Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Missing Image

This is the image that belongs by the previous post. The link is not broken but the website doesn't allow external links to their images. It can be downloaded though. Sorry about the error. Will append image to post as soon as I get to a desktop with a proper browser.


Anonymous said...

I just thought I'd say that I am happy that you are well and and still writing of your gangstalking experiences. From the time I found out about all this (December 2006.) so many people have given up and stopped.
I'm an older woman from South-eastern Europe and have been experiencing this harassment in an overt way since 1997 or 98., but the whole 'project' started years before – I realise this now from hindsight.
Anyway, wish you all the best!

Mukazo Vunda said...

Thank you. I understand just why so many quit. It is not easy, especially when what you expect to get out of the activities becomes a bridge too far, or, worse still, unrealistic. It deals a blow to the causestalking campaign when people quit. Fortnately, more people takeup their places and it isto hope that they are stronger.

My online talk on my TI experience changes very little with regards attacks. They still keep at it no matter what I say and, in fact, increase and go into a frenzy when they see they are not breaking popcorn as much as they hoped they would have been by now or they catch me engaging in technical matters. Would also have stopped "telling on them" if this would have helped me avoid their wrath, or if the activity didn't amount to much. Thing is a) they do not change their behaviour whether I am inactive or not and b) I know what made them pick on me, and it is that which you see me use against their system when I get active online or otherwise. It does do some damage and it shows, many times. You can expect me to give up the telling on them part but for me to give up self protection would be tantamount to suicide.