Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Why a Target of Covert Warfare Cannot be Set Free or Given Choices That Enhance His/Her Survivability

A good number of those who pass through here and read the temper in my posts will no doubt think I do not care, that I am willing to sacrifice even loved ones to the fiends who pursue me.

They will get this impression because they will feel I am refusing to stop doing what is making them attack me even with the possibility they might attack loved ones to make me comply. I remember back in London that two perpetrators following me actually told me this ... but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, something other than a willingness to sacrifice is causing me to see no use in stopping with especially activism through writing as I will explain.

Whenever you hear a story in which somebody goes postal you immediately think they became mentally unstable, right? They failed to function normally. They were not their own selves which is why they saw suicide, or the death of others, or destruction of other people's property, as the only way out of their situation.

But there has been something about cases when the actor was a target of covert warfare, usually in the details of their conduct shortly before and sometimes during the act of going postal, that show the person was in fact functioning normally and the only reason they did what is by all standards an outrageous or wrong thing is because they were pushed to do the act ... Let me elaborate on this ...

Image from video footage showing Aaron Alexis entering the Navy Yard complex.

Aaron Alexis, who etched "My ELF Weapon" on his gun before using it at the navy yard where a number of people lost their lives, may have felt he could not do anything else that hit or sent a message to those behind his torture that would stop them torturing him.

Aaron drove a rental into the premises then sneaked into the back corridors to shoot with almost faultless aim at more than a dozen people ... killing all but a handful. He would later get shot himself by swat teams.

Aaron had called the police the night before complaining of ELF attacks that were keeping him from sleeping. He had switched sleeping places in hotels where he said he was followed from one to the next.

He could have been mistaken about any number of things and we can only surmise that his ordeal, whether imagined or real, left him feeling it was more than he needed to take ... which led to the revenge or postal episode.

One thing to note is when news was breaking of the shootings, his family was quick to question the truth in the official version.

Going back further in his life prior to this, we find a religious man described by friends as a very caring person. It is true Aaron had a temper once expressed in a manner many would consider overkill, but then nobody got hurt and the prospects of that episode repeating must have been zero because of how people around him reacted in the aftermath, including his family and the police.

He was a man busy with details many of us would only dream of dealing with ... catching that plane to Japan, getting accommodation there, writing home to family, settling into a new mileau ... and he seems to have done all of it very well.

So what causes a sane individual that makes complex but sane choices in life to suddenly make the worst possible one?

What I think people need to be focussing on is the possibility in the lives of targets who go postal there are realistically no other choices that they can take because something has pushed options out of their reach.

Targeting is at base a game that puts one into such a situation they cannot but come out with guns blazing and here if we are not familiar with what targets go through we need to ask what it is that is done to them that makes some turn into killers sometimes?

For starters, apart from mere test subjects for research and such like whistle blowers, targets of covert warfare are being attacked for what they are or their nature. Keep this in mind otherwise everything else about this war will confuse you.

What this means is it does not matter what they do. It matters not if they are activists or sitting at home doing nothing ... they will get attacked the same. The person they are, the make up, the potential of it, is what is under fire. Those attacking them dread the day when the true potential of the individual will be expressed and cannot care if in the mean time they are useless alcoholics, drug addicts or whores. They will put them under surveillance and attack whatever they have become.

A target of covert warfare can as such not be given choices that enhance your survivability. How could those seeking their elimination allow them to retain choices that allow them to thrive?

Understand that this connects back to many within the community from which the target comes given we are all progeny and we breed or procreate. The genes then become the issue ... and this gene problem finds international or global expansion sometimes.

Most targets of covert warfare are not suicidal and the fact they are being urged to die by their own hand means self termination is one of the choices they have been left. They are tormented to the point they consider committing suicide to be the only way out. But then how can they be expected to take this choice when they are healthy of mind, programed for survival without dire consequences for their community as well?

Think about this ...

When I say targets of covert warfare are healthy of mind I mean the programming that sustains them in life is still intact. They eat food to stay alive and look left and right before crossing any road because of this. Now imagine someone putting them in a situation where they feel killing themselves is the only escape?

The choice will seem harsh to a healthy mind precisely because it is contradictory to internal programing but then in covert warfare this choice is pushed ... the target is urged and prodded so that they finally take this choice but then, not surprisingly, it is taken with a lot of indignation and a lengthy complaint letter is attached, addressed to their community in the form of a lot of dead people sometimes ...

So while it may seem that the individual can change their fate if they complied and stopped doing something that's supposedly causing them to get attacked, the truth is the targeted individual cannot do a thing to stop their targeting. I have in fact verified this myself several times in my life as a target. I have gone off for lengthy periods sometimes lasting an entire year, where I did not write a thing or spoke anything political with locals yet I remained under surveillance and attack.

When I was in Holland, I was told by countless operatives to leave the country and my targeting would stop. I believed this and did eventually leave Holland but the targeting followed me where I went. Then I was told I to leave the west altogether ... and I did this too but the targeting continued in the third world where I sought refuge.

It has to get clear at some point that it is not about where I live, what friends I have or what articles I write, etc., etc. It is about me, my identity, how I am made by God or nature ... Given my nature cannot be changed, the targeting cannot stop till I am no longer there to scare some people in power into wanting me dead.

It's that simple ...

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Unknown said...

Whatever I have done does not seem like a probable cause for this, I agree. Your story sounds too similar to mine, in that I have a natural attraction to geometry, have been drawing vortices since high school, and never knew this could endanger me. Then I started realizing that if I could come up with a new type of math, in the computer age, given the clues available, this was more likely an old type of math. Then I made some realizations about coral castle. Somehow, I thought this might make me desirable to those keepers of the secrets... I overestimated their good nature. Instead they like to zap me from a distance too far away to be honorable, (and I have no proof it's freemasons, as I speak my mind about any unjust situation I see) So what I want to ask is why you think it's freemasons, could you ask them to stop? would it do any good? Does your nature make it impossible to let a travesty of justice go unmentioned? Were you put here for a reason not yet disclosed? When I think of all the torture, I think Jesus was lucky, he only suffered big once. I got to hang on this crappy cross to wake up a bunch of zombies for what? Eternity? I believe I was targeted since 94, and I believe Colorado State U was where I was first assaulted with microwaves. They moved me to a new dorm and I couldn't sleep, and next thing you know, I not myself, physically. They really did a number on me, I don't know how. Been on and off targeted ever since. My mistake? Painting large mural with vortex in the middle on my dormroom wall?