Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Why Black People Can Never Be Left Alone in a Culture Run by Western Secret Societies

Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me" video. This was his debut R&B release on the Motown label in 1984. The song's lyrics relate the narrator's paranoid fear of being followed and watched. It featured former Motown artists Michael Jackson on the chorus and Jermaine Jackson on additional backing vocals.

Are you a black man or woman living in the west who has the feeling somebody is watching you, and you don't have any privacy? Do you feel that a group of people have invaded your life and they are being obvious like they couldn't be bothered if you know? Do you feel surrounded by these people to the point you think they are everywhere?

Have you figured out from the manner they observe you that they want the best of you, to steal for use in their creative processes?

Rest assured that, for so far as your sanity can be ascertained, you are not delusional nor are you paranoid. You aren't imagining things. This invasion into the private lives of select black folk is real, and it is in fact modus operandi for the western intelligentsia.

This "prying" or "eavesdropping" into private black lives is done in order to study the mental and biological processes of those selected. The information gathered, be this how the individual displaces, how often they eat, what they eat, how they exercise, how often they defecate per day, what the implications and applications of what they said in a letter they wrote or a conversation they had are, what their way of having sex is, their favored positions, and etc., is collected with a view that this may enhance the "advancement process" of the western world. This is in fact normal MO for the kaballistic western elites, and it is age old.

You are not suffering from delusions of grandeur if you have deduced as much, because this really happens, and those isolated for such observation don't have to have social importance to be selected. They only have to fulfill criteria only the elites of the west believe they fulfil.

What this criteria is can actually be deduced if we study the history of the doctrines that guide the beliefs of the elites of the west.

As I mentioned above, these "covert" operations are not a novel phenomenon. They date back to the time when the first Europeans were exposed to the advancement of the black race and "decided" it was not coincidental that the black race had managed the feats that went into the creation of the foundation upon which this current civilization was built, but a product of the fact the gods had favored black skinned people.

This is documented.

This means they believed that black people were molded differently from white people at the potter's wheel. They were given attributes that made them better, more capable people.

If you have studied ancient Greek mythology, you will know that much of it is not indegenous but adopted. The deities that ancient Greeks had were mostly taken from Kemet (ancient Egypt) and renamed. The roles they played in the original myths were sometimes altered, other times reassigned, but the basic allegory was preserved intact. The symbolism used in these stories were also preserved.

Westerners would soon start adapting their very worldview to the realities these adopted belief systems represented.

The problem with the wholesale adoption of beliefs whose main dieties were designed by a different race, in this case by a black race that made the mythology pro dark skinned, melanated beings, and emphasized the role melanin had played in their ascendance, was that westerners would have to internalize the belief white skin wasn't good enough, even when this hadn't been the intended message.

Obviously, westerners had to go through a gradual process of understanding and inevitably of accepting the message in the mythologies they had adopted as truth, and would also have gone through the process of finding their right place within the mythologies, that can be likened to the seeking and finding of a coping strategy within the reality they had adopted from an alien culture no less.

A quote on Hercules by Thomas Huxley (1860), wherein he describes theologians as snakes falling by the wayside of each new science, e.g. Darwin 's evolution; the rendition of Hercules as a youth fighting snakes, to note, is a Greek rescript of Horus the youth battling Apep, the famous night snake that battles all the sun gods.

The fact they took care to change the names and races of the adopted dieties they had come to worship without changing the myth, tells us they were aware of the race issue but found the mythology to be truthful. This is how come Heru (Horus in Greek) became Herakles (Hercules) and though he became a white diety, the allegory in his story stayed the same in essence. Prometheus was another diety snatched whole from Kemet, who became white without major changes to his allegory. He stole a fire (glowing charcoal which is another symbol for Melanin) from heaven ... was chained to a pillar and had his liver (considered the seat of human emotions) eaten out by an eagle. The same allegory was repeated with the biblical Jesus who was nailed to a cross (same symbol as the pillar Prometheus was chained to representing his melanated body, which is the same symbol as the tree that the serpent in the garden of eden climbed) and was also stabbed in the liver like Prometheus, and so on this story goes.

Cross burning by the Ku klux Klan. If we understand from kaballah symbolism that the cross represents the body of the Christ, and the Christ is the essence of a melanated being (the kundalini joined to the pineal gland), then we can see clearly what this group, created by masons to put black people in check after emancipation, are using it for in their cross burning rituals. The Christ figure nailed to the cross is an allegory that doesn't just have significance in kaballah symbolism or the Bible. The ku klux klan burning crosses represents them burning black folk "in effigy". The fact it is a representation of a black body should become apparent when you just ask yourself why a Christian cross should become an instrument of intimidation? Why did they pick the cross to burn on the lawns of black folk? What connection do black people have to Christian crosses? The explanation or logical answer to these questions is hidden right out in the open.

