Saturday, 14 April 2018

Why I Think the Western Block is Increasingly no Match for Russia

It All Happened Under Vladimir Putin's Watch

Russia has been delivering pills to the west of late that have caused a grimace that has spread from the Southerly western nations, the northerly, in fact the entire western block.

There can be no doubt Russia has been receiving treatment from the west that is somewhat similar to what it is giving, but Russia has of late upped the ante to such levels it looks too much like the west cannot cope.

And it looks like this reality is irreversible.

Just recently in Syria a startling report for a war zone surfaced. A total of about 30 CIA operatives lost their lives at some camp there. The numbers who died may not be the highest tally of intelligence officer deaths in times of war, but for that to happen at one spot, at once, is an indicator intelligence gathering is skewed in favour of someone other than the MOSSAD CIA combo in this case. And it appears from reading into several other reports, that this trend is gathering pace.

Here is a detail about this occurrence that cannot be ignored or overlooked: chances an intelligence agency would gather so many agents at one spot without ensuring they are absolutely safe are slim. The protection of so many operatives would rank right up there with the kind accorded a western head of state, if not higher.

What happened here is in truth shameful, if not absolutely devastating for a block as purportedly mighty as the west is. This is gleaned in the magnitude of shock it (this loss) can cause once its scope is acknowledged.

The cost of the loss to the west was obviously immense. Not only do we think about the amounts spent educating and training these agents, but, where talents differ and contribution is the manner results are booked, we have to wonder at the worth of individual targets that got lost to the whole intelligence community, and with this what they knew that went with them to the grave, in some cases never to be known, ever again.

Russia and Syria were there to report on this event and it can be stated with certainty that though Syrian participation was there, the people who masterminded and led the venture were Russian.

What this says about the current intelligence gathering divide is this that, for some strange development unknown to many, it has become glaringly skewed in favour of the Russians, and the prospects of this block in an all out conflagration with the west are very clear indeed, but only when no nuclear bombs are used, in which case no winners can be announced.

Russia would still go down in history as a nation of caucasians that defeated the caucasian west in a crucial manner, and if we were to look into the cause of the bias in intelligence gathering that caused Soviet victories by checking the kind of caucasian Russians are, we find that Russia is part Asiatic.

Russians are caucasian survivors of Mongolian rapes.

This blood, this difference, may in fact be what it has taken for that crucial difference between capabilities that enable one side to both step into the sense of time of another, as well as find the perspective that makes them get the better of the other side, to emerge.

The use of a combination of race and "Fuzzy Logic", described as a manner of thinking impenetrable to the west by the Japanese, is what is aiding the Russians. The Japanese failed to bring to fruition this concept, the term of which they coined, because the one they would have used it against had colonised their nation and they had no way of stepping into his sense of time.

The Russians, on the other hand, were and are not a colony of any western caucasian nation. They can step into the west's sense of time because they are part caucasian. They can use fuzzy logic afterwards, with much abandon, to get the better of the west.

The fact there are Russians or survivors of Mongolian rapes in the western sphere does not change matters inasmuch as the bulk of these people are more or less forced or brought up bending their knee to the western God, or gods. their Mongolian blood is as such suppressed and can hardly find expression when summoned to the fore.

What the world needs to be wary of now, is Russian and Chinese cooperation. Both sides stand to gain from this.

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