Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Habit Responsible For the Fact I am Still Alive and Kicking

Attacks to my heart constitute the heaviest attacks I am currently getting at night. My heart region is struck with high power directed energies for hours on end and it is only because of the shields I insist on wearing when I go to bed that I can stay in life. It looks like they want to go for the "died of a heart attack" scenario that has become a common cause of death of top activists.

This is interesting and meant for those of you who still doubt a grown man's words or, worse still, think the strange nature of the things I say is indicative of a mental issue. Those of you who know it is real should also read this as there is information contained in the piece that you will find useful.

Two nights ago, I was woken up in the middle of the night with my heart thumping, throbbing. Thought I was having a heart attack and, knowing the program I am under, I knew THEY (by this I mean the globalist western elite's hired killers using kinetic or directed energy weapons on board either drones or satellites) were behind what was happening.

As I have mentioned elsewhere before, I go to bed with the top of my torso clad in a conducting layer and I have reason to believe I would not be alive today had it not been for this habit.

Metal armour worn around the torso in the western middle ages by knights to shield them from projectiles in the heat of battle ... similar to the armour I wear in bed or under my clothes while out and about

The near heart attack I experienced that night suggests the shield is no longer working. Obviously, they have increased fire power or brought in a better device with improved capabilities.

Now, I understand you will be sitting there going "just make an appointment with a physician and get your heart checked before you get a real heart attack", but wait for it ...

I got up out of bed, out of balance and breath, chest throbbing. As soon as I was upright, I started feeling relief and, soon, the pace at which my heart was beating went down to normal. The only option I thought I had was to increase the layers of protection otherwise I would not see the light of day unless I stayed upright all night and did not fall asleep.

I know from experience that THEY have the technology to force sleep. Thinking I could beat that technology and stay awake till the break of dawn was foolish, so I went to work with available materials to increase the layers of my shield. I realised I was going to need more material than I had in the home to be secure I would not be hit in the heart again because, if I stretched what was available around my torso, it would be too thin. So I decided I was only going to cover the part where the heart was located which is the left front and side of my chest.

I went back to sleep like this, making a mental note to remain sleeping on my back for the duration, with fingers crossed and, joy joy, I woke up in the morning. I got to see a new day and it seemed from the energy in my 3 km walk later in the afternoon that there was nothing to worry about the state of my heart.

Coincidence or maybe there is something I missed? Read further to find out.

The night came again and I put the sleeping shield on and got into bed. I had not had the time to find extra metal so that I covered the remaining areas, allowing me to turn in my sleep therefore, just as had been the case the previous night, the mental note was to sleep on my back, with a slight twist to the right, till morning.

My body must have later on disobeyed this directive because I turned and slept on my front. I woke up to severe pain in the heart region with the heart beating like it was about to burst. The pain I felt extended to the back indicating the entry trajectory. There was also this loud blaring sound in my ear that I am used to every night except it was louder than usual.

I turned back into the safe position and immediately experienced relief. My heart settled back into a normal beat and I noticed that the blaring sound went off.

This is when the idea came to me to check something about this sound.

I waited for some time, listening for the sound, and when I was sure it had not turned on for at least thirty minutes, I deliberately turned and lay on my chest and, almost immediately, the sound came back on again. I stayed put as the two tone whistle blared in my ear and, of course, I turned back to lie on my back when my heart beat started rising ... and all went back to normal.

The sound has been going on for the past +-5 years and I always knew it was not an ultrasound, but the effect of a microwave hitting the eardrums (note: there is a scientific name for that and it is NOT "tinnitus"). Apart from that, I did not know what the frequency was used for. I took it that because it usually started when I was behind shields, it was used to see me behind this cover.

Only the previous night did it dawn on me that they were using something else to see me behind the cover of shields and the sound indicated an actual attack to the upper body region in progress.

I discern attacks to my lower extremity but never hear the sound at such moments, meaning only when the attack is near the eardrums does the sound register. This also suggests those moments when I feel an attack to my lower extremity and hear the sound as well may just indicate either a very high attack intensity or two beams focussed on my body at once.

What this says about my perceptions is that they are spot on and my measures to protect self from harm are doing something in that direction. It cannot be doubted after all this is considered that I am right to say I owe the fact I am still alive to this habit.

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