Friday, 21 July 2017

I am Raising Funds for the 2nd Installment of the Book Hosted Here

GoFundMe Laptop and Signal Jammer

If you have bought and read the book hosted here, ie. "Coherent Madness: Effective Defense Against Covert Warfare", then you know that the bulk of it remains relevant today, 10 years after its first publication.

There are chapters, however, that could do not so much with updating but elaboration and a bit more of delving into details of why this works and that doesn't ... while others need updating especially since some technologies have moved on and methods improved.

New foes have entered the playing field and they need to be dealt with so that targets are made aware of why the developments happened and why.

Then there are those things I simply did not know at the time I wrote the first book. This, and much more, is what the second instalment is about. Bulkier than the first book (almost twice as long), it will simply be called "Coherent Madness II" and will also be hosted on this blog.

There is still some way, quite a bit of work to do making it ready for the public. The manuscript is on disk and much of the work that will enable me to complete the remaining task as expeditiously as will make it compete on the market and offer the target the best that is out there in relation to self defense is ... you guessed it ... a laptop or even desktop.

Then there is also the need to retain my brains submerged in just their natural fluids so that the build up of toxins in its environment as a result of exposure to inordinate radio frequencies is minimised ... and I have found from testimonies by many targeted individuals that signal jammers help tremendously. I will work inside a faraday cage as per standard procedure but this is just half the solution.

I am therefore requesting from the TI community worldwide contributions to the acquisition of these two implements and have started a GoFundMe campaign to this end ... the link to which is at the top of this post.

This posting will also be made permanent in the right hand link column so that visitors will see it as the main post scrolls out of sight after newer posts have taken top position.

Thanking my fellow TI's and friends of our group who will donate in advance. My record speaks for itself and my avid readers know this is not some attempt to just make money. I should have made a lot of money from just the first instalment of this book but ... You know why I am still broke. THEY are busy ...

I do not need to tell you that as well.

I have plans to offer a free shortened PDF version of this book to our friends without the means to buy a paperback (you know how it is with our lot) and hope this fundraiser kicks off quickly so that this is reality.

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