Sunday, 5 June 2022

The Council of Chalcedon: The Creed Responsible for the Known Mediocrity of the Western World

The shape of the world we live in, its turbulent history and present, the dominant system (culture) we live under, and the mentality it inculcates in all of us (more specifically the psychosis it causes in the devout), is all a product of the Christian creeds convened in succession almost two millenia ago, in particular the one known as the Chalcedon Creed.

This is factual because we are still being ruled by the same theocracy that made the doctrines that have programmed the minds of people since then. We are still under a catholic theocracy, albeit one that's ruling covertly and with the group in charge slightly different from the one that was in power at the time the creeds were convened.

The minutes of the Council of Chalcedon are all in script, and can be accessed either on the internet or university libraries. This means that you don't have to take my word for it. You can do your due diligence and read all about it.

The first thing that is made very clear from this council is that the clergy (men) made up the religion of Christianity, as opposed to a God up high as they led the devout to believe. The following is how the Creed of Chalsedon put it in their own words:

"This wise and saving creed, the gift of divine grace, was SUFFICIENT FOR A PERFECT INDERSTANDING AND ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION. For its teaching about the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit is complete, and IT SETS OUT THE LORD'S BECOMING HUMAN IN THOSE WHO FAITHFULLY 'BELIEVE'."

(inner quotations mine)

Then, they decreed the" unthinkable" in the following minutes of the same meeting:

"Since we (Catholic Bishops) have formulated all these things with all possible accuracy and attention, the sacred and universal synod decrees that NO ONE IS PERMITTED TO PRODUCE, OR EVEN TO WRITE DOWN OR COMPOSE, ANY OTHER CREED, OR TO THINK OR TEACH OTHERWISE. "

This, in layman terms, is effectively issuing a decree that bans thinking.

Now, thinking is what Human brains are designed to do. There is nothing constructive that we can do without the help of thought. Banning it (thinking) creates zombies of human beings. It's the last thing anybody who wants the best for humankind would do.

Yet the church couldn't be bothered in making this decree because of the fact a religion only survives when people are not allowed to think, but to just believe.

It should go without saying that it's from the Chalcedon Creed, convened almost two millenia ago, that we get today's world where intellectuals are an endangered species, and only because thinking is their forte.

This particular decree is also responsible for a western phenomenon known as Targeting aka Cause Stalking, or Covert Warfare. Programs such as J. Edgar Hoover's COINTELPRO are also only possible where a mentality already exists that is a product of this decree.

This conclusion is arrived at when it is understood that Targets of COINTELPRO, who are also targets of Covert Warfare, are literally prosecuted by a judge and jury in a parallel justice system in which they have no rights, a system that is superior to the existing, visible or public one.

This experience of being found guilty of an unknown crime by an elusive judge and jury that has unlimited powers within the system, of ending up convicted of something you have no idea you did, of being sentenced to anything from the deliberate undermining of your credibility to remote torture for life, from the frustration of anything you endeavor to do to constant harassment and stalking by a cult made up of faceless people who are above the law, can only find a parallel in the effects of anathematization on the anathematized.

Back in the day, being anathematized as per the Creed's decree resulted in having a defacto contract placed on the head of the person. If they got murdered, there would be no charges placed on the murderer. Under these circumstances, anyone who deliberately made the target's life hard, anyone who went as far as to kill them, was seen as doing a favor for the powers-that-be (the church), and they were rewarded in hints and favors in order to encourage them, which is known to be pretty much the same way those who stalk, torture and contribute to the death of Targets of Covert Warfare are treated.

The creation of a "stalking profession" that entails making a lifestyle out of turning the anathematized's lives into a living hell could only be the outcome of this decree. The creation of gangstalkers could only be the byproduct of this situation.

Viewed in this context, the cause of much of what characterizes western history, and sets it apart from the history of mankind elsewhere, becomes clear. The early onset of creative bankruptcy in the west, for example, is easily explained on this basis. The failure of the west to cope with Chinese competition leading to its now looming large, inevitable and impeding fall from grace, can find a partial if not complete explanation in the culture this thoughtless decree gave rise to.

The west, via its own elites, shot itself in the foot, so to speak.

Thursday, 26 May 2022

Targeted Individuals Aren't Objects of Experimentation aka Lab Rats. They Are Objects of Ritual Human Sacrifice. It's a Cult Thing

It is said that the Military Industrial Complex is heavily involved in the Covert Warfare program. They are said to be using the targeting of isolated individuals to develop incapacitating as well as killer biological and electronic weapons, by way of experiment. 

But in my opinion, their involvement stops where the perping starts. By this I mean that Targeted Individuals are not in a lab rat situation as soon as they start getting assailed by perps, and there is good reason why the experimental aspect of targeting is impossible once you factor into it the shenanigans of the operatives and the scientific method.

