Friday, 24 February 2017

The REAL Reason for the International Program Targeting Select People.

This is meant for targetted individuals worldwide, but it can also help those new to this phenomenon, and others who know it is going on but do not get it, get their heads around the heinous practice that is slowly but surely getting our world into an Idiocracy.

I went into detail over aspects of what Dally explains in my book hosted on this blog, explaining why heredity also becomes an issue in this process to hunt down a type, and why it has to move from when they are up and running, to when they do not know what is going on or are not yet born ... Read, learn, and please share widely ...

By Devin Dally
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Posted to the web: 24th February 2017

We have figured out the REAL reasons for ALL of us being targeted.

These are the answers you have been seeking... I'm going to go out on a limb here and describe you...

-You are open-minded, free-thinking and artistic.

-You have been somewhat of a misfit your entire life.

-You are spiritual and/or a truth-seeker. But most importantly,


Yesterday, many targets took a Myers Briggs personality test and shared their results in an effort to try and figure out what makes ALL of us similar. We expected that that would lead us to the real reason(s) we are being targeted.

We were right! Every single target has an N or an F or BOTH in their type. Feel free to test out yourself... test

Why Feelers?

We care more about how/what we feel vs how/what we think We are hard to control and will speak out and fight for what's right.

Why Intuition?

The intuition is directly related to the pineal gland, or third eye. If you know anything about the this gland, you'll understand. They have been fluoridating us to calcify this gland for a long time. They do NOT want our pineal glands or intuitions to function.

Plus, we're all artistic. We're a threat: We seek truth and have the ability to share that truth in creative ways that people will enjoy and be open to. We have the ability to spread any message through art and entertainment. They can profit: What happens when you put RNM and the art/music/entertainment industries together?

Free art, music and other entertainment.

We have established motives people! There's no way this is a coincidence. We are NOT crazy.

We are of the most intelligent and talented people on this planet. We still have our humanity in us. We have soul _____________________________________________ Let me explain everything else while I've got your attention...


TRAUMA is part of monarch mind control...a real thing. It is used to make you dissociate and splits your mind, creating alters, which can be "reprogrammed" without your awareness.

More on monarch mind control here ...

Stress also causes a "DIY" lobotomy... Read more here

FEAR is another thing they've always used to "control" people. I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer."

- Frank Herbert

So they put us through trauma throughout maybe our entire lives so that we are much more easily controlled and steal our creativity. I know there's more than this but the above is undoubtedly true. I also have a theory that they are trying to RNM every brain on the planet to create a supercomputer that makes the one from Eagle Eye look like a joke. They're playing God or should I say Satan...

I'm not one to believe in religious propaganda but I do believe that they are THE biggest threat to what's left of our humanity and have already taken our privacy, our peace, our liberty and our freedom and tossed away the idea like it means nothing.

Now they want to condition us not to feel!!! We are targeted because we're the only ones that would even try to stop them...


We NEED to work together to create art, music, videos and other forms of entertainment to get this info out to the public ASAP!!! Here's where we can do just that...

There is an 'Expressing Ourselves' section for us to share. Please quickly register an account on the site and get involved.

We have established a motive. We know we're ALL alike. We know we are all free-thinking, open-minded, artistic truth-seekers.. The rest of the world will know that's not a coincidence. They will believe us. The solution is not trying to stop the technology, because we can't.


They have been desensitizing us for decades through music, other forms of entertainment and more. Now it's up to US to create music and entertainment too. We need to RESENSITIZE as many people as possible. We need to put our minds back together and be all we can be.

This is REAL and it is imperative that we work together to do this!!! Ever seen the movie, Equilibrium? It's about the powers that be trying to remove "feeling" from human nature, which is what they are actually trying to do right now, to us. See for yourself...


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