Monday, 9 January 2017

Assure Yourself the Capacity to do that which the Attackers Fear the most ... which is to get shut out of the Target's Life

faraday cage made of steel fibre around a sleeping area as sold at

There are a lot of products on offer nowadays that have the potential to provide peace of mind, especially as regards concerns about the vulnerable period of sleep, to the ordinary citizen concerned about the health risks of life in an era when the space around us has radio frequencies going through it in amounts inordinate enough for such concern.

These products are also useful for that group of people in society called Targeted Individuals, singled out for assault with weapons that utilise the self same radio frequencies that are a cause for concern to others.

The shielding potential of materials on offer online, and otherwise, vary. It is for each one of us to know which damping level best suits our needs. Whereas a 50db damping capacity shield may be sufficient for the average civilian wishing to dodge the so called electromagnetic smog, a targeted individual, who is going to get concentrated attacks, may require twice as much damping in the material they use. And there's more.

The faraday cage pictured above is a good thing to sleep in when one is being assailed with radio frequencies, not just because it blocks them out, but also because of another factor occuring simultaneously with targeting.

It is just a logical fact that the average targeted Individual will also be tagged (RFID etc.), if we understand that it is much easier to keep up with their movements, and also that, as an experiment attached to a log book, there will be a need to secure the investment ... And what better way to do this than by way of an electronic tag.

And, guess what happens to the signal once the target enters a faraday cage? It connot get out, meaning all those attacks that rely on the tag to pin point the organ to be attacked have to be done manually. This is possible, but it costs them more.

Given targeting is an expensive activity, wouldn't the fiends go out of business if every target got into one such structure once every day?

And it would be a nice thing if this was all there was to this, but, unfortunately, it still is not enough. There are sound frequencies to contend with, and another variant of directed energies that only seems stoppable with bio matter. Therefore, within the cage, as part of the blankets, one needs a layer of rubber, placed in such a way it stands between the source and the target. Then there also needs to be a layer of bio material, packed so that it is flat and can act as a blanket. (See this article for instructions on how to make this shield).

This combination will ensure any target anywhere has the capacity to do that which the attackers fear most ... which is to get shut out of the target's life, which ensures the Target wakes up feeling refreshed, ready for what the demons have in store for them next.

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