Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Why I Tend to Prod a Lot

In this complex targeted world that I wallow in there is always the possibility someone is blundering because they are getting induced thoughts, their mind has been hacked and re-hacked so that their reason has been hijacked, but then the prodding, which is what my activities under extreme relational circumstances amount to, has to be done.

Think of this as a case of a man in a coma that you think responded by blinking when you called their name. If, after you call their name again, you notice they do not show signs of registering the sound, do you stop calling their name at intervals of time?

No! You keep prodding. You do this until the very end when they are certified dead and carted out to the freezer. You do this because you care ... for them and yourself as well. You do this because you understand the imperative you have been positioned as their helper, and you know if something you can do might make them respond and potentially make them shake their self awake, then you should keep on at that activity, even when in the end it turns out to be one way communication.

In this TI Remote Neuro Monitoring (RNM) reality, there always remains, to the very end, a self within the self under attack that is looking for its way home and this self, that also becomes a focus of interest and research by the psychopaths intruding into the mind, can be seen or reached without the need for complex technology ... and forced to see where real light out of the tunnel is shining through.

It can be shown the way home.

Constant prodding is one of the ways the process can be enhanced.

Let me say one last thing to pre-empt the possibility this might be misinterpreted ... I am not just talking somebody else, but myself as well. I am saying that this can happen to any one of us and be done by anyone of us as well, in other words. It applies to all of us.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mukazo, I feel the need to say thank you for this and all the other articles you are posting here – they are much appreciated.
I am a 64 year old woman from a country in the south east of Europe, who, for about 20 years, has been harassed in an organized way.
I wish you good heath.