Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Taliban Tunnels and Why They are a Must if you are on the list of the US's Hgh Profile Targets

Ronald Reagan meets Afghan Mujahideen Commanders at the White House in 1985

The Taliban and the United states elite were once upon a time bed fellows or the best of mates, of sorts, so how, you may ask, did it come to the point where the US found it necesary to drop the mother of all bombs on their hideout?

They fell out, period. It's that simple.

The Taliban does not comprise burrowing mamals and here again, you might wonder why they took to life in tunnels dug into the ground? Again, the answer is simple. In a world where no part of the sky doesn't have a spy satellite hovering menacingly about, with hi-tech gadgets that can see through almost anything, tunnels dug deep into the ground are the best way of evading their prying eyes, and there's more.

Tunnels are a way of ensuring one does not just prevent being seen on a screen connected to an apparatus that can see through a wall or roof, avoiding being visible for the sake of it, but, once built properly, they can prevent those with the technology from using it to know the exact whereabouts of the person or persons they are looking for.

Depending on how intricately built a system of tunnels are, well thought out and formidable attempts to force one's way through the defences to the one being defended, the leader, can be foiled, otherwise the one being sought is allowed the time required to escape, using an exit that leads through another series of tunnels not under attack. They can thus, allow a fugitive to evade capture and if intelligence within the tunnels is good enough, it is possible to know the parts that are still safe to remain in right away.

Vietnamese tunnels during the Vietnam War

The areas can be certified safe because they are as of yet unknown or, by calculating the amount of time and effort in manpower and armament it took the intruders to reach a certain point in the tunnel system, some areas can be certified safe because they will allow the fugitive ample time to make it to safety if an intrusion appears headed that way.

But there is another thing that these tunnels do apart from just give the safe feeling to those who choose to dig them and hide away in them. This reality is best seen in one of the most common means of control that those who rule apply on those they rule, which is poisoning.

The fact they will go to extreme lengths to get poisons into the food chain of the poor tells us it is a very effective method of keeping them in chains, and the reason for this is in how poisons affect animal life.

Chemtrails over the skies of London UK

You see, even though there is no single time in life that any man will be 100% healthy, there is such a thing as optimum health. There is a big difference between how a man with optimum health copes in his environment compared to another whose system is inundated with poisons. Not only can poisonous substances adversely affect the functioning of the reasoning capacities of the poisoned, but they also drain the system of resources given the body engages in an effort to neutralize and evict the alien substances.

People being poisoned will as such find it harder to see their way out of the confines of poverty and any other kind of problematic situation compared to people who are not being poisoned. They will tend to be less inventive because their minds are not working as good, and being inventive is a must for one looking for gimmicks out of a bad situation.

How does this connect to the issue of the Taliban in tunnels? Well, it is not all technologies on prying satellites that only function to spot people hiding behind walls. Some of them, especially the microwave variant, and here we are speaking specific, highly penetrative frequencies, can be used to destroy tissue. In this, they can have the very same effect on the speculative capacities of an individual as poisons.

Artistic impression of a satellite firing a mcrowave laser also called Kinetic Weaponry

Picture yourself going to bed an intelligent being then waking up the next morning an utter idiot. This is what the US would want to happen to you as it makes controlling you easier. This is what spending nights deep underground prevents from happening to you.

Saying "good night" to their pals while deep underground, the Taliban are assured a good night's sleep, and they can wake up the next morning bright, as bright as ever, and you know they are going to add bright to everything they do as they go about their no good deeds. With the vinear of bright added to them, these deeds stand a better chance of making a difference now or later, no?

This, the US doesn't want. It wants to see the Taliban become such fools they will perpetually shoot self in the foot till they are no more.

Detonation of the "Mother of all Bombs" in Afghanistan last week

But then you may ask what dropping the mother of all bombs on an area known to have tunnels dug deep into the earth does that changes things. Why not just beg the Taliban to stick their knecks out so they can be hacked at?

Is is just a matter of pride on the part of the agressor super power?

It would appear from the resolve to use the biggest bomb in their arsenal that the tunnels in question have been dug really, really deep into the ground. The big bomb, then, is the only thing that stands a chance of destroying the system of tunnels by sheer use of the physics of force. The shock waves generated have to be enough to reach as deep into the ground as is needed to destroy the tunnels completely, or at least make them as unusable as will require more effort than can be summoned to rebuild.

But then how do we, the bystanders, get to know whether the effort was a success? The Taliban are not going to tell us, and if you followed the story of how one Osama Bin Laden got his head blasted then the remains dropped into the Indian Ocean because his killers thought his family members will freak out at the sight of the head and there will be no body viewing, and the US of A will get sued silly for allowing the mercenaries to target practice on poor Osama's head, never mind he was already dead when they were getting their balls off, then you know the US will also not tell us anything of use to this end, otherwise what they will divulge will be utter falsehood.

Best to just wait it out in your own personal tunnel and hope good news is all there is to expect to come from Afghanistan.

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