Sunday, 21 October 2007

Typical Perp Behavior

I have been a target of covert warfare for longer than a decade now, and I am understandably quite paranoid. This paranoia is largely induced. It is what results when one has been through the harrowing experience of organized stalking for a prolonged period. It is actually a healthy thing to have in the situation, as it keeps the targeted individual on their toes, ready for whatever.

The tricky part is being able to distinguish between the latent and induced paranoia, this being the fine line separating sanity from a lapse into insanity, but once you have been in the whale's belly for as long as I have, and survived well, it all becomes easy.

True, there are moments when nothing is happening at all and I get into a state, accusing everyone and everything of being a broken back perp. Sometimes, it is really me at fault, but then I become unintentionally extra-punitive, causing myself more harm than I need under the circumstances. This chaotic state of mind is fortunately always transient. I keep a level head for the most part, and for this I have all the defenses, the mental and physical exercises, the measures to prevent surreptitious entry or my home in a backpack to prevent contamination of vital basics just in case my security measures have been breached without me knowing.

What I have to thank the most are the desperate therefore blatant entries into my property, the wooden boards in the house above that allow me to know of the precise reactions to activities I engage in that are otherwise not detectable by human senses, for example typing on a laptop or handheld, doing push ups, working on especially the faraday cage enclosure, and let me not mention cooking and eating as this may be an activity that can be picked up by neighbors due to the food smells raised.

Most obvious of all are the DEW attacks that follow immediately afterwards and, if I am in a fixed position within the building, odors and blurry sight immediately thereafter.

One other reality I have to thank for being sure of exactly where I am is the fact I have the oddest neighbors imaginable, especially the ones I can audibly keep tabs on, the people who live directly above my flat. They are very camera shy, but then so are a lot of other people out there. The difference with normal people is this shyness does not manifest when a camera is sighted. Simply deploying one where human eyes have not spied, for example behind shades, peeping through a gap onto the street outside, is enough to make them display behaviour that indicates they have forewarning of this reality.

Apart from this, they also have this odd habit of never leaving the property empty at any moment of the day or night. I have heard of house wives who spend the entire day indoors, but what happens here is ridiculous. Rather than spend time out of the property at times that show discretion, the two tend to alternate availability so that the one almost always leaves when the other has arrived. The male does actually leave for a job I am sure is organized for him by whoever put him up to this, as cover for what he does, but he also comes back or doesn't leave the property on those days when it is clear something has gone wrong within my household with the potential to compromise the security systems. One day he stayed indoors on the very same day that the electricity went off. He entered my property, leaving all my surreptitious entry contraptions askew, not intentionally because he always does his best to conceal his incursions.

The couple has lived in the flat for close to a year, yet they have never thought it appropriate to create extra keys for the entrances. Every time one of them goes out, they have to knock on the door to be let in upon return. Talk about the ridiculous and absurd… It is usually normal for people going out to take the keys with them, especially when the trip is short, for example to pick up groceries at the shop next door, but these guys always leave the keys with whoever is already on the inside even on such trips.

Could this be a case of overly dumb people? I doubt that very much. The couple would have to be spoon faces for that to make sense, and even then they would not adhere to as strict a regime as they do, unless trained to do so. Forgetfulness and whim would make the procedure random, in which case someone would already have locked themselves outside, even inside if we are to drop to such levels of mental ineptitude.

I recently discovered that the house wife does leave the flat in my absence. Perps keep in touch using the best of communication technology and movements of targeted individuals are usually relayed to all involved so that they are in the right positions. There could however be moments when communication is not advisable, if the chance of eavesdropping exists, for example. Such moments have been, and I have actually caught the female perp going out while I was returning.

What happened immediately after sets her off as someone guilty of some devious activity. She bounded back from wherever she had been going to re-enter her property before I could even open the inner door to my flat, having crossed paths while I was opening the outer, shared entrance and, to discount any possibility she maybe forgot something essential to her reason for going out, stayed indoors all evening. She didn't leave her front door open, accidentally or because she didn't feel it was necessary what with a shop next door, so she could not possibly have feared I would go in uninvited, and the time simply hadn't been there for a quick over the counter purchase.

All of these odd behaviors are strong indicators that the people upstairs are bona fide perps, typical ones at that, and that they have something to hide within the dark, devilish recesses of their flat, that they are very careful not to leave a possibility that someone can either copy their keys then enter their property because what they have hidden upstairs is not meant to be seen by normal people. The curious part of the design of their flat is that all the entry doors open outwards, so that sudden barging in is impossible. Any attempt to catch them at what they do inside will be too slow, giving them enough warning to either destroy the evidence, by dismantling, for example, or thwart the attempt at entry.

Otherwise the single most direct indicator of their perp status are the attacks with DEW's, including the manner they react to what I am doing even when I am out of sight. The attacks with energy weapons culminate at moments that correspond to important events or activities in my life. They are intense when I have appointments that have the potential to change my life in the days leading up to for example an interview. They also attack me whenever I engage in activities that can be beneficial to my health, such as the ones mentioned before, or starting with cooking, raising the intensity of attacks to a crescendo at the moment I start eating. It is at these moments when the perps appear to completely lose it, thumping across the floors in tandem with my movements, appearing to drag a heavy object with them as they move around.

I have made it plain already that the issue of food is iffy, especially because of the real possibility I have strange food tastes and accompanying odor with the potential to cause distress in those who are not accustomed. I actually cook conventional meals in clean utensils, or merely heat pre-packed foods and, excluding the few times I forget a pot on the fire and burn the food, I get the very same response each and every time.

I once read how prisoners at Guantanamo bay are frustrated in their efforts to exercise body and mind, which is clearly the very same that is happening here. One can guess what prison authorities who go to such lengths in their effort to ensure that their detainees are kept in a bad state of health will put in the food they give them to achieve the same. Targeted individuals being kept prisoner in their own houses are lucky where this is concerned because they can buy their own food and other necessities. Otherwise the situation of any TI is similar to that of a prisoner with a very dedicated crew of prison warders there to ensure the prisoner doesn’t thrive.

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