Monday, 6 April 2015

High RF Readings Made While In Bed

The multimeter in this video is connected to a simple, self powered RF sniffer or radio frequency detector that doesn't use a battery. Self powered sniffers are very easy to put together. One or two diodes, a ceramic disc capacitor and a wire, usually made of copper, is all you need. Sniffers are best connected strait to a meter, otherwise a multimeter set to its lowest current or voltage setting, in this case a scale of 0.1 - 0.5 mA, will do just fine. The sniffer I made barely moves when exposed to a mobile phone peak signal but, as you can clearly see in this video, it detects a strong signal everytime I get into my bed, which is in a faraday cage btw. My faraday cage has long since outlived its usefulness and is leaking. May have become a danger to my health but, until I can have it replaced, I'd rather sleep within it. I think that this clip re-confirms the abnormal RF permanence in my life, just as previous clips do. It is still the same after all these years.

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