Sunday, 24 September 2017

The Better Strategy of Escape From a TI Prison

Covert warfare against often hapless, sometimes unwitting Individuals knows a spiritual dimension. The elite who wage this war globally understand spirits that dwell within the bodies of interest to them are powerful beyond measure and have the potential to retaliate with far reaching consequences when the life of the vessel within which they dwell is prematurely terminated hence, unless it is deemed absolutely necessary, Targeted Individuals are never killed but incapacitated enough to prevent them doing that which the elite fear them for. They are kept in virtual prisons using their very bodies as the cells that hold them in one place ... until their natural life runs out.

Most Ti's I know have this belief an overnight away from home at a motel, camping, friend or relative's place is their best bet of getting relief from electromagnetic torture. What I know from experience is this, that, unless you are not tagged (RFID) and you know how to shake your perps off your trail, nothing could be further from the truth than this.

I was of this belief in the early stages of my targeting. I discovered the hard way that you are better off shielding up at home ... rather than playing hide and seek with a virtual army at your heels, an army versed in as much the hide as seek aspect of this game.

The speed at which they will discover your hiding place will range from instantaneously to, maybe, the time it takes you to go up the flight of stairs leading up to your room ...

Frankly, only when your "hide" is made in a location that happens to be a different handler jurisdiction area will you get what is sometimes referred to as a grace period that lasts from a few hours to half a day or much more in some instances.

But, for the most part, expect perps to surreptitiously walk, drive, cycle or fly with you to the hotel or motel. They may chose to stay behind and merely alert perps local to the motel, hotel or locale you go to of your presence there, including what therapy you are on.

The money you spend travelling or use to pay for lodging is better spent increasing Faraday cage layers and/or getting you some body armour for when you are not inside the cage, etc., at home. Relief from attacks is a must but only by shielding up do you assure yourself the hours of relief you require each day to stay well enough to function properly and be in state to outrun those who pursue you, or at least make things as hard as will add a few white hairs to their inbred scalps.

I am currently working on portable defences so that I retain the freedom to move away from the defended bastion in my home without over-exposing myself to harm while so doing ... This has to be the next step in this process for me.

As is usually the case when your defences against directed energies get better, and you start escaping the worst directed energy fire can cause, the perps try to make up for this when you emerge from the protected zone which could also lead to an increase of directed energy attack intensity to levels that can well be lethal when you are most vulnerable. Access to effective shields you can wear under your clothes that do a significant percentage of the shielding that your night shield provides frustrates them in these efforts while also increasing the freedom you enjoy and also the likelihood you will one day escape from the confines the vermin want to bring to bear on you on a lifelong basis.

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