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World War 3

Artistic depiction of an alien life form

Would not be surprised if Hollywood has not already gone there, and would not be surprised if this was a real life scenario and the Rothschilds were one of those who refused to be x-rayed. The text below is a synopsis of a sci-fi novel I am working on right now. Room for improvement of both the synopsis and idea and please do not nick ... work with me if you think it is worth it.


An alien life form lands on planet earth from a distant galaxy. It is an advanced life form, much more intelligent than human beings in a lot of ways. It possesses the capacity to pass through matter.

Useless to manipulate matter on earth largely due to the composition that allows it to pass through it, it requires to possess an earth animal to be able to manipulate matter on earth. The procedure to complete possession starts with replacing the possessed creature's control center, the brain, at a sub-atomic level. The creature initially precipitates cell growth within the possessed animal in a similar manner retro-viruses hijack the body's own reproductive machinery.

How viruses kill cells

The old cells die and they are replaced with new, alien cells that are still prone to attack by the immune system because they do not comply fully with what it doesn't consider alien.

The solution: weaken the body with poisons so that it doesn't put up as much of a fight via the immune system but fights a losing battle. The point of making the body produce alien cells to replace its cells and eventually replace every human cell in the body with alien cells so that the aliens take over and control the being fully has to prevail.

After the first successful takeovers of a mammal, the aliens decide to restrict possessions to the creature with a thumb they observe is much more able to manipulate its environment because this would allow them to do much more on earth.

They select the most powerful people in the most powerful nations as the quickest route to taking over the planet.

But there is a problem. The beings with thumbs (humans) have developed medications they can use to make their immune systems hard to inundate. But the aliens soon learn to sort this out by using the existent technological know-how to that end. It is cumbersome to start with but they soon start improving it by leaps and bounds by possessing more and more scientists to use to work on improving human technology.

Chemtrails over New York

Soon, they are able to mix the compounds they use in chemtrails and other clever channels they develop to deliver poisons and pathogenes that keep the human species perpetually doused and too weak to fight the internal biological and mental war. The aliens discover as they seek better ways of weakening mind and body that earthly ionising radiation is their worst enemy without a counterpart on their own planet, but non-ionising radiation destroys the tissue of the possessed's body but does not affect alien life form cells.

Thus starts the search for the better kinetic or directed energy weapon to keep the brighter members of human societies in line.

Then, the aliens discover it is possible to completely shut the immune system down and manage infections artificially and, with this, are well on their way to taking over entire continents in less time than it would otherwise have taken until one man, already possessed in part of his brains, and assailed with kinetic weapons, has an accident in which he fractures his skull. As he is x-rayed, he sees a bright flash in one eye and then has feelings of a re- awakening or rebirth.

Evidence from the resemblance of deaths of those on ARV's to the black death or death by cytokin storm suggests ARV's shut the immune system down while, as part of the treatment package, infections are dealt with artificially

As the days pass on into the future, he experiences intellectual growth that seems like re-growth and realises his brain cells are mending. He has heard of the conspiracies in which aliens feature and gradually easily connects the flash event he had as ionizing radiation coursed through him during the x-ray to the destruction of the alien entity and cells that had grown in his body.

Ionizing radiation kills the alien in the body, he concludes, and spreads the word.

Thus starts a war to eradicate the aliens that first knows a phase when governments ask every citizen to have an all body x-ray done on them, to the point when humankind splits in half, one side those who refuse to be x-rayed, and the other the real humans who have destroyed the last vestige of alien matter within their bodies.

These are the warring parties in WWIII.

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