Thus were born occult traditions, salient of which is the kaballah that appeared much later as an amalgamation of these adopted mythologies, that took over the role of guiding the conduct of western society via the leadership that kabalistic secret societies provided, whose members engaged in its occult rituals that were recitations of allegories that had blackness or melanin as the focal point. White countries were in essence worshiping blackness.

If we do not forget that central to these occult teachings was the precept that melanin, the element that enables blackness, should be considered supreme in nature, which wasn't a surprising feature of a mythology created by black beings looking to exalt their essence, it is not surprising or strange that, in the hands of non black people, the implied message was that whites were mentally and physically lacking and could only ascend to the same level as melanated beings if they became black or acquired equal amounts of melanin. In a situation where whites were in control, they would feel compelled to do to actual blacks anything that they could to learn how to be black from them, to get to the root of the advantage as a way of eventually possessing it too.

This is how come you got in antebellum America this mindset that believed fervently that black bodies are medicinal. This is how you got people who harbored the belief if you have arthritis and you place your feet on the back of a black child, it will be cured. This is how come entire well equipped outfits exist in the west whose sole purpose is the selection, isolation and study of select black individuals for the purpose of the mental and physical ascendance of the entire white race.

Clearly, the occult guidance the west adopted from kemet could only instill the belief in the need for white folk to become black to be their best. It led in the end to occult traditions that turned white adherents into literal parasites of black people as a way of transcending the limitations of the white frame.

The time has come for this truth to be bluntly stated, without euphemism. The need to become like black people, to in fact BE black people, in order to take advantage of what is believed only black people are capable of, as witness what the ancestors of black folk once did in ancient Egypt and other places, to transcend the limitations of the white frame, has driven the occult traditions of western secret societies since the times of the Ancient Greeks, and has resulted in white people preying on black people in all kinds of ways in attempts to gain the powers that blacks are believed to have.

And it is only by deciphering the esoteric message in especially kaballah mythology, because we know the kaballah is behind every major secret society in the west, that this truth is revealed, because it is in fact plainly stated in this Jewish tradition. For instance, the serpent and melanin are one and the same thing in the kaballah.

The fact the intrusions into private black lives also extend into the lives of private white individuals doesn't change the fact the invasions into the lives of people by the secret societies are an activity reserved primarily for black people. White people become objects of such study only because they are considered to be genetically black, i.e. they are believed to be genetic incarnations of black people in white skin.

Do not make the mistake of equating these intrusions to the targeting in covert warfare that is a central theme of this website, and the central subject of my book. The behaviors and methods surrounding both activities are the same but are initiated for totally different reasons and have different objectives. Targets of covert warfare are usually being put in line because they went against the grain, or are being punished for an infraction that cannot be brought before Judge and jury, otherwise they are being held in one spot to prevent them from doing what is expected from the personality profile they fit. Many are in fact in the program to be experimented upon for the development of the weapons used in the very targeting program.

The select black folk who are having their lives invaded for study are apart from this group. They are singled out and are being studied for insights this might give the cabal to be better than they believe they inherently are, according to their mythology.
This is the main difference.

Saturday, 20 February 2021

The Prime Division: US v THEM (Human Beings vs Human Non-beings)

"The Prime Division" = US v THEM (human beings vs human non-beings)
"them" =humans with no conscience or suppressing their conscience to prey on others.
"us" = humans who seek to exercise their conscience

Consciousness: The ability of a being to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to events taking place, both within oneself and within the sphere in which one exists and operates.

Conscience: The intuitive knowing of the objective difference between right and wrong according to natural law.

To exercise conscience means knowing the difference between right and wrong and choosing right even though choosing wrong would be more beneficial for your self. You don't even need to have a conscience to practice the exercise of conscience, just the knowledge of the difference between right and wrong. Exercising your conscience raises your vibration, increasing your consciousness. Suppressing your conscience lowers your vibration, reducing your consciousness.

One is evolutionary, BEING.
One is devolutionary, NON-being.

The current societal narrative/dialogue is all mixed up with doubletalk/newspeak.

Either we stop letting "them" control the debate, making the argument take the shape they want, which keeps us from having the discussions we need or they will retain their control of us.

The problem: our current society is based on a pathological value system.

The root cause: billions of people who have no conscience or who suppress their conscience for predatory purposes exist and this is virtually unknown to the rest of us.

The fix: step one...use the word conscience, at least once daily in sentences or posts.

step two...understand #theprimedivision and help others to do the same.

