Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Edward Snowden: Building Verisimilitude in Order to Make the Big Lie

It was Aldous Huxley who famously said: "The soul of wit may become the very body of untruth", and, in a similar vein today, we may just be witnessing this truth manifest in a different way.

Edward Snowden, the former US intelligence contractor hiding out in Russia, may just have revealed his true colors in his most recent statements that he claims are part of the classified information he was privy to as a contractor.

Now, before I go on, let me clarify what the similarity is between one verified as a bearer of truths through having a way with words, such as a writer of repute, and the situation with Edward.
Our Edward has been leaking top secret information since he hit the headlines and has thus far been verified as a reliable source of such info. The consequence of this is this, that Edward has established verisimilitude. Anything he says will be believed.

And it would seem, in light of the lies he is telling us now, that this very establishment of verisimilitude was the goal, after all, and the lie he recently told was, in fact, what his work aimed to pass for truth.
Let me explain.

Let us look very carefully at the lie the man with a repute as a source of classified info told, and check history to see whether this is a blatant lie, or whether it might just be truth, given the falsification of history and masquerade is central to how the current, dominant culture operates.

The story of how the African American came to be may seem long when measured in years, but in terms of generations, which is where such calculations make sense, it is very short.

It has been a mere 12 generations, at the most, down to 3 with the most recent arrivals. This means that very little about this history has been lost. Most of it has in fact survived by merely being passed down the generations.

Apart from the revealing fact African American ancestors were forcibly removed of their African names and given those of their new owners in chattel slavery, Africans in America succeeded to pass on a lot to their descendants that affirms the connection, not to Africans who were there before Columbus, but those brought in across the atlantic, and this truth shows in dance, song, speech, etc. Some have even traced down the musical strain (gene) to Africa.

This truth is more evident with another group of Africans whose history is intricately linked to that of African Americans, linked to such a degree we can say if this applies to one group, them it also does to the other. We have it here about South American Africans who have retained the full religous practices of their ancestors, not just the rhythms in song and dance, or the syntax of their made up language.

I personally have heard and seen pictures online of communities of African Americans who are still holding on to cultures and remnants of languages that are found in Africa.

Let me give the example here of Jamaicans, another group whose past is linked to that of African Americans. Patois, the language spoken in Jamaica, may have borrowed words from every European language Africans were exposed to, but, revealingly, it preserves, in full, the syntactic structure of languages spoken today on the continent of Africa.

Suffice to say that if the 9:1 ratio Edward is proposing is true, then we are dealing with unprecedented cultural influence by a small group over another that far surpasses that of Europe in Africa, for, if there was beer before in America among the original Africans there, then it was cast aside in favor of the Kachasa in South America, whose roots lie in Africa where a like named Kachasu is still drank, and so on down the cultural line.

Ah! Edward. The evidence just keeps piling up. Kunta Kinte, though a holywood ectoplasm, must be turning in his ectoplasmic grave at this. Cinque, of the Amistad mutiny, must also be turning in his.

And it is not in the African abolitionists, Kunta Kinte or Kachasa that a truth about the true motives behind this statement is revealed, but in the fate of non other than Cinque.

Promised to be returned home to his people, he was instead dumped in Sierra Leone, where his legacy is still alive. We see the deliberate nature of this in many other things, and all are aimed at denying a very basic fact about the dominant culture, which is this, that as successors of the Greek empire, they took on the war to eliminate the ones they were stealing the culture from, who happen to be the very recent arrivals in the jungles of the continent, sold down river by those they found there.

It would be unfair to accuse earlier migrants from ancient Egypt of helping the elimination of the recent migrants, but they offered little help, and where they did help, it was too little too late.

And there is little doubt in my mind that the Belgian Leopold commited genocide in the Congo for this very purpose. He was sent there because it was reported there was still a large population of these recent migrants from the north. And his solution was to murder close to 10 million people, obviously leaving no stones unturned.

So important is this matter that in 2016, they decided to create a Snowden who would build verisimilitude then drop the bomb, that would be believed because he said so. Anyone paying attention will see through this lie, and what remains is to see that much of what people like me say in articles such as the ones linked below, is made more credible.
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Mukazo Vunda said...

For those of you who get here through search engines, what it is that Edward Snowden said will not be clear. The image I placed at the head of the article contained the text that explained this but, it didn't show. If you haven't surmised the statement from the context, then in to the following link: https://imjustheretomakeyouthink.wordpress.com/2016/08/28/98-of-african-americans-are-in-fact-native-indians-and-are-owed-millions/

In short, what he says is that 90% of African Americans are in fact not from Africa, but indigenous to America. They, then, are the native indians we hear so much about.

I will see to it that the image is restored so there is clarity where this is concerned.