Thursday, 5 February 2015

Catalogue of Satanllite Attack Capabilities

Witness in the clip posted here an attack in progress. This is a disruption attack, launched whenever the vermin see tell tale signs I am on the move, I am tired and hungry after a hard day's work, and so on. As is usually the case, they are successfully frustrating my attempts to light a fire on this night. What you see on top are dry twigs that will not burn whatever I do. Below is the charcoal. It is already glowing but this will be short-lived. A piece of plastic is burning at the center, beneath the twigs. If you have lit a fire without using fuel such as parafin before, you will know that the combination of twigs, charcoal and plastic is overkill. Under normal circumstances, this fire should light. The fire in this clip died out completely after the point in this clip, and I had to redouble the effort with more twigs and plastic before I could move on. The overkill obviously no longer works.

In the past, locals watching my desperate attempts to get a fire going concluded I didn't know how to do it ... considering I was new at it, but further observation and examination of the suitability of materials and methods has them making different conclusions. I have heard some mention they feel "something strange is going on at that man's house".

I do not know how the vermin causing this prevent dry wood from catching fire. Can only guess it has to do with vibration. What I know for sure is that this is a satellite based attack, meaning the vermin attacking me is doing this via a satellite hovering above, either in geosynchronous orbit or otherwise. He/she is at a control panel in the west, on a submarine off the coast of Africa, on a war ship, etc., controlling the weapons aboard a satellite in pretty much the same way others control the drones that bomb third world countries. In fact I would not be surprised if they are not sitting together in the same control room right now.

The attack angles of these satellites are usually stationary. They shift ever so slightly when I change sitting positions or adopt different bed directions. The keen observer watching me work in the fields would think I am mad because I will seem to be switching positions for no reason. You see, there is a tendency to attack hardest when I am straining muscles. I switch positions in order to prevent damage to tendons, cartilage and muscle since they are weak when under fire. I also avoid getting quickly fatigued so that I can work for hours even though I am under attack.

The tactic of switching working angles worked like magic in the beginning. But then they got wise and called in more resources. They started using different attack angles, ie. teaming attack satellites on my poor behind. Today, it still works, but less effectively. I have found satellite attacks hard to completely foil due in large part to a shortage of cash to upgrade and maintain defenses. Highly advanced technology is being used. This is one of the reasons local perps have been left in the dust. Such technology is not easily shared with third parties, especially recruits/operatives in third world countries. It has always been that way where war technology is concerned.

When I just moved to the area, I was followed by perps who would attack at night. But after I installed shielding against radio and acoustic attacks that can only with difficulty be penetrated by lateral attacks, after I made a lot of noise about the night parades in the neighborhood so that the perps had very little room left to roam around freely, and also made it a point to rush out at night at the slightest of noises (dangerous but I was getting killed in the home therefore it made sense to have no fear), lateral attacks ceased. Nowadays, unless I am outside the protected area at home or out and about, I do not get attacked from terrestrial sources but vertically, from the top down. It is without doubt all satellites from here.

There are many other things going on at this farm that are strange. Below is a list of them. Note before going on that I know these are mild effects from these weapons. They are capable of burning me alive if they wanted, but are only held back because the mission should be kept covert. This does not mean they do not overstep their limits and hint at how powerful the weapons can be. In fact, in the past, whenever the vermin thought I had crossed a line, and sometimes apparently out of the blues, they attacked so hard I thought that was it. My eyesight is now not as good as it used to be when I left Europe, and this happened within just a few months in Africa. I went within a mere two months from zero to a 1.5 plus seeing lens, and a +1.75 reading lens. My eyes were so good before getting to Africa I could always tell the number of a bus in the distance before others could. The smallest mobile phone displays were no problem to see for me. Just recently, I was attacked hard in one ear it can now not hear treble. I heard one of the loudest noises you can imagine while I was kept in such a state I felt under narcosis. I was unable to move a limb, could not reach across and cover my head with a thick piece of rubber lying very close. I remember thinking (drowsily) as the sound howled in my ear "I hope my neighbors can hear this, then they will believe me", ... a vain thought.