That's all it will take to change the direction in which our society is heading.

This is definition. It's not truth because truth requires context and the minimal amount, albeit the most important part, of context, is definition. It's not opinion because opinion is subjective. This is incontrovertible.

From Randy Dorsey @ 

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

How Religion Prevents Revolution

I am not going to downplay the role religion has played in the fight for rights. I know that Martin Luther King Jr. used religion as a platform for his peaceful protests. Louis Farakhan organized the Million Man March on the Muslim platform. There are many more movements of a similar nature that happened prior to both these events and after them, that were made possible by religion.

What I am stressing in this piece, however, is the reason why religion has helped oppression and prevented the exact same events mentioned above from becoming commonplace, especially when they are most needed.

Let's focus first on the quoted statement by John Lennon. What he says here is very true, and we have witnessed instances when the power within a people was awakened and they decided enough was enough, then took to the streets and toppled regimes few would have thought could be unseated.

It's not a coincidence that all of the salient instances of people realizing the power they have were secular in nature, even when fervent believers were among them, even when they would end up as leaders, if not THE leaders in the new dawn.

It will always be the case that awakening the power required to move the masses to revolution will remain a "so near yet so far" situation where the masses are insufficiently freed from doctrines that create a stoical, apathetic and conformist mindset, chief of which is religious doctrine.

Once taken up by a critical number in society, religion is for me the biggest obstacle to making people realize they are not powerless, and it is in relation to this that some have referred to organized religion as "the opium of the people".

There is no worldview that induces a mindset that doesn't panic at the experience or prospect of the irreversible worsening of a situation or state than the religious. This is an unnatural and induced mindset that can only be understood or seen when scripture's effect on the psyche is carefully analyzed.

You need to get into a bit of that Freudian stuff for this.

People are designed to realize that it's too late when milk has been spilt. This mindset is functional for survival. It enables people to prevent a situation from reaching a point of no return by making them realize that changes and states, though transient, can become irreversible without intervention, prompting the requirement for timely reaction to a perceived change that carries the prospect of turning into a threat to their survival/well-being.

And it is precisely this realism that religion destroys in people.

The whole premise of religious thought is founded upon the idea things will be reconciled, reversed, corrected, "in the end". Changes for the worst, degeneration, ruin, wreckage, economic impoverishment, etc., will all be corrected "in the end". Religion thus inculcates the mindset that there is never need for panic or worry. God will make everything as it was "in the end". Prices of essentials will fall, "in the end".

Think of this as something similar to getting people caught up (brainwashed) in a mindset that believes only voting brings change. The possibility that presidents may actually not be the people controlling countries will be obscured from view because the people are distracted by the vicious circle they are caught up in that believes change and restoration only happens after elections, after the right candidate has won. 

For fervent believers of especially Abrahamic faiths, it doesn't matter in their minds that the distant end that's foretold in scripture will not be lived in their current flesh and bone form, making their current realm, including all of its trials and tribulations, irrelevant. That the illusion things will inevitably be as they are supposed to be (as they were before they took a downward tumble) is just comfort for a form of life that will not be lived in the end is not a big deal to Christians and Muslims is telling enough of their potential to want to fight for their rights in this realm. 

What's worse is religious doctrine guarantees this afterlife, this end, to be a next day event for every successive generation that lives centuries and millenia later, so that each believer believes judgment day is theirs to live through. Jesus' return is expected to happen in their lifetime here on earth while they are still flesh and bone rather than spirit after their death. 

Every religious generation that has lived before believed that Christ will return in future, but the intimated and subconscious belief was that this would actually happen before their lives were done. To this end, doomsday prophecies play a vital role.

With such a worldview among a significant percentage of the population, is it any surprise that rogue regimes abuse the rights of as many people as they do, to the extents that they do? Is it surprising that they can wreak as much irreversible carnage? 

All it takes is a critical number in society to be shackled to the religious worldview and voila! Paradise for all manner of despots and other miscreants in leadership roles looking to profit off of self immolation and suffering.

If you follow the logic above, then you will see why it is imperative to rescue people from religion first (and also from thought influenced by doctrine that works the same way on their psyches) then, and only then, can you stand a good chance of awakening the power in them.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Tanzania Apparently Under Covert NATO Fire

I saw this weird oddity coming. Tanzania just had to be struck by the worst variant of covid right after the president made remarks that weren't in line with what the western elite wants leaders around the globe to think. This is clearly an attempt to prove him wrong, and also send a warning to any other leader who dares take the same stance. This can be deduced from the timing of the incidents and severity of the symptoms the victims displayed before death. 

