Monday, 2 November 2009

Goba Ma Khosi: The Final Solution

Goba Ma KhosiImagine a scenario where the west gradually became so poor it could not afford to keep ahead of competitors. There would not be the funding needed for projects that ensure the west stays ahead of its enemies. For example, gone would be the days when the west led the world in military technology, and with this would also be history gunboat diplomacy on which the west relies to get international policies forced through.

Simply put, the west, as a whole, would not be able to afford a superpower status. The vacuum would be filled by countries that have recently become wealthy, and these could easily be today's impoverished Third World.

Is this remotely possible? Yes it is, and the catalyst for this is, simply enough, loss of access to the resources that the west has come to depend on when, due to increasing populations, the Third World is propelled into a state where they can take control and start using them to their own benefit.

Such a scenario has long since haunted the west, and in answer to this real prospect, thinkers in western countries came up with The Final Solution, a plan to covertly cull the Third World. Initiated or championed by Henry Kissinger who authored NSSM 200, the plan was set in motion, and evidence of it can be gleaned in the Third World of today.

This book is the product of research into this matter. It is an attempt to join the dots by taking advantage of concrete evidence of this plot provided in The Flowchart, a document discovered by Boyd Graves, and abundantly available in what has become of the Third World today.

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Anonymous said...

That's a large book you have there Toloane. I see you have been busy with writing, busy with education. We will have re-double our efforts in microwaving your spinal cortex. Can't allow you to free the slaves, with all that talk about nationalising resources.

We will talk again...

Anonymous said...

Drive carefully. It is not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker.............................................

Philip said...


I also experience the sort of covert action you report on your blog, and I
have written several volumes of journals about it as well as the occasional paper. My most recent is "Further capabilities of radioweapons" (link below), which I hope you will find useful:

My other published documents are at

If you have a scribd account, please let me know so I can subscribe.

By the way, the 'open gulag' phenomenon you discuss is I believe referred to by the 'perps' as a 'soft-prison' or 'e-prison', and the general name for radioweapons attacks is 'microwave ops'.

The need to maintain deniability is - as far as I can tell - the only constraint on the people who make this war. Their brazen-ness in your case is troubling to me, since it means that, at least in your locale, they feel far less constrained than they appear to in mine, which may suggest that public resistance to open acts of torture is weakening - which would be a serious matter for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Excellent book which covers areas that that i feel are important to the struggle of Afrikan people world wide. It amazes me how far Afrikan people wll go in order to deny the truth of their current state. The matrix/machine has them plung into a bizzare world where up is down black is white..ect. Only the esoteric spirtual systems of our ancestors will set us free.

The days of the elite dictator are coming to an end. While the White empire lives on the black masses are endangered to exctintion like the native Americans, and yet these fools keep running at the mouth, meaningless shit to keep us out of the game which is what they want.

Good book.