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The Council of Chalcedon: The Creed Responsible for the Known Mediocrity of the Western World

The shape of the world we live in, its turbulent history and present, the dominant system (culture) we live under, and the mentality it inculcates in all of us (more specifically the psychosis it causes in the devout), is all a product of the Christian creeds convened in succession almost two millenia ago, in particular the one known as the Chalcedon Creed.

This is factual because we are still being ruled by the same theocracy that made the doctrines that have programmed the minds of people since then. We are still under a catholic theocracy, albeit one that's ruling covertly and with the group in charge slightly different from the one that was in power at the time the creeds were convened.

The minutes of the Council of Chalcedon are all in script, and can be accessed either on the internet or university libraries. This means that you don't have to take my word for it. You can do your due diligence and read all about it.

The first thing that is made very clear from this council is that the clergy (men) made up the religion of Christianity, as opposed to a God up high as they led the devout to believe. The following is how the Creed of Chalsedon put it in their own words:

"This wise and saving creed, the gift of divine grace, was SUFFICIENT FOR A PERFECT INDERSTANDING AND ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION. For its teaching about the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit is complete, and IT SETS OUT THE LORD'S BECOMING HUMAN IN THOSE WHO FAITHFULLY 'BELIEVE'."

(inner quotations mine)

Then, they decreed the" unthinkable" in the following minutes of the same meeting:

"Since we (Catholic Bishops) have formulated all these things with all possible accuracy and attention, the sacred and universal synod decrees that NO ONE IS PERMITTED TO PRODUCE, OR EVEN TO WRITE DOWN OR COMPOSE, ANY OTHER CREED, OR TO THINK OR TEACH OTHERWISE. "

This, in layman terms, is effectively issuing a decree that bans thinking.

Now, thinking is what Human brains are designed to do. There is nothing constructive that we can do without the help of thought. Banning it (thinking) creates zombies of human beings. It's the last thing anybody who wants the best for humankind would do.

Yet the church couldn't be bothered in making this decree because of the fact a religion only survives when people are not allowed to think, but to just believe.

It should go without saying that it's from the Chalcedon Creed, convened almost two millenia ago, that we get today's world where intellectuals are an endangered species, and only because thinking is their forte.

This particular decree is also responsible for a western phenomenon known as Targeting aka Cause Stalking, or Covert Warfare. Programs such as J. Edgar Hoover's COINTELPRO are also only possible where a mentality already exists that is a product of this decree.

This conclusion is arrived at when it is understood that Targets of COINTELPRO, who are also targets of Covert Warfare, are literally prosecuted by a judge and jury in a parallel justice system in which they have no rights, a system that is superior to the existing, visible or public one.

This experience of being found guilty of an unknown crime by an elusive judge and jury that has unlimited powers within the system, of ending up convicted of something you have no idea you did, of being sentenced to anything from the deliberate undermining of your credibility to remote torture for life, from the frustration of anything you endeavor to do to constant harassment and stalking by a cult made up of faceless people who are above the law, can only find a parallel in the effects of anathematization on the anathematized.

Back in the day, being anathematized as per the Creed's decree resulted in having a defacto contract placed on the head of the person. If they got murdered, there would be no charges placed on the murderer. Under these circumstances, anyone who deliberately made the target's life hard, anyone who went as far as to kill them, was seen as doing a favor for the powers-that-be (the church), and they were rewarded in hints and favors in order to encourage them, which is known to be pretty much the same way those who stalk, torture and contribute to the death of Targets of Covert Warfare are treated.

The creation of a "stalking profession" that entails making a lifestyle out of turning the anathematized's lives into a living hell could only be the outcome of this decree. The creation of gangstalkers could only be the byproduct of this situation.

Viewed in this context, the cause of much of what characterizes western history, and sets it apart from the history of mankind elsewhere, becomes clear. The early onset of creative bankruptcy in the west, for example, is easily explained on this basis. The failure of the west to cope with Chinese competition leading to its now looming large, inevitable and impeding fall from grace, can find a partial if not complete explanation in the culture this thoughtless decree gave rise to.

The west, via its own elites, shot itself in the foot, so to speak.

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