  1. Batteries discharging too rapidly.
  2. Mosquitoes swarm my home as soon as I start to write, get on the internet, start working out, and such.
  3. Water evaporates too quickly even on cold nights.
  4. Food rots too quickly.
  5. Black ants invade my home, going for containers that have never contained food, without food in them or food smells on them (once I found a plastic bag with about two dozen old, leaking batteries, plastics and rusted metals filled with black ants).
  6. I hear sound that I cannot pick up with microphones. It is not tinitus but, I think, is evoked by the effect of either ultrasonic or radio frequency bombardment of the eardrum and inner ear because, unlike tinitus, it is not permanent. The sound only starts when I go to bed or enter the faraday cage and acoustic shield interior, when I spend the night away from home or write till late. The sound is similar to a binaural beat as there are two high tones that are alternating at different rates.
  7. Contact switches on electronic equipment including keys on mobile phones stop working ... starting with just one then spreading like a disease to the rest without any sign of damage or exposure to  water.
  8. Strong, putrid smells are deliberately created by bombarding anything capable of producing a smell once bombarded ... Burning wood, charcoal, contents of a cooking pot, all can be made to emit very strong and expansive smells.These attacks are in line with attempts to discredit and isolate.
  9. Shredding of cottony fabrics that affects materials not often worn/used. I think this is also a result of exposure to ultrasonic frequencies.
  10. Plant dwarfing and multiple pests. Understand in view of all this that this farm has always been occupied. But only when I took over did it manifest with a haunting that has changed it drastically. There were crops planted by the former owner and, though they were not fertilized, they were doing fine. Non of my crops has fared as well, despite my religious attention to fertilizers,  especially where pests are concerned. Whereas previously there were no major issues, it is now normal for a crop to manifest with several pests at once. Currently, a field of about 1000 pumpkin plants has been blighted by three pests.


Anonymous said...

I think your problems with wood could have been done just by someone dumping water on it the day before, it will dry on the surface but not underneath. I notice whenever I am upset, which imidacloprid poison will do, it makes it harder for you to catch the finer movements needed to make a fire. Other chemicals dumped nearby can build up to this, also.

Build up to weird stress.

Mosquitoes are attracted to sound and heat. All of what you are doing will attract them, and make you release different smells which attract them.

Tinnitus is caused by the poison I mentioned, so is repeated banging, which you have also experienced, and irritants.

Tinnitus does not have to be permanent. I can be a reaction to imidaclorpid, and will give you a stiff neck, and the other symptoms.

For control switches-the media have already stated people who are being gangstalked by the government or others can send codes to your phone and switch things on and off, and redirect calls.

Imidacloprid and stress from it, combined with the effects of any other irritant, can shut off the neo-cortex's functions, and make you unable to control your sensistivy to noises, light, and heat and irritation on your skin-NPIC already told me. Someone sprayed phosphoric acid on our car, a local druggie kid, and a window, and it made me fully manic to the point of almost having excited delirium. Once I cleaned it off, and stopped taking guaifenesin and benadryl to stop it's effects, my nasal passages are healing and the side effects like that have stopped. Your body makes you hyper aware to make sure you can defend against it, and if you do not find it, it leaves you there.

Crops can have multiple problems, including people spiking your water, missing planting and other things by just a few days, switching seed, spraying poison as with Gloria Naylor, etc. Try putting up cameras, and then try and find out what the past owner or a neighbor is doing and follow it exactly-timing especially, and see if it changes.

I'll bet someone is spraying it.

Some fertilizers do not work or work with each other, or you need it specifically the details on how and when. Squanto told my 8 ancestor at Plymouth how to plant, and because of him, we survived. My Dad and others used to say about putting in the peas in March, miss by a few days, and you lose the crop. Grows too fast, too slow, failure to truly thrive, never forms fruit, etc.

Watch what people do, too, don't take their word for it.

Check for imidacloprid affecting you-you have all of the symptoms, my stepson used it on the locals in Afghanistan, and that was why-to drive them crazy, make them confused, and get them to leave.

