Saturday, 10 August 2019

The Real Face and Purpose of White Nationalism

Don't get this twisted. This is not about everybody inasmuch as propaganda and other methods that indoctrinate or brainwash do not always work on everybody in a community. I shall blanket everything because it makes it much easier to explain how this works.

The thing to understand about the current "resurgence" of the right wing in America, that is pretty much the same in all western countries, is that it has nothing to do with Trump being a racist. The Trump phenomenon is recent. Racism is centuries old.

It has all to do with the divide and conquer game the Deep State or, better put, the oligarchy has been playing for milenia. It is well known from history that this game can turn out very negatively, and has the potential to lead to ethnic cleansing.

I will explain how it came to be that, today, many western countries are but a step away from a fascism unseen since the second world War, that was only mirrored slightly in Bosnia and Rwanda.

The American, as indeed western so called ballot box democracy, is a two horse race system (sometimes 3 or more), and if you do not understand this and why certain personalities are selected (by the Deep State) for leadership, then you don't understand western democracy.

The main parties are only differentiated to accommodate the different and differing opinions of the masses. They are there for control purposes. They make that control absolute because whoever owns all parties controls everybody in that society, not just a subset of beliefs and convictions.

There will always be a minority that is being oppressed by a majority in any democratic election outcome, but then they will agree with their oppression because that is how it goes in a democracy. Those are the rules of a democracy. Losers in elections are expected to deal with it, and hope they can rule come next judgement day, also called election day, when yet again they choose another puppet of the real leaders to lead them.

The game is further refined by the fact puppets are not selected randomly. The personality profile of the incumbent has to reflect the prevailing mood of the country. To this end, the Deep State conducts hi-tech surveys and assessments and will always pick a leader who reflects the prevailing mood. They never go against the people's mood as this would make the people feel they are not in control. This can foment revolution or revolutionary sentiments.

Let me make this clearer by giving an example of how this is done in real life.

When the elite selected Obama, they were going with the prevailing mood of America at the time, led by a tiny majority. It backfired on them because this slight majority quickly became a minority when Obama got the right wing very upset because of the colour of his skin, and they rallied support of white people on the platform that giving a black man power would spell the end of white dominance or supremacy, which to extremists means potential extinction of the white race.

Here the question you would ask is how did the elite miscalculate and fail to put a lid on the right wing when it all started going wrong, given they are so powerful ?

The answer to that is actually simple, but in order to stress the point we need to acknowledge the fact the West is elitist. Beneath it all, westerners trust their elite. They support their elite and will turn their eyes away from wrongdoings by their elite because of this. False flags, for example, are tolerated ... as long as the false flag and punitive response to it happens to somebody people can be convinced is different to them, especially if they can be considered a different race.

The average westerner supports western activities abroad. They revel in the idea America, or the west in general, is all powerful because it consists the most intelligent humans and can claim anything out there, such as resources and such, because, thanks to this superior intelligence, they can. This capacity to take things away from others because they are more intelligent and can do this is seen as an indicator of their superiority. This mentality runs deep and there is honour attached to this supreme status so that failing in this mission is seen as an indicator of the opposite.

The fact remains that the majority of white folk will not say outright that they don't care about black and brown people abroad because of this belief. They won't say they support their government and not the Afghanis, Iraqis, Syrians, etc., in the wars the west is waging on them.

Ultimately, in their minds, racial supremacy is equated to tribal survival

A significant number of white people don't care what Israel does to Palestinians but will pretend they care because pretense is an important part of the game. They know what happened on 9/11 but turn a blind eye to it. They know why JFK was shot but also turn a blind eye to this because they trust their elite know what they are doing, always.

They don't buy into the idea chemtrails are harmful, that they are being systematically dumbed down, that big pharma is poisoning them for profit. They don't buy non of that because they want to believe their elite have their best interests at heart ... always.

If the belief of the bulk of white folk were the reverse then they would have done something about this a long time ago. They would have rioted and boycotted.

They did not, and will not do any of these things because of the manipulations of their elite.

You see, in their turn - because the Deep State fears "white people power" FIRST, then everybody else next, black people last - the elite have always appeased whites, especially the right wing, and have made it so whites hit the ground richer than everybody out there, racist with no clue what this really means, because they are made to see it as a survival strategy. Survival to the average white person is about being superior and proving superiority through anything they are made to believe or are convinced proves this: war, robbery, oppression, dominance, you name it.

The average white person is convinced survival is victory in competition between races, and making things hard for others is how you win.

All of this is inculcated and reinforced through the informal learning process and the formal education system.

The resultant mindset makes it easy for the elite to control western countries. They can always rely on whites who have no clue their racism is really pure hate to start the division and hate game going. Divide and conquer is a cinch with so much hate in the population just waiting to be tapped.

And don't forget they are inciting hatred for whites in blacks, and browns too. They are inciting hatred all ways as a matter of fact, and making people believe they are justified to harbour the hateful mindset is an ongoing and intensive process.

The Obama "wrong move" made the whites the elite fear feel their own elite had betrayed them ... and they are out to fix things.

Pay attention.

Trump was the elite's choice for the current public mood. Trump was the elite's way of making amends for the "great betrayal" ... and he, and others like him, are going to remain tops until the American (read western) public mood shifts again, which is going to take a long time judging by how insecure the right wing is right now, after the elite handed power to a black man, of all things.


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