Covid19 has not been known to kill in this exclusive manner on the continent before. Why should it manifest in this way in Tanzania alone? 

I think that the western Military Industrial Complex scrambled NATO military satellites to Tanzania to achieve this objective. This is just my opinion and I have good reason to conclude thusly. 

I am not discounting the fact spies could have released a dangerous bio-weapon in Tanzania, but I feel that the most likely way these deaths were caused is by Directed Energy Weapons on board satellites. 

Now, thorough investigations must be conducted to ascertain the origin of this pathogen, and if this leads nowhere concrete, if a pathogenic origin cannot be established, then I would advise Magafuli to get his hands on technology that detects satellite assaults, or at least picks up the satellite build up, and shares the info among peers, we might just see a resolve develop for countermeasures to these technologies in the third world that's long overdue.

There simply is no way you can run a country without cover and protection from this "real" NATO menace, no way possible. Any country that is thriving under the current dominion of the dominant western culture is either in cohorts with the western elites, or has a way of defending itself from their satellites, and you cannot be in cohorts with them if you are black, no matter how much you deceive yourself that you are, no matter how much you play their good slave and join their secret societies. You are always seen as the "adversary" in the occult teachings that guide their conduct. 

Satellites can be disabled or blasted out of the skies. All it takes is access to the right technology for this to happen, and most importantly it will take courage and cooperation. These machines are expensive. If you not only expose their use but also possess the capacity to blast or zap them out of the skies one by one, NATO will think twice before deploying them anywhere and anyhow it pleases, especially in peace time, as the preference of this backward block goes. 

Possessing the capacity to take them out of commission can become a limiter to the capacity of NATO's space force to force under-development on third world countries by covert means, which happens to be how the west maintains its economic hegemony and assures itself access to Africa's natural resources. 

There is the real possibility or risk that NATO will retaliate. In fact this cannot be discounted, but then the point of retaliating against them is to force them to switch to an overt war, which puts the underdog in a better position. 

Covert wars where the odds are stacked unevenly against the underdog are more pernicious than overt ones where the same odds apply, unless an appropriate asymmetrical response has been devised, in which case two can play the same game differently.

Forcing the west to come out in the open has the advantage that the west is exposed on this front. And I bet you if the cabal is challenged to make their war overt they won't dare do that. Too much hangs on them being seen by the world that matters, which includes African countries, as the good guys who do nothing other than spread good democracy. Simply put, the west wouldn't want their Space Force seen for what it is to just about anybody on earth. They know that once that happens their goose will permanently be well cooked as the world seeks ways to cope with this reality.

Friday, 12 February 2021

A Method of Depopulation

If you asked the average African if they know how many people died from HIV/AIDS, they will tell you that they don't know. The last thing that they know or even suspect, in the least, is that the totals run into a quarter of a billion, according to some estimates. And these estimates could be conservative. 

The average African out on the African paths (and the few streets) doesn't know why it was estimated at the onset of the HIV/AIDS epidemic by western experts that Africa will have the youngest population on the planet as its older people got decimated by the virus. 

And it has come to pass. The prophecy has been fulfilled. 

Well, it's not really a prophecy. Prophecies are more or less guess work. This was a prognostication that turned out to have been accurate. 

If you ask why Africans don't know that they lost so many people to the AIDS epidemic, the answers you will get vary, but the one that's most truthful isn't just that the information isn't public domain, but also that it is not accessible as a continental total except by access to clinical records that has to be granted by permission of individual African countries, after which the total for the continent can be calculated. 

As for Africans without such access, having at least an idea of the sheer scale and scope of deaths from this virus isn't possible using alternate means, such as observation, because the deaths occurred over a prolonged period of time among isolated communities and neighborhoods.

But even with access to the raw data we find that matters are confounded by the fact some African governments were not collecting, collating, and storing data on the deaths. This all means that, for the most part, the total death toll from the HIV/AIDS epidemic can only be estimated. 

This situation can be equated to how Africa doesn't have the likes of a VAERS website where deaths or injuries from specific medications are reported, a kind of central data gathering center where safety and efficacy of treatments can be checked. The continent doesn't have a central data collection point for deaths caused by ARV regimens or of injuries from vaccines. 

The deaths from HIV/AIDS  occurred in isolated places and though people realized there were more deaths occurring than there had been before, they were not counting the totals on a minute and larger scale. Because Africans could not know the scope of the problem, they could only get used to seeing multiple funerals of young people. 

Death and dying became normal to Africans. Seeing that it wasn't normal would take someone from a different continent where funerals are usually reserved for old people.

