Friday, 13 May 2011

A Message for PayPal.

I have deleted the main text of this post because the purpose for which it served has expired. PayPal lifted all restrictions on my account yesterday.

I must make it clear that, by posting the message here, I was not under the impression that PayPal is in any way involved with, or influenced by the purveyors of the covert warfare that is the subject matter of this website.

The post was a way to identify myself as the account holder to PayPal, after all else had apparently failed.

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Toloane said...

PayPal did it again. Got paid two weeks ago, but then, without warning, when I attempted a second withdrawal, my account got closed down. Cannot understand why I have to get locked out of my account every fortnight. It is not as if there is a lot of money involved. Just crumbs.

I am using the correct login information so why should the system be so jittery where I am concerned? The day this happened PayPal sent me two conflicting emails, one telling me my account access was limited, and another informing my account had been closed. Have to go through the same old tiresome procedure to get the limitation lifted, they tell me. Wonder whether they are loving every moment of this.

Strange stuff.