Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Small Subtle Facts that Reveal the Fact Yanez Was an Assassin

Transcript from the video

Me: Philando was stopped because he fit the description of a robber. But when you listen to what Yanez says when he is greeted by Philando, you realize he is making an unnecessary distraction.

Philando: How are you?

Yanez: I am good. You have one breaklight out. One activator here behind the top light? That's gonna be out ...

Me: Yanez is obviously trying to lower the guard of especially Philando ... and the reason for this will become clear later on in this narrative. Diamond, Philando's girlfriend, appeared to have been convinced by this distraction. She clearly states in her video that this is the reason they became unlucky.

Diamond: Stay with me ... We got pulled over for a broken brake light in the back.

Yanez: (barks inaudibly)

Diamond: etc.

Me: Her boyfriend Philando, however, fell for it completely. It is clear he believed nothing untowardly would occur until the first shot was fired.

Philando: Sir, I have to tell you I have a firearm on me.

Yanez: Ok, okay. Don't pull it out!

Philando: A . Absolutely not.

Diamond: No!

Yanez: (Reaches into car with left hand) Don't pull it out!

Me: But then ... hold on. Is that Diamond we hear yelling at the end of the next clip? She is not psychic. She could not have seen what was coming. Listen to the audio.

Philando: Sir, I have to tell you I have a firearm on me.

Yanez: Ok, okay. Don't pull it out!

Philando: A . Absolutely not.

Diamond: No!

Yanez: (Reaches into car with left hand) Don't pull it out!

Diamond: Noooo!

Me: It is clear when Diamond is the first one to scream, right before Yanez reaches into the car with his left, weaker hand, a fraction of a second before he fires the first of seven shots, that she was not fooled by the distraction after all. Her guard was still raised. Now watch as Yanez goes into shell shock and he repeats a command an incapacitated man cannot comply with.

Yanez: Don't pull it out!

Diamond: He wasn't!

Yanez: Don't Move!

Me: Yanez can clearly see Diamond. He knows she is recording and also that she doesn't buy the idea he was reaching for his gun. This is the main reason his jammed mind doesn't let go the idea he can still kill her. We know this because he asks her too, to keep her hands where they are. Now why does a man who depends entirely upon the word from the mouth of his target worry so? She didn't say she had a gun in her bag, did she?

Yanez: Madam keep your hands where they are!

Me: It must have dawned on her that he knew his tail light approach had not fooled her as he shot away. This is the reason why seemingly obedient Diamond is rather smooth getting out of the car when Yanez commands a cop with amazing mental alacrity for a complex crime scene sporting a shotgun to take her out of the car.

2nd cop: Madam exit the car right now. Walk backwards etc.

Me: Diamond was freed from captivity by a man who could have shot her at any point during the siege because she made nonsense of his justification for shooting Philando dead. Nobody else but Diamond caused Yanez to go into shell shock, and it is the reaction she made right before he fired the first shots that did this. Yanez was rescued by his colleagues.. The only thing left to expose the fact he was what the average fellow considers an assassin looking to leave no stones unturned or no comebacks, was Diamond.

One last thing that upgrades Yanez' status from assassin to terminator ... something I have talked at length about that I think you need to pay more attention to before it is too late. When you assassinate people who have done nothing wrong, it is usually a seen potential in them that you eliminate them for. This means you are eliminating a threat identifiable as a gene.

Philando Castille himself was not a threat to anybody. The best he had done was a job at a cafeteria. But he was sexually active, meaning he could breed.

Was Diamond the future mother of a threat?

There are a lot of things about Philando that suggest he was special. He remembered the names of all the kids at the cafeteria and their specific meal requirements, for example. Few among us can do this, yet it was hardly something that could be threatening to somebody else ... but then such traits just need to be expressed properly to become useful.

In my opinion, Yanez is a terminator, and he acted in much the same way the fictional character in the movie "Terminator" did when he was passed into the past to terminate Connor's mother after whatever was special in her or the father of her son had found proper expression in Connor and put him beyond the point where he could be destroyed by the machines.

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