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The Technology That Can Read Your Thoughts Does Not Exist Yet!

Angry small dog with hairs standing on its back making it look bigger or more fierce (bigger neck/biting muscles) than it really is ...

The oldest, most used trick in war is to make yourself look bigger and more fierce than you really are, more formidable an opponent than you can be.

This trick or tactic is also employed by animals in the wild, including our domesticated predators.

Cats and dogs raise the hairs on the back of their heads, and elsewhere, to make them look bigger than they really are when either threatened with or threatening attack.

Men and women often make moves and say things intended to put fear into the mind of the one threatening to physically attack them, challenging them to a fight or one they want to attack.

The variant most used by armies the world over is making the unit appear better armed than it actually is and secrecy is the way this is done. There is a reason technological advances are kept secret and what is revealed is always better than what exists. Often, armies release what they have developed and blow up some capabilities in order to provoke an opponent to also boast what they have or frighten them into submission.

Infiltration of enemy ranks focuses on gauging the actual strength of the enemy as such allowing one side to prognosticate the result of an all out conflagration with the foe if not seek the better way to engage them in order to stand a chance of victory.

Armies of old are known to have used the trick of making their numbers appear more than they actually were, especially in areas of poor visibility. I know of a story of two local groups that went to war in the bush, not far from where I live. The commander of one side ordered his men to take off then hang a garment by the nearest tree ... then stand some distance from it as such doubling or tripling the number of objects resembling human beings in the area, all dependent on how much cloth each man had on him. The result of this was that the enemy fled, afraid to face a foe they felt far outnumbered them.

And so it goes that the global non consensual experimentation project does not flinch to use the very same tactic to get its way and making something look like it is not is one of the many ways that a lot is done that would otherwise not be possible to do.

To this end, disinfo agents are planted in the communities under covert attack and it is their task to deceive the targets about what it is that they are up against so that they do not see a way to escape or defeat the foe. This is done when a war that was initially covert cannot be kept secret anymore and the objective will usually be to mislead the targets so that they go hunting for the foe in the wrong places thus ending up fighting the wrong people, or seek protection where non is available. Ultimately, targets have to be given the impression their enemy is too formidable to stand up against as once internalised, this belief makes them as vulnerable as ensures the objectives of the covert war are achieved.

Don't get me wrong on this. I know there is military technology out there that is advanced beyond what we may suspect, maybe even more formidable than what you would consider the norm.

I know there are people under covert attack out there being treated to stuff so sci-fi they wouldn't even start to mention it without looking like they completely lost their marbles.

But then as with all things out of the ordinary that are kept away from ordinary people, there is a reason why this is so and knowing what this is may just surprise you about the capabilities of the hi-tech gadgets being flaunted as operational.

It is a tricky situation in our worldwide TI community because many among us get indoctrinated with info that imprisons us and others we share it with rather than allows us to see how much range we have, and the wary among us may just point the deceived out as perps when in fact they are just brainwashed. These targets become a danger to other targets no doubt, but then we need to know what is going on because lending a helping hand is what we should be doing regarding our deceived friends rather than accusing them of being what they are not then ostracising them.

The one thing we should know is there are ways to know about truths that are hidden and these methods need not be complex to apply. One of those ways is to understand just what those making the weapons that control others want and in this system ... it is money.

We can then go from here and check whether mission is being accomplished with what is being done ...

Picture at NASA's website from a video circulated by NASA of an astronaut supposedly standing on the moon ... only the flag was waving in a wind only possible if there is an atmosphere. Other pictures show the moon he was supposed to be standing on looming above him in the background ...

Let us, for the sake of simplification, go back in time and check out the schemes those behind global covert warfare have engaged in with the potential to make them stinking rich and, in the history of our current culture, it will not take long before we see that missed opportunities actually point to the lack of the means to achieve a goal. And here we are talking an inability to develop on something requiring technological advancement that gives a lot of profit to the one who undertakes the project.

Keeping in mind the fact the very same people busy waging covert warfare were behind the attempt to go to the moon, the question should be asked why they did not make it but instead faked it? There is a lot of money to be made from, for example, making the moon a tourist attraction.

Building an oasis on the moon requires technology and would have been attempted long ago had the means been sufficient because it is lucrative. Here we are talking the alternative lucrative pursuit to developing the technology that can read some person's mind.

Think about this ...

The people busy reading minds and developing technology that can do this better must be going through the very same thought routines that people trying to figure out a way to draw the moon's deep water reserves to flow to a specific area that they can then turn into the oasis to which tourists flock. This place would have to be in an enclosed space of course but then the thought that goes into making such a dream real are the same if not less complex than what would go into making a mind readable, the latter being a more trivial process, to use a euphemism.

Now factor the fact the moon landing was staged into it and you realise there may in fact be too little technology to be afraid of in the hands of the western elite. That thing they talk about, that reading people's minds thing is true. I have seen people control machines with thought. But be aware that this is only to an extent and when certain conditions or code language conditions are met. The victim or, if you may, target, can most often deny these thugs the capacity to read their minds by either going through simple mental and physical routines, taking medications or installing very simple defences against invasive radio frequencies. Otherwise I believe the majority of people are not susceptible to mind reading technology, otherwise it has taken a lot of test subjects and ruined many lives but, to date, it still is not good enough to put into practice and here's why this is simple truth.

It is said of the capacity to make people who are blind see that the technology does manage to make light bypass the defective eyes into the brains but, going by what has been revealed about the touted technology when actually tested on blind people as shown in some documentaries, the image blind people see is hardly what they need to make them independent where sight is concerned, otherwise many blind people would have sight by now.

The source for the above knowledge may be the discovery channel which is always decades behind latest technological breakthroughs but this particular case may infact be current if we just consider the following ...

Stevie wonder has spent a lot of money on operations that promised to give him sight.

We are talking big money because there are a lot of blind people worldwide ... Stevie Wonder millions to billions combined with everybody else even. Yet even when we know the profit motive drives capitalism, we also know non of these people's monies have bought any gadget that has given them full sight.

Think about voice to skull (V2K). Consider All those targets saying they are hearing voices 24/7. Would it not be the case that if this breakthrough technology was indeed as dramatic as described that, because of the profit motive, many deaf people would today sport V2K gadgets transmitting sounds strait to their brains bypassing their ears? And here we are talking people whose hearing issues are caused by faults in the ear.

V2K would no doubt also be one of the many gadgets that help operatives communicate with each other in the field and would long since have become the most sold gadget to secret services and law enforcement worldwide and would by now have become household knowledge had the technologies really been as advanced as they are reported in the TI community.

You have to admit when you look at the many alternative applications of the technologies targets of covert warfare report are operational, and find they do not feature where they would make producers and patent holders of the inventions and discoveries billions ... even when they can be revealed and sold without giving the Millitary Industrial Complex that funds their development a disadvantage, that someone is really being lied to and it can only be the case that the people waging covert warfare (western elite) are blowing their menace to proportions so formidable they paralyse those under attack without actual physical contact.

Clearly, targets are being made to feel anything they may want to undertake to escape or get even is futile, as a way of making them build the prison that holds them in one place themselves.

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