Thursday, 27 April 2017

A Few Good Reasons to Resist the Globalist Agenda to the End.

Globalisation is defined as the process by which the experience of everyday life, marked by the diffusion of commodities and ideas, is becoming standardised around the world.

A Globalist is a proponent of the extreme variant of Globalisation often called Globalism, a process that sees the dominant culture or capitalism, defined as an economic system dominant in the western world since the break up of feudalism in which most of the means of production are privately owned and production is guided and income distributed largely through the operation of markets - that in actual fact is advanced "mercantilism" if one looks at similar to same life standards of citizens living in countries with different productive capacities - taking advantage of (manipulating) wireless and internet communication and electronic business transactions to destroy local traditions and regional distinctions in order to force through a homogenised world culture.

One is reminded here of Huntington's thesis in his book "The Clash of Civilisations", central to which is the assumption the post-cold war world will regroup into regional alliances based on religious beliefs and historical attachments to various "civilisations". Huntington identified three dominant groupings: western Christianity, (Catholicism and Protestantism), Orthodox Christianity (Russian and Greek), and Islam, with additional influences from Hinduism and Cofusianism. He predicted that the progress of globalisation would be severely constrained by religio-political barriers resulting in a multi-polar world.

Huntington's book

The fact our current world is marked by a zeal within the dominant culture to prevent the scenario Huntington envisions from manifesting suggests globalists have taken the prognostication in his thesis as a reverse blueprint for the creation of a homogenised culture, the catch being that it will be a unified world with the globalists (western elite) as the leaders. This is what is clear to see especially about the highly politicized post 9/11 world. Observe how the globalists have launched a full fledged war on those cultures (civilisations) they consider hindrances to the culmination of globalisation into a united world.

People who see the troubles a multi-polar world potentially brings, a variant of which we currently are living in if we consider nationalism, including negative competition between nations or blocks or even outright war between these, you may see nothing but good in the idea of a unified world and may even find in this the justification for current artificially created human tragedies for its creation.

The means being used to get there that are seeing millions murdered by rogue, instant armies, become sacrifices worth the one world utopia that will result in the end, right? And you would be forgiven for thinking the people responsible for all that is going wrong in other people's lives on a worldwide scale are in fact the good guys and their way of doing things is the only available option, considering the odds of a world such as ours. It has in fact been noted already that even those who defend good systems, systems that stand for human rights and want the best unto every man, may find they have to resort to under-handed, inhumane methods to protect a humane system.

But there is something about this conviction that brings it in line with a stockholm syndrome of sorts when several glaring factors about the globalists and the manner they are going about actualizing a one world utopia are reviewed.

In fact, if we have all been observant, what is apparently wrong with the globalist movement can be summed up in a very few words.

With their kind at the helm, we are headed for a one world totalitarian regime led by paedophiles inclined to under-develop countries, douse populations in bio-chemical poisons so that they are easier to control, cull, or commit genocide, who appear to be in anything that results in the blood of innocents being spilt for the spoils.

It is very clear by now they never are into any activity for the good of all, but their own selves or select bloodlines. One defining factor to take good note of is they have never and will not come out in the open and announce their agenda by first defending any of the wrongs they did or continue to do as necessary for the end goal of bettering the lot of humankind by allowing it to arrive, without hindrance, at a homogenized culture state when it will be easy to usher in a one world government.

They went to Afghanistan and Iraq and, once done with whatever else they went there for apart from the spoils, they left the countries in a shambles and have yet to tell the world the good that the destruction of these countries does our march for a homogenized culture save lies about how much better things are there than they were before. Accounts by locals living in these countries once not part of some documentary always reveal the lie.

They went to Libya preaching freedom for a folk under oppressive rule assuring all their actions amounted to making the world safe for democracy but left with the country destroyed. They caused the deaths of close to 3 thousand people in New York and if asked to justify all this in the context of a one world government eventuality they did it for, they would not dare come out and open their mouths about it.

Image of the aftermath of jets crashing into the twin towers in New York on September 11 2001

And you can add thousands more things they did and continue to do that just don't speak of a group who are in it for the uplift of the species, a group that can boast any kind of intelligent master plan for humankind, or, when their track record of gratuitous deeds is considered, any kind of intelligence for that matter. You would in fact be forgiven for considering this group an alien species for the disregard they show for the health and viability of the human species, as indeed the health of the habitat we share in common. It may just be the case that they do not care because they have a planet to return to, but then they do not, so, what is wrong with them?

There is a lot that is awry with this lot and the word "stultified" does come to mind here.

The nationalistic, polarised world we have right now has in fact been a check on their excesses by bettering how people in the grips of the ravages the globalists bring have fared in the end for, the question can be asked: what would have become of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and many others who were attacked militarily by the west, whether directly or by their terrorists, had other interests not intervened and helped the victims somewhat? The answer to that is obvious.

The worst fate imaginable.

What would have become of the third world had there been no alternatives to self defense or developmental tools, ideas and remedies had the west been the only power around? We would be talking a similar tale as that of the North American Indians in most probability, or something similar.

The fact of this matter is this, that what would have become of their various victims is what will become of all of us once the globalist cabal succeed in their conniving and take over the world. Then, with nothing to hold them in check, we as a species can be assured our worst nightmare of the states we can sink to will come true.

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