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Idea Thieves

Observing Stealth While Thieving Intellectual Property

Some time back I wrote an article titled "Lighting Up: A Concept Every Targeted Individual Should Know" in which I explained what the ultimate effects of constantly being bombarded with directed energies are on a body that works on flows of electricity, and what ends this lighting up effect may be put to (Click here to read the article).

I am returning to the subject matter again after coming accross an article online stating the US government has frustrated about 5000 patent applications by imposing on them what are called "secrecy orders" using all manner of pretexts, effectively depriving the applicants of access to their ideas for the duration the order is in effect, which reminded me of the subject matter and also made me see the problem was bigger than I imagined.

So, I return to make a more advanced judgement, in the form of a twist on the old theory, which is that, as stated in the previous article, this lighting up effect is being done deliberately because it is useful intellectual stimulation and also because it keeps the mentally overworked target stationary or physically impaired ... which makes them slow hence perfect in their role as a "free range" guinea pig.

I add to this the fact the deliberate lighting up as intellectual stimulation is a means of enhancing communications between the mind and RNM computer, in order to tap into the information it (the hacked mind) divulges once in a state of heightened awareness and creativity, hence the aptness in the title "Idea Thieves".

The advanced theory I develop starts off in antiquity, in ancient Egypt, to be exact. Here, the gifted, people with intellectually inclined minds, the creative, society's best - individuals with the added inborn capacity to grow in knowledge even when completely isolated from sources of knowledge and the intellectual stimulation it induces - use drugs on themselves (rather than electrical stimulation), to alleviate creative blocks or lows ... and only when need arises. The drugs are as such administered for medicinal interventional purposes rather than used recreationally, as the case will be in the culture that forcibly takes over after defeating then colonising and emulating ancient Egypt in a bizarre episode where it ends up being that the colonizer chooses to have nothing better to do than observe and emulate the indigenous population's best, if not try to prove Greeks can do what original Egyptians can as well.

This happens to be the origin of the notion that, unbeknown to the aggressor, this war was actually lost before it was even fought.

The need to emulate and choice to become a pest or parasite to another, becomes very evident as a pervasive need among ancient Greeks to the point emulating ancient Egyptian likeness as indeed culture becomes the better thing the Ancient Greeks have to do. They literally set their own selves to wake up every day wanting to do nothing better than dress in indigenous Egyptian garb right down to the flesh, and observe and follow Ancient Egyptian cultural ways.

To me, the switch to the recreational use of drugs that alter or enhance consciousness appears to have happened before the major war with ancient Egypt, which can be said to be an overnight change in Ancient Greece, obviously as a consequence of a sudden exposure of a few Greeks to a truth about the benefits to high culture of this reality, after it is deemed imperative that in order to create and maintain a high culture or civilization, the Greeks would need to tap into a larger reserve of minds in the populace at large, and since there wasn't already a culturally based manner of raising then sustaining the community's level of understanding, which in turn sustains high culture, the second and main goal of this was to expose as many people within the community to the magic drug the Egyptian elite used to maintain/enhance their creativity as was possible, as the best way of achieving this end.

This is to say the use of drugs to alter or intellectually stimulate the consciousness, as a means for the best in society to keep their intellectual prowess afloat, had already become the norm in Ancient Greece by the time they decided to steal the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Arguably, if this premise is taken as sound, the taking to this method on a mass scale was responsible for the military victory that was won over Egypt by Alexander. This is to say Ancient Egypt, already accustomed and used to launching raids to pacify what they called savages "down south", was taken by surprise.

Not long after this victory, the need was felt to create organs or groups within society that guided its (society's) cultural growth and direction, and it was at this point in time that the need was also felt to increase the number of individuals upon whom society depended for creativity. Thus were re-born and reshaped or plagiarised from Egypt such orders or fraternities as the Freemasons, etc., whose task was to locate the best in their inchoate years and own their intellects. But then given the culture was backward and fresh from a savagery that sacrificed the best, the existing best were too few and far between for the task of creating a Greece mighty enough to conquer the world.

I think a rising paranoia within the ranks of the leaders complicated and made necesary the following changes. Growing ever afraid they might have intellectually empowered people who would topple them from rule, given they were allowing any mind to develop, even those opposed to their style of rule, Greece's elite made the decision to switch from allowing people to administer the drug themselves to having it surreptitiously administered by others.

Fast forward into the present and, after the discovery of electricity, the realisation is made that the body also works on flows of electricity and that its mental state can be influenced by electrical signals because of this. Thus are born studies and schools of study of ways to alter consciousness using electricity that start off crudely to begin with, that cause lobotomies in almost all subjects of high voltage zaps to the head.

The craft is gradually perfected until the present when the process happens almost flawlessly.

And so it should not be a wonder that the fates of some of this culture's best, those who lead in pioneering discoveries and inventions, are almost identical in that they did not get to own their intellectual property. From Tesla to Darwin, to Freud and many others, their lives follow a distinct unique path. They were overtly and overly surveilled during and after their golden egg laying days were done and they did not get to enjoy the fruits of their labour lest this empower them enough to claim their works.

I know it all seems simplistic when put like this but only such a theory explains why it is that western creativity has a start and end, the end being the era of creative bankruptcy starting just after the major world war, the begining the so called "age of reason" era that coincides with the start of the western industrial revolution ... the end lasting till recent attempts to tell the world the era of creative bankruptcy had officially come to an end when useless IPhones hit the market and became the fake symbol of the west's creative revival when, as is widely known, most of what goes into their creation was already invented more than a hundred years ago.

Talk about being impressed with technology if you can download FOOD.

In this probable reality, MKULTRA and MKMONARCH become but programs designed to enhance the process by which the creative bankruptcy is treated and possibly permanently reinstalled.

What has to be agreed about this is somebody effed up big time in the very beginning, that all successive cultures have refused to own up or admit the truth a savage jumped developmental stages by jumping into the civilized state before his time had come ... but instead opted to enjoy the fruits of the magic wand in action, hoping to iron out the rough edges as time proceeded, as creativity increased, which has not and is not going to become reality any time soon or later.

Central to all this is a high culture that may be the product of a not-so-alien-civilization that has sometimes been described as a bastion of stone age conservatism, and, because of its tonal language, has been considered black, mixed but the mixing hardly making a dent on its racial identity, according to big mouthed reporters who described the look of the indigenous, and with this comes the sad realisation the Hyksos, ancient Egypt's caucasian minority, must have experienced as much as their black country mates that their world had irrevocably been destroyed by Alexander's destructive venture ... it must be admitted that the fault is the enslavement of the highly creative, society's best, to a bunch of psychopaths.

This is what needs rectifying for this world to embark on the path to recovery of an eden lost when a savage took over the reigns of control.

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