Tuesday, 6 June 2017

How Big You Really Are

Image of a woman from the window of an aeroplane

I am 182 cm (about 6ft and no inches) tall, weigh almost 80 (kilograms or about 180 lbs) ... that's a mass of 80 kilos if my memory serves me right. But how big am I really.

Well, the answer to that will surprise you.

I am bigger than galaxies. How? Because of my senses.

I am as big as that which I can savour.

My eyes can see far and in so doing allow me to make that which is perceived through light a part of my being. My ears can hear and know about matter my eyes are not trained on and I can feel what I cannot see or hear and the rest? That's where my intellect comes in.

A Galaxy

I can rationalise my way to that which transcends the parameters of my earthly or physical senses. This is how humankind made its way to the milky way and beyond.

Now, all of what I can know about becomes part of me, the parameters of my being.

To understand this one has to imagine what it would be like if they lost their sight and hearing. The body would still be perceived but would not be the defining parameter of the size of the being. Why?

Holism will not let that be. Though just a single person in this context better referred to as an individual, I am but a part within a larger organism. The partitioning is designed to make the whole more viable but I have to be viable to contribute to this.

Fingers on Piano keys

And one way I increase my viability is growth in size.

I am stitched from the same cloth as the other parts of the larger organism and, as such, the need to perceive more than just the body will still be there after I have lost my capacity to see or hear, and it follows that the senses that remain will develop as much as compensates for the missing ones.

I will be as big as anybody else with all their senses intact and, though the senses I have remaining will enable me to take those things those with all their senses intact have to new heights, for example music, it won't mean I will be bigger than they are but that I developed for example my capacity to discern musical notes better than them in order to compensate ... as already stated.

And that's about it ...

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