Experiment follows the scientific method, which is a mathematical and experimental technique employed in the sciences, more specifically, it is the technique used in the construction and testing of a scientific hypothesis. This process of observing, asking questions, and seeking answers through tests and experiments, is not unique to any one field of science, and this should also apply to experimentation done on Targeted Individuals.

Experiments are always conducted in steps and stages, and there must always be some kind of control. As human lab rats, as intelligent lab rats, it would become very clear to the more critically minded targeted individuals that they are in an experiment, if this is what it really was, because of these steps and stages that experimentation must follow.

It would be possible to discern changes to the program that would occur in such a way as to alert the targeted of this fact.

But instead, what is known about targeting, from personal accounts by targeted individuals, is a never ending, single phased assault that only alters in intensity now and then, usually dependent on the reactions and actions targeted individuals make.

Now, it is said by targets of Covert Warfare that the destruction of their personalities precedes everything else they go through, and that the point of this is to dam them in ... to make us social invalids in order to keep us in one place so the assailants in lab coats can have their way with us. But even then, should targets of Covert Warfare, the lab rats, be the ones to determine the course of the experiment to the degree I know targets are able to?

What I am alluding to is the purpose of frustrating us a little at a time. Do the operatives really need to wait for us to want to start something to know that they didn't destroy our personality enough? From the looks of things, they seem to just be waiting in the wings so they can frustrate us again and again, for the sake of it rather than as a way of destroying the personality.

I know that I am beginning to sound ignorant right now to Targeted Individuals, especially the more critically minded. They will immediately think of factors such as visible injuries caused by directed energy fire, the body's healing and regeneration mechanism, etc., as what the assailants are up against. These factors make it necessary to chip away at the body repeatedly before an effect becomes permanent and the cause isn't considered foul play due to abundant evidence of this.

In other words, according to the reasoning in the Targeted Individual community, the reason they would need to do it little by little is because they don't want the process to be so messy the cause of whatever becomes of the individual is plain to discern. For instance, in destroying the mind, they don't want to burn the brains in one go, until smoke billows out of the head. That would of course point to the use of directed energy weapons and open up a pandora's box of other connected issues, such as secret service involvement.

This would be why they would have to perform clinical assaults that take away a little of the capabilities at a time, and use cues such as signs of recovery, healing or regeneration to repeat the procedure ... until there is virtually nothing left of the personality, until the individual has virtually been lobotomized. 

The issue for me, however, is the conduct of the operatives during this procedure. In my experience, seeing us frustrated appears to be the main part of the reward they get for conducting this so called experiment. I have heard severally how much it pleases the operatives when we get a major disappointment or break down. They seem at pains to show their joy to the victim too. 

This is why I believe they are deliberately letting us run ahead of them so they can chase us down on figurative horse backs with figurative hounds to experience the thrill of the chase and the triumph of the moment of capture. We are actually the ones put in charge of how the action unfolds, while the predators tow behind knowing they are able to catch up, uncover our hiding places and thwart anything we are about to do (the hunters assured the prey cannot get away). 

This, to my mind, is a hunting game in disguise. 

I think this because for one, I know that this isn't an experiment, and also because I am informed enough to know that if NATO wants to develop bioweapons or Directed Energy Weapons using human test subjects, or set up an atmosphere where this is possible, they have places on this planet where they can do this with impunity. Yes it's true sometimes we do become lab rats and patents for new inventions and discoveries are filed off our backs, but this is not what they have us in this program for and the known illogical and especially psychopathic behavior of our tormentors is evidence of the unscientific nature of what's happening to us. 

Many of us have discerned the psychopathy involved in the procedures carried out against us. Many of us have caught our tormentors out of it. Many of us have noticed that verifications of our status last forever and are repeated ad nauseum. Most of us know we are watched constantly, clearly by people who take shifts on us, who also are clearly mentally challenged in a psychopathic way. For instance, at the height of a sustained high intensity assault when it becomes possible to know where the attention of the one welding the weapon is focused, there is a tendency to repeatedly check areas or places that have been checked before. What could possibly have changed in a room with one occupant that escaped the attention of one that has been observing it for hours during the period they have cameras and motion sensors trained on the property? Do perps believe in magic and ghosts too? Maybe aliens? Are they expecting angels to fly through the room and cause magical emanations and appearances or changes? Has someone under close scrutiny suddenly glowed bright or turned into a butterfly? Is this what they are keenly waiting to happen so they can have it on tape? 

I mean, we couldn't possibly be such escape risks that we need to be observed 24/7, including the seconds. The experiment couldn't possibly demand so much observation to complete. 

If you are a targeted individual or someone who is just studying the phenomenon, and haven't gathered as much, then it's about time you realize that targeted individuals cannot possibly be in any kind of rational experiment. No new weapons, biological or otherwise, are being developed off our backs. 