It can be cleaned off of buildings with ammonia, and then 2 times of soapy water. If you find a line outside, say from a former owner/tenant, use ammonia on it, then dilute it the next day.

Once you become exposed repeatedly, it takes longer to get it out of your system and heal. Like you noticed, it is hard to tell if you are being affected, unless you do a mental set point, where you collect your thots and try and see if current symptoms match your normal feelings, and if you are dosed.

Most chems make your face react, so it is hard to detect them, and imidacloprid has a light acrid smell/taste, so it is HARD to find it. Read the symptoms ,and check-the stiff neck for me was a giveaway.

Anonymous said...
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Mukazo Vunda said...

have noted some points you make. might beuseful in future. as for the fire, it has been very wet and humid for the past weeks but the wood and coals were kept very dry. i checked to see they were dry before setting the perps up for the clip. i think you have noticed the sparking that indicates how dry the contents are.

the phenomenon i have filmed here happens even when it is hot and dry. in the past, i used hand-fanning to be able to do any cooking. about three times the vermin used such immense bursts of energy the thin sheet of metal ~ used heated up to an unbearable temperature ~ had to drop it fast. the point here that makes this obvious as a satellite attack is the consciousnature of it. the fire gets an attitude when lighting it is absolutely essential. this is the same with all else. it is true that some body odors make one attractive to mosquitoes but there is no reason why those odors are produced by activities other than physical excercise that releases sweat. startingto read, sitting downto do some washing, etc., cannot be a trigger for the release of odors that attract mosquitoes.

another truth is that, though directed energy attacks can hardly beperceived but knownto have occured by their effects, shielding makes it possible to know immediaately anattack commences. I can know when I am under attack because of myinsistence on body shields. I also know the tragectory. nowadays attacks are fekt from the top down, almost exclusively. another thing to note is the fact for one beingassailed with energy weapons on a daily basis, there can be no mistaking the effect of such attacks for poisoning by an agent with the potential to cause similar symptoms and states. the degree to which moments when such attacks occur appear conscious indicates an action-reaction kind of situation as opposed to what would be the case when the insulting factos causing the symptoms andstates is permanently therewhere ithas been sprayed.

attacks on the top half of my back along the spine and part of the neck causing stiffness here usually occur in regions that are not/less protected. this would hardly be the case if it was a poison.

Anonymous said...

My son was in adfghanistan. He used organophosphates on the locals, and they sprayed imidacloprid inside homes of locals who refused to take a side, or were spraying them-showed up when observation showed they were not there, then did the entire place.

He explained the back of the neck is where the nerves enter the head, so they are tighter concentration, and will swell and get irritated there, often first. He told me the best thing is to first take a shower, and then remove or treat anything you think it was connected to it.

Night was worse because we slowed down, and the air currents change, and we were closer to the ground.

Symptoms of poison can manifest away from the body where contact occurred, such as with ethylene glycol monobutyl ether. Lysol tub 'n tile for instance has the 2(2-butoxythanol). It can get into your system, and manifest where the skin gets irritated by the chem, not just where you made contact.

Poison and fumes spread. That's why the perps who nailed you on the bus, even if the spray goes forward, get some of it too.

Most of them do not break down.

I have had the same problem with lighting fires, for BBQ's, I'll ask my son, he used the microwave weapons in Afghanistan, but I do not think that could stop firs. But, it has happened to me. Even when I doused wood with gasoline, it burned off and refused to burn the wood.

I'll ask him what it is. I'll also ask if the symptoms are like he military microwave or the new ones used at home.

He said they made thee locals crazy right off. They'd run around, in circles, unable to do anything, then they would capture them for interrogation. Low levels were for harassment.

I'll check.

Mukazo Vunda said...

This wiki article paints it in a very innocuous light, up till the negative effects it has on bee colonies. There has been a lot of poisoning as experienced when I handle garments I use as curtains and such. Numbness or itching is the result. Sometimes it's the joints in the wrists that hurt after washing such garments, when I get careless. Normally I handle such stuff with rubber gloves.

Sprayed inner and outer walls of my home with just water yesterday after being reminded by your post. Slight relief from some symptoms reminds me I have to clean entire place up, and soon.