Saturday, 5 August 2017

Deeping your head in the esoteric may set you free

Diana Princes of Whales

When Afeni made the choice to have Tupac cremated, she was not following religious dictates. She was not thinking of the environment and she definitely was not occupied with beauty defiled. She was not reacting in anger or expressing it nor was she expressing indignation at an unjust killing. I think Afeni was highly esoteric. She understood that Tupac was her biological son, and his father's biological son, but the spirit that dwelled within his physical entity was not a generation of her genes, nor was it his father's.

Tupac was a free spirit and Afeni Shakur may very well have been a free spirit as well but, in most likelihood, Tupac's "biological" spirit's physical body was of a man who passed away very close to where he was when he was developing in his mother's womb. He may have been a member of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.

Whoever he was, Tupac's physical body may have ended up resembling him more than he did his own biological parents, and this spirit was unhappy with life on earth and wanted out. He wanted freedom ... and Afeni understood the best bet of giving him that freedom here and now was to obliterate the only thing familiar to a roaming spirit with the power to curb the freedom and keep any spirit in place ... and keep it coming back (reincarnation) to the torment it detests ... the torment that makes it so unhappy, so yearnful for freedom.

To get a glimpse of the truth in this, of the lure of a familiar body to the spirit that dwelled within it before and the possibility of imprisonment in the vicinity of that body, one has to look at the life of another spirit that was yearnful of freedom and take special note of an occult ritual performed on her body after she passed to imprison her spirit. Here I am thinking of non other than Diana, Princess of whales the city, not the species.

Four swans swim near where her physical remains rest and they are not there for decoration.

Only deeping your head in the esoteric will set you free.

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