Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A group made in heaven.

Artist's impression of a Chaka Warrior

Southern Africa would be a totally different place had the Chaka not stood like a wall between Africans and the colonial forces. It is with this in mind that I find it sad that my people felt it was best to obliterate the history of my Grandfather, a Chaka warrior, from the group because he did not deserve it. He was the good guys, being of Chaka extract.

This fact does not require proving ...

King Leopold of the Congo who, I read someplace, was a Freemason, like Cecil Rhodes, came to the Congo with but one objective: to get rid of a gene.

It had by that time been ascertained that Ancient Egyptians, the REAL ones I mean ... not some masquerade of them, had in fact fled into the jungle. King Leopold was the successors of the Greek masquerade of ancient Egypt's answer to the question of what to do with Ancient Egyptians so that their legacy could be appropriated completely.

Leopold's task was simple: to kill as many of those who lived in the jungle as would virtually obliterate the original Ancient Egyptian gene pool.

And he did manage to get rid of close to ten million (10,000,000) people.

The Chaka were there while all this was happening ... In fact THEY were the target but then a sitting duck target because they were spent ... wasted ... defiled ... They had done much but the enemy was mighty the much they had done had taken a toll on them.

They could no longer fight militarily.

But they pulled off one of those hidden and not known about but major human achievements despite all this ... managing to make the opposition aide its own defeat. They "teleported" a gene from one population into another, going the reverse direction geographically: the direction from which they entered the jungle.

Isolated Chaka migrants in far flung regions of the continent also followed the example from the center.

King Leopold of the Congo

They did this in front of that fool, history's mass murderer, probably smoking some pipe and putting on airs of wisdom but, just another brainwashed brain dead idiot or some kind of normal looking down.

It all took time to accomplish but, eventually, the west did realise they had been had ... dribbled.

How did they do this gene teleportation thing? Let me explain ...

Every group is holistic. There is a specialisation that gives specific skills unto each one of us and when they combine ... society can do much more than it otherwise would if everybody was the same. Society becomes more powerful, more viable in nature.

The Chaka understood this. They understood it so well they were what they were because of this understanding. But now they were going to task this knowledge to fight a real life war.

If you have heard of the African musical gene, then you probably have also heard that this gene has preponderance in the Congo or Zaire. It is this same gene that found its way to the Americas via the transatlantic chattel slave trade.

The music the gene puts out is similar, and so are the dance routines, and it has no equal where appeal is concerned. It is a global music form as we speak.

But the gene is in people, and those people have lives and lifestyles which are, in this case, the lives of musicians.

You know they are mostly males and when on tour, when not performing, their game is knocking booty off of somebody.

The Chaka exported these artists north of where the carnage was taking place, smuggled so many of them it did not take a very long time before the gene was fully established where King Leopold had not thought to eradicate a mouse. The Congo or BaKongo were not known to have been a musical magicians prior to the Chaka invasion.

King Leopold and his masquerading bosses had the ball passed right between their legs.

It may be argued by some that what I talk about here was natural. Wars cause flight. fleeing people seek refuge and, being just people, they end up doing in their new communities what they would do anywhere else.

But I am working with clues that say very clearly that this is what actually happened, putting them side by side with evidence that also clearly states such highly advanced thought was there, not just potential.

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