Monday, 25 May 2015

Targeted Individual Kathleen Watterson Wins Electronic Harassment Court Case

After a landmark court case, when a
California Targeted Individual victim of a
secret cell tower RF (radio frequency)
based directed energy weapon, won her
case in Joshua Tree Superior Court
against her perpetrator (Watterson vs
Aro), has been inundated with other
targets pleading for help. The win has
stirred the strong emotions and hope of
hundreds of innocent targeted
individuals, all claiming they are being
attacked by secret microwave weapons
used for mind control and to torture
July 9, 2014 was the first time (that we
know of) that electronic harassment
was successfully argued and proven in a
court of law.
Levi McCann, the expert witness, and
Kathleen Watterson just "happened" to
meet recently at their nearby Walmart
in southern California, the rest is
history. As Levi turned out to be
amazingly-qualified with legal expertise
and electronics; everything needed to
win a case like Kathleen's in court.
Levi was able to show that standard
satellite dishes within a 5-mile radius of
Kathleen's home were all pointed
toward the equator where most
satellites orbit the earth – except the
defendant's satellite dishes which were
pointed at Kathleen's house! He also
revealed that the other neighborhood
satellite dishes were geared toward
receiving signals for TV, the Internet,
etc. – except the defendant's satellite
dishes which, according to meter
readings from an RF spectrum analyzer
and a tri-field meter, were shown to be
transmitting microwave signals at her
All the evidence presented, plus expert
knowledge and responses from Levi
blew away all meager protestations from
the defense, so the judge believed his
testimony. Folks, this case was expertly
crafted and victory was assured and
won! There remains one more court
appearance in September.
So in summary, Kathleen received a
conditional restraining order for
electromagnetic frequency harassment
with penalties of up to 2 years in prison
and up to $5000 in fines for violation of
the court order.
What is Electronic Harassment?


Mukazo Vunda said...

Read the full story here ...

Anonymous said...

Hello I am a TI that knows of a civilan that has made these weapons and has been torturing me for the last 7 months. I live lakewood ca. I need help and I do not know who to turn to. It is my neighbor and he has government technology and is dangerous sociopath. email me at if you can help me please

Anonymous said...

Step in the right direction although there are still years and years before the average victim can get such help.

It looks like shady companies are jumping on the bandwagon of using this electronic harassment to kill for insurance fraud.

There is a digital agency in Cape Town South Africa that does this. Liro Satanic Marketing hires an employee only to have him fired then make sure he cannot ever find work again, no friends etc

Problem is that there is no stopping such a crime at the moment, a company such as Satanic Marketing can then continue to kill for profit.