This is what is going to happen again when the Covid19 Vaccines become activated, but this time it will not just be Africa that goes through this, but almost the entire planet. I say almost because places like China aren't playing along. They didn't abandon the one child policy because they wanted less people. 

Saturday, 6 February 2021

Why Vaccine Companies Working on Covid19 Vaccines Were Given Immunity From Liability For Vaccine Injuries

I think I have figured out why the cabal was so keen on arranging Big Pharma's immunity from liability for injuries caused by their vaccines. It's a big chess game, and they have carefully planned their moves way in advance. They have made many moves thus far, but securing Immunity from liability for injuries caused by their rushed vaccines is their best move yet.

The cabal realized way in advance that it wasn't going to take long before the relation of the vaccine to deaths and other injuries is established. They realized this would happen BEFORE their objective had been achieved and it would throw a monkey wrench in the works. 

Too many people were going to die too soon after the vaccinations and, apparently,  there was no science or technology they had that could prevent deaths from happening, in most probability because they found they couldn't do this without diluting the strength of their killer potion. This isn't empty speculation if you understand that it is in the best interests of the cabal to keep the causal link between the vaccine and injuries that may occur difficult if not impossible to ascertain.

They also realized that, with liability to prosecution, once the lawsuits started pouring in, and the experts got their hands on the details and called in bigger experts, there were no tools of censorship, no backdoor access to public information, no misinformation that their trolls could spread to prevent the word from getting out that the vaccines were indeed killing people, which would definitely dissuade people from taking them.

The success of the cabal's agenda to get poison into almost everybody on earth wouldn't be assured if the companies producing the agent that's central to the attainment of the objective (the vaccine) got too much negative publicity, which would be more difficult to conceal from the world than internet posts and the like.

Right now, as I write this, hundreds of people have died, while tens of thousands have been injured. Now, this information is being kept away from the general public using underhanded methods, which wouldn't be the case if the intentions of the cabal were pure, if there wasn't anything wrong with the vaccine. Imagine the situation if the families of the victims had already filed suits against the vaccine companies. Think of the details that would have been leaked as attorneys pore over the evidence? Think of the media exposure. Even the mainstream media would have failed to stay away from such proceedings.

All this would by now have reached the eyes and ears of even the most detached and disconnected people, and ended up dissuading too many from taking the jab. The whole program would already have been dealt a severe blow given records in vaccine injuries and deaths have already been broken by the covid19 vaccines after only a month and a 
half of action.

Figure showing Covid19 vaccine deaths compared to flu vaccine deaths that occurred in the same year the vaccine was given. Note that the covid vaccine has only been administered for less than 2 months but is already almost surpassing the worst year for flu vaccines.

This would soon also have resulted in the companies being fined into bankruptcy, or run out of business. It could potentially also have led to head rolling too.

Do you see why that single move to indemnify the vaccine companies from liability has allowed today's status of the vaccine campaign to be possible?

As can clearly and simply be deduced, immunity from liability of vaccine companies is absolutely necesary for the success of the agenda because the cabal cannot rely solely on the control they already exercise on the masses to conceal the truth that they had ulterior motives for rushing vaccines that are hazardous to health without it. With the evidence out there in the open, the cabal cannot reach their "check mate" point, i.e. the point when it's too late for us, that point when more than 60-80% of the global population has been vaccinated, which would equate to virtual eradication if the signs that strongly suggest this motive are acknowledged for what they are. 

The eradication of a public process that ascertains culpability, with the added potential of attracting a media circus, was seen as the only way a push for a New Global Order could have of success. It was realized early on that lawsuits would be the stumbling block to the mass vaccination campaign. It would easily have exposed the dangerous vaccines too early, with the potential to bring the whole process screeching to a sudden halt. The cabal knew they couldn't move fast enough once the process of lawsuits was initiated.

You see, it's only after the majority have been vaccinated that a New Global Order can be pushed on what remains of humankind, or the semblance of the species that it turns out to be. Only then can the cabal know they have arrived home, and are free, because after that point there can be no turning back.

This is the cause for the urgency we see with the vaccination campaign about a disease that doesn't merit the crisis severity it has been given. This is the reason for the censorship across the board, the concealing of medical data, the alteration of facts online, the bending of science, the banning of scientists, and etc.

In the meantime, the cabal knows that even with the immunity from liability for injuries that vaccine companies enjoy, things can still go wrong. Their only recourse is to achieve the desired goal of vaccinating a critical number of the world population as fast as they can.

And once they have their vaccination goal attained it will definitely be game over for you and I.

But we can still do something to stop them before it's too late. We don't have much time. They have launched their vaccination campaigns in earnest because they understand time is of the essence.