We are in fact the end application of weaponry and bioweapons developed and perfected on the unwitting in places where such developments are done with impunity, where the sun don't shine. We are the prey on whom cutting edge technology is applied in order to capture us, the deer on which trained hounds, modern rifles with high tech, state of the art zooming and zeroing in equipment is used to great effect. 

What is really going on with targeting is that the targeted have, for various reasons (chief of which is the fear and dread those in authority have of them), been put into a program where they are feeding an appetite for the hunt, for torture and also murder, that must arise in a culture steeped in Ritual Human Torture, mutilation and sacrifice. 

The hunt is the ritual for all of us. 

If you have kept your eyes open to information on activities the elites are into, then you may have come across reports that they make a semblance of what is happening to us occur in real life too (not behind walls using through the wall viewing technology to watch and attack or control the prey). 

You may have heard rumors of them hunting teens, the homeless, convicts, etc., in the wild. There is even a Hollywood movie called "Surviving the Game" in which the rapper Ice-T takes the leading role, using the screen name "Mason" (of all names), that depicts a homeless man who is hired as a survival guide for a group of wealthy businessmen on a hunting trip in the mountains, unaware that they are killers who hunt humans for sport, and that he is their new prey. This happens to be the same ritual they have targeted individuals in, albeit in a different theater.

The western world is led by the same theocracy of Druids that were the elites when Julius Caesar led the Roman empire. He managed to stop the heinous human sacrifice rituals they engaged in, but the theocracy made a come back and, today, it runs the affairs of a good portion of the planet and is as steeped in Ritual Human Sacrifice as ever, because the elites still believe that they gain super powers from the practice. 

Today, the victims aren't burnt to death in public on All Saints Day (formerly the Druid Samhain) but are covertly tortured and killed as sacrifices to the God the elites worship. 

Understand that the program is highly organized, with limits on who can or cannot be put on the targeting list to prevent the making of every subject within the theocracy a potential victim. 

This is to say that the targeting program is part and parcel of the western system/culture and not one that can be done away with given the fact there would arise a shortage of victims who can repeatedly be used for ritual sacrifice, which would lead to the practice breaking out into the open in a similar manner there is a steep rise in rapes of women when prostitution is banned, which would backfire on the elites given the practice is anathema to the sensibilities of this day and age. This is why only one authority has the final say on who can become targeted. 

Note: Covert Warfare in the west is only similar to the east German Zersetzung into which those whom the east German leaders feared, and others they wanted to punish, were turned. It has only made good use of the methods of this program and shouldn't be confused with it. Learning about the methods of Zersetzung is a good way of understanding those that western Covert Warfare uses on its victims. They are almost identical.

Zersetzung is documented and the information isn't yet censored or scrubbed off the internet because the Kabal don't think people will associate anything in the west to it. It's methods can as such be gleaned on many websites. It is sure worth researching for those of you who want to learn more about the western targeting program.

Also take note that the word "Hollywood" refers to a tree the ancient Druids used to make magic wands with. Research this if you doubt it, otherwise don't take every movie made in Hollywood at face value. The Kabal owns Hollywood and use it to program the masses. The movie "Surviving the Game" may as well be what is known as the "Revelation of the Method" which is the manner the elites of the west believe they avoid karma ... which is by revealing to the victims what they do to them. The logic of this is that if they show the intended victims what they do to them and the target audience don't do anything about it, then they consent to it, absolving as such the perpetrator of any guilt.

Also, surveillance in the targeting program is carried out by people, not an AI. The reason the idea an AI is supposedly what's watching and attacking people through the clock was projected, as opposed to human operatives working in shifts, is to conceal the fact only people conducting a ritual are capable of such activity ... and also in order to conceal the huge numbers of operatives involved in the program, which leads to the same conclusion when the usefulness of the expenditure on such a humongous program is put into question.

Covert warfare is part of COINTELPRO, but the best way to run this program, or any other program that "normal" human beings cannot stomach, is to use the cult and its rituals. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

The Tragedy With Africa

The tragedy with (or of) Africa is that we are our worst enemies when it comes to ruining things for ourselves.

You want us to ruin the future of our children? Just make us do it ourselves. Give us some cash, or treats and trinkets, and we'll kill off our own best, for example. Our enemies don't do these things for us. We do it ourselves ... and the fact it's at their behest is secondary. 

I rather abstain from using the word "we" in this. I prefer to separate Africans into those who are awake and the other group I call conscious and unconscious proxies of our enemies. This last group is what the African Deep State, created by the west before they handed power back to the natives, consists of. 

In Africa, we have entire communities that are supported by western monies, and few people know this. Our deep state is in the middle of every community whether in the suburbs or villages, and they are trained to spot our best and "get them on the rise", so to speak. 

So, it's not just those in leadership positions who are in danger. It's not just the Magufuli's and Nkrumah's who have their lives at stake. 

Have Africans ever wondered why Africa is the only continent where the observation has been made and confirmed that good people die young or go too soon? Here we are talking about the most industrious, philanthropic, creative people within families and communities. This observation, about a weird phenomenon that has been taken to be a natural occurrence in Africa, isn't made due to a mistake in reasoning, meaning it isn't based solely on noticing deaths because of their impact on one's life, for example. 

What is revealing is the fact this occurrence doesn't apply to people in cultures outside the African continent, for instance Europe or China. If any African wants to verify this, then just ask your Chinese, Arabian or European friends (if you have any) if they have ever heard of this phenomenon before. 

Note that this belief exists in ALL African countries, not just one. 

The truth of this matter is the fact the good people dying young in Africa are our best and they are being eliminated by an embedded Deep State that's trained to do just this. This may sound ridiculous or far fetched but it is verifiable. 

The activity continues because the perpetrators don't know that this is what they are doing otherwise they would stop. Their levels of understanding, intelligence, egos and emotions are what are being (ab)used to make it all possible. 

To repeat, it's being done to prevent Africans from getting developmental contributions from their (our) best.

Another truth that lies within the same statement in the meme above by Patrice Lumumba is the fact ballot box democracy is inimical to the best interests of African people. This is a fact that cannot be denied. The way things are, this system is the way Africans are controlled to their detriment. As one African writer whose name I forget once said, "we did win independence, but we lost it again at the ballot box". 

Witness the sellout monsters Africans put into positions of power, and weep. The situation isn't very different from the west in that sense except the fact Africans are in a lose lose situation compared to western masses. This is to say we lose much more compared to them given our very existence as a race is at stake.

And it figures why countries like China, that have developed by leaps and bounds, do not entertain the idea of a ballot box system of governance. They understand that they will forfeit their potential as a people at that ballot box. 

Saturday, 2 April 2022

Thoughts on Will Smith's Assault on Chris Rock

I think people who have come out saying this was all a staged Kabal gimmick to distract us from the real issues around the globe are jumping the gun. This wasn't staged at all. This was Will Smith doing the unthinkable and the fact it can happen in everyday life doesn't change that.

The Kabalistic elites running Hollywood organize the Oscars to promote Hollywood productions, and it just so happens that Pfizer was also in on the promotion side and they happen to have a drug on the market for alopecia, a side effect of its mRNA vaccine, believe it or not. They would definitely have sought attention for the condition, and the medication, but to do it this way?

Bottom line is this was a day for the Kabal running Hollywood to promote themselves and if they attracted attention in the wrong way then they would suffer the consequences.

Attracting attention through a distasteful act of violence is definitely one of those things that could trigger the negative rapport, because anyone who is OK with what happened has probably never been hit by a powerful man. As we advise our kids, ‘use your words’.

Furthermore, while there may be some room for speculation over the slap itself, Smith’s anger as he shouted at Rock certainly seemed 100% genuine.

In the aftermath of the incident, footage shows Denzel Washington consoling Smith during an ad break, the latter wiping away tears. Smith also wept during an acceptance speech that looked a deeply troubled one for him, despite the fact he had just reached what is the pinnacle of a film actor’s career. Apologising to the Academy and his fellow nominees but not Rock.

He said: "Art imitated life; I look the crazy father, just like they said about Richard Williams. Love will make you do crazy things.” If all that was make-believe, he deserves a lorryload of Oscars.

There is another aspect to this whole incident that doesn't support the view it was staged. In the aftermath of the slap, it was allowed to reverberate throughout the event with Chris Rock doing the unthinkable. He acted as if nothing had happened and didn't even rub the cheek that had been hit. If the scenario was put in script then the instructions he would have been given would be to get slapped, pretend he had been hit, then act as if nothing had happened.

The police or security at the venue would be instructed not to step in to escort Will Smith out, even when his behavior remained threatening after he had assaulted someone.

Now, the assault alone would have been grounds for immediate arrest because it was viewed by those who would have needed the evidence to proceed with the detention of Will Smith.

These are all factors that those who would have planned the incident would have had to consider prior to the fact because they would have been aware of the lingering bad taste it would leave in both the mouths of those present and viewers at home had they not stepped in and did as I indicate above. Chris Rock himself would have been required to feign injury and an inability to continue with his hosting for it to be in sync with the continuation of the event. All this would have been pre-planned because it would have brought closure to the incident and allowed the awards to proceed without the ghost of the incident haunting them as much as it did that day or night, without people wondering whether the man presenting the awards was in pain or not, whether he would be attacked again or not.

Remember here that Will Smith threatened to do it again in his manner in the immediate aftermath, and also that he didn't find it necessary to apologize to Chris initially even though he apologized to everybody else present