. The cremation may have been an issue of belief, whatever the cause it may have been the best thing she could have done for his spirit. Afeni Shakur herself was cremated after her demise from a heart attack at age 69

I remember some dreams I had in my childhood days, but non as much or as vividly as a recurring dream, a nightmare to be exact, that haunted my nights.

The nightmare in question was curiously of the same thing, placed in sequential order. Each night the dream recurred, a new scene was played out. It was like watching a soap complete with new episodes including scene changes that unfolded each new episode, but with only the one fiend as the focal point in the case of my nightmare ...

The very first of these nightmares started out when I was about 4 years of age in my bed, in the bedroom, proceeding briefly to the hallway as I tried relocation as an escape from the creature, then settling on the sofa in the living room. The dream then went further than just the nightmarish scenario to predict events in my adult, mature life.

I have only realised that some scenes were predictions in retrospect.

Every single time the dream occurred, wherever it unfolded in the home, I would find myself sleeping soundly but observing my surroundings with my second eye that I consider my astral self. I would perceive this large eyed creature, resembling a malformed human figure, standing there in the room looking at my body as I slept. It would then approach me and, once near enough to touch me, it would start launching broadsides at me.

Clearly, the fiend's intent was my termination. But then there would be no strength in the punches to achieve this end ...

Still, I experienced the barrage as a major disturbance to my sleep, a nuisance, and I could not ignore it because I knew that would not make the fiend go away. Plus, I feared for an eventual negative effect on the body.

It was always hard but I would get back into my body, gradually force myself awake within the dream, then stand to defend myself. I would launch into a counter offensive and always managed to knock the creature out with a few well placed punches to its ugly head.

As always, as soon as the creature fell and was out for the count, I would advance to level a Coup De Grāce but then, just then, I would get super-drowsy with sleep. It (sleepiness) would overwhelm me and I would fall back onto the bed or sofa and fall into a slumber.

With my astral self released once more, I remained aware of the floored fiend. I knew it was still alive and could rise and attack again. Then my second eye would observe it rise again and go for my body.

In these dreams, I always only summoned the strength needed to rise and fight back because of the fear I had that there was the ever present danger I could get killed in my sleep.

The conclusion of this dream came a few years after it started, before I started attending school so I could not have been older than 6 then.

The final dream came and in it I found myself triumphing over the beast.

This is a weird dream and the sequential nature of it even more so.

Only when I experienced later in my real life an enactment of a scene I had dreamt about did I begin to realize there was more to the nightmare than I had previously believed. I had won the fight by killing the fiend but, there was within the sequels an imparted message, and, to my understanding, it is in part that there was a fiend out there out to get me and that some things needed to happen in my life for the victory over it to be assured in reality.

The first of these was that I needed to realise I am me, the second eye, here communicating within the confines of my earthly me, the vessel in which I dwell. A strong vessel for a powerful spirit BTW.

When communicating within the confines of my physical, earthly self, memory of an eternal existence is blocked, apart from much of that which I consciously experienced in the life of my current physical form. There is a lot that is kept away from my conscious and there is good reason for this.

But eye am also a spirit and able to live free of the body in which I dwell and there are times when this happens. Sleep time is just one of these ...

The spirit that resides in this body used those dreams to speak to me at a time when it was not restrained by the parameters of my physical being, when it had drifted out in astral form ... and I believe the predictions that came to be, the clairvoyant, the prophecies fulfilled, were all attempts by the higher me to have me know this was not just a simple dream.

In a nutshell, I was relaying to my confined spirit that there was a war going on and that I desired freedom from my earthly body and its limitations because the scenario of a war zone requires it. My spirit cannot fight the war weighed down by my body ... And to this body it will remain attached even in death.

My body's natural life has to be lived out and once that is done, once the body's time has come, it has to be obliterated, and here we are talking simple cremation for, in this war with spiritual dimensions, my spirit can easily get imprisoned near where my body decomposes given it will be lured to the familiar, which any knowledgeable person could turn into its place of confinement by simply placing the right objects near the dead body.

It is intimated that without the body my spirit will not see rest ... but then it is made known the spirit is designed to function well without sleep ... In fact it is at its best when it sees absolutely no sleep hence no harm will result from this ...

The crucial thing is my eye will then be free to attend to business, to take up its stand and fight in an ongoing war, attain victory then, and only then, slip back into some earthly body and be prone to its limitations at a point in time when that is no longer of consequence ...

I believe the marker of a super-spirit warrior is a strong physical body that has high physical endurance and regenerative capacities beyond what can be considered normal, coupled with highly prolific propensities, this inbuilt yearning to be heard, this need to constantly reach out to others out there expressed through a body that is capable ...

Super spirits select the bodies they want to re-incarnate in carefully and can abandon a body midway through life if they discover weaknesses they cannot live with, which leads to the demise of the physical being.

A war with spiritual dimensions requires to also be consciously fought by mortals in their dimension to be won given part of the life of the warring spirits is lived in this dimension as well.

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