Saturday, 26 August 2017

How My Experience of Social Networking on the Internet Could Open Your Eye

My current favourite profile picture on FB and other social networking sites

I have always wanted to have a personality page on FB or any other social networking site. There are a lot of benefits to that for me and those I slave for ... YOU.

Issue is, I currently reside in Africa where, due to some diabolical collusion of companies that deal in information via data ferrying with devilish types, the internet is only freely and abundantly accessible to the rich.

Frequent and abundant use of it is a sign of wealth or a status symbol.

That means it is expensive and I cannot afford to get freely on this information resource place that most world governments made free apart from what you buy on it.

Now, let's get one thing strait here ... The so called internet or information resource is advertiser run, after all. So why is it expensive in Africa? Why is the free variant of the internet here a waste of time?

Collusion of the greedy and cruel that has nothing to do with how much in subsidies African governments can invest in making the internet freely available except what you give to advertisers yourself ...

I cannot have a personality page as a result of this. The best bet I have of being heard widely is sneaking up and down pages and groups without breaking the rules, which is what I am constantly doing.

But why do I want to be heard so much I have to make a 100 posts to my timeline and to groups and group posts every day or, better yet, do I have something to say that others do not?

The answer to that is actually a long story that is still ongoing as we speak whereby I am having to do amazing stunts to work and put food on my table while writing pristine coherent articles on the fly with all the stressing about imperfect perfection that goes with it.

It starts off with Bulletin Boards (BB), going up to Forums and other old school Social Networking methods ...

I had my own social networking site set up in the late nineties already but due to back-door undermining moves, my BB located at was taken down. Not by hacking my friend. They just forced the domain name from me when they saw the chance.

They bought the domain name before it had expired, before the owner could claim it back. And I could not claim it back no matter how hard I tried, whether I went on all fours and screamed from my rear end ...

Not speaking of which or is it?

But I, eternally looking high and higher, refused to stress it. I picked myself up, packed my bags and started off for other BB's.

Right before my third domain name was taken away from me under similar circumstances, just like two ads were taken down recently, I went all out on BB's and Forums and realised as I went along that I was getting a disproportionately high number of viewers and responses compared to others.

Starting off at going to The Black World Today ( where I posed for almost the entire duration of the forum as Thunder, to MentaClara and then settling for a decade after that as Toloane ... meeting up with co-founder of the Matah Network Kenneth Bridges who, later, shortly after I made contact and got his email address (housefly @ something wink wink good memory), got shot dead (assassinated) outside a filling station ... to Black Net Village (, while running about making accounts at others such as youtube, Assata Shakur Forums with the same alias, reception was the same.

Soon enough things started happening pointing the finger of who caused it at me and some people actually pointed directly at me (one poster alluded to me as having attracted the "political types" to the forum) and intimated they wanted me gone ...

Stooges? Some of them but not the political-types-commenting South African guy at the most popular South African forum of the early millenium years ... But wait ... There is more ...

Cut a long story short to tell the more ... Entire forums got shut down when I posted stuff that I knew would hit a raw nerve, some of the very first BB's never making a comeback while others did counter intuitive stuff that stopped them being attractive social networking sites.

Talk about shooting self in the foot with this ...

Good example comes to mind ...A decade ago a mega site colourful networking dot co dot uk got taken down by hackers then recovered then was taken down again shortly after they published and featured my piece "Pan-Africa Now or Perish", after which they wanted nothing to do with part 2 of the article.

I almost got sued by a generational relative of Gordon Guggisberg quoted in the piece even when it is hard to see the defamatory factor in that quote.

Now we are up on Super Mega Sites that seem indestructible with all manner of people going by the same name Algorithm sitting in different locations globally, tuning into "select" people's posts and adjusting the code to fit, while AI does the business end of it ... and I know people want to hear me talk like they did before and I got stuff to say so I say it and I reach out to as many people as I can, the best way I can, ensuring I obey the rules completely as I go along ...

Not that this has saved anybody except extreme right wingers but then, I am happy with the limited protection this gives me. Better that than nothing.

Good people are legion, they We are many, we don't forget and we don't forgive and the system should expect us ... so you never know when the proof will be useful.

I need that proof of foul play to take with me wherever this will lead, till death do us part ... Like it does all of us in the end, right?

Before leaving you this time around, let me share some food for thought ...

The majority of those under attack by the system (not the sheeple) have family health histories very similar to the paedophiles so while it is easier to narrow down the count in the search for who the guilty are in fact, it is also easy pointing the finger at someone who naturally resists deliberate physical contamination via chemtrails, Monsato, directed energies and such which is why they are under attack and have been under attack since the system stultified back when Ancient Greece colonised Ancient Egypt ... When a small group of human beings turned into monsters so destructive they endangered the whole species.

I mean, from microbes that make the majority of the poor in Africa smell like they are rotting through the noses (... no pun intended ... meaning their brains are rotting and ineffective at thought and comprehension if you are one of those who think all can be soldiers as opposed to a critical number) to the west where intelligence rises so early in life, so high and steeply it misses the point before inevitably stalling and falling back faster than it rose (no pun intended) in all manner of conditions that destroy mental clarity ... making them as sheeple as the previous group, and you have a group that is running this and not getting affected otherwise they would not run stuff, you get it?

Not talking about the group who share the name Algorithm who are all kept flying as high and above the point as makes them ghosts in life ... through generations.

It is very complicated people but the way out is written in the very complexity. They cannot prevail because they are sickos. Sickos through the ages who have their day coming and it could be now. And if they do manage to hijack it this time around then let it be known there is no better reason every sporting event like a boxing match has rounds than that the competing parties get to voluntarily take their own selves back in there 4 more. Lol.


Mukazo Vunda said...

Just want to add this for those of you who do not know: Kenneth Bridges was the African American business man shot down by the washington sniper over a decade ago. On the night he was shot, he was wearing a bullet proof vest. The bullet from a high power rifle entered his shoulder into his torso.

The alleged assassin, a man said to have created a space and viewing hole in the back of his car to hide in and shoot people, had to also have had the capacity to view his targets in thermal or some such viewing technique, otherwise it would have been impossible to know Ken was wearing a bullet proof suit.

Now why does a deranged assassin use high tech devices on people he can clearly see?

Anonymous said...

Do you think as Africans we will get out of this Nightmare? Or is it in Gods hands?