Thursday, 15 June 2017


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Woke up early yesterday morning and started working on the bio matter in my shields. It had been there for long and some of the plastic bags showed signs of sagging.

There was no time to do an entire overhaul. The best I could do was replace the parts through which I felt hits were entering the most.""

Emptying the sacks on the trash heap in the yard, I noticed that most of the grass in especially the bags that protected my upper body, were burnt to ashes.

Not something that happens in your regular compost heap.

I reloaded the shields, packed them hermetically in plastic and replaced them.

At night as I lay in bed listening to music through earphones, I noticed the usual sources of heat and the points at which I felt discomfort on my body were no more.

It was pleasantly cool within the enclosure around my bed.

Soon, however, I started feeling heat in my back. The heating was felt along the exterior of my back, running from the top to the middle section. It was not indicative of a direct, 90 degree hit, but a glancing blow as if the directed energy was running parallel to my back.

It soon became obvious the only angle from which this attack could have been coming from was through one of the bags I had not changed. This particular one lay in the top right corner of my head.

All bags around it had been replaced and as such, if this section of the shield was taken advantage of, the ray would only enter and proceed through the interior in the exact same path as the heating along my back.

I shifted in my bed, moving forwards away from the ray and this helped but, progressively, the intensity of the beam was raised so that the heating spread outwards.

To get into the interior of the shield, the beam was passing through first a sheet metal shield, then a sheet of rubber, then another layer of metal, and finally the old (obviously burnt out) bio shield. The intensity of the beam and its heating effect told me anyone viewing the skies with an infrared camera or thermal imaging device could see it from miles away.

I picked up my phone with intent to post what was happening to FaceBook or my blog, in part to tempt someone to come over and get some documentation ... and also because I know from past experiences that as soon as I mentioned an ongoing attack on social media the drone fiends ran off like spotted hyenas. It is, as such, a useful way of ending attacks the only problem being they soon returned.

The need is such ...

I switched the phone on and watched as it booted up then went into the lock screen. I had to wait about a minute or two for the scans to complete ... then another minute or two for the net messages to start pouring in, indicating the device was online, before I could connect. Then I found, not surprisingly, that even when messages from the net were flooding in, my browser was failing to load a single page. Then my phone batteries went from two bars out of five to zero bars in less than five minutes, and the device turned off.

So much for that.

But what was the point of announcing it anyway. This whole thing happening to me is already known about and, I am certain, evidence of attacks have already been abundantly gathered by third parties.

I put the phone back on the bedside and started reflecting on my situation.

The encounters I am having here in Africa with satellites and drones are making me see our world in a totally new light now, with those supposedly leading in development looking ever more backward and inbred.

I mean, what do you think of this. I am obviously not making the mission of these drones and satellites easy. To find the weak spot in my defences the drone would have had to circle and scan for hours, then, when it did find an entry-point, all in could manage was scratch my back???

In the end, I merely rearranged the shields to block the intrusion out. It would also have been enough to simply move out of harm's way.

They have murdered tens of thousands but you have to admit mission "Remote Assassination of the Vunda Fellow" has proven costly, not so covert and outright difficult, right?

You would think somebody in their right minds would have long since turned and buggered off homewards thinking ... "What's the point. We still have our own self to go back to. We still have we" ...

That's what the Chinese would have done, the Russians, maybe even aliens if they existed, but this ...

NATO's logo

Consider the direct connections of the satellites and drones circling the bush over here to NATO ... then lead on from here to that which they brag by, such as the world famous NASA, known to be heavily involved in satellite and drone strike missions using kinetic weaponry.

That NASA bunch has got to be the most useless crew on earth, albeit disguised as something much more impressive. Just the other day some spokesperson from there announced their plans to land some craft on some moon off a distant planet and I could not help thinking "Rubbish" at the idea.

And who can blame me?

Some guy within the NATO bunch of inbreeds predicted there would be an intelligent robot within ten years and I wondered how a useless outfit like his team could manage that feat considering right now the best their tech can do is be a nuisance to others in the bush.

The CGI protagonist called "Sonny", a sentient humanoid, from the film IRobot featuring Will Smith.

Maybe he hopes for a miracle in which the slew of crapy imitations of conscious life purportedly "sentient to some extent" that can barely fool a baby about this will be transformed into the variant hollywood's CGI has made famous ... like those in IRobot?

How does someone running around the African bush with drones circulating specific addresses ... hoping to be thrown a bone ... obviously, even get beyond dumb voice or face recog technology into an era when it can be incorporated into a conscious electronic being?

So, for now, and I suspect for a long time to come, every statement and image issuing forth from THEIR tech world will simply cause the word "RUBBISH!" to be evoked in my mind immediately, and I can only see the number of people to whom this will start happening increasing.

Doesn't matter what it is ... a conurbation displaying majestic buildings, space shuttles being launched, some gadget that maps out distant galaxies ... RUBBISH! Coming from a party whose dark (so called covert ... Lol!) deeds include looking out for bone throws in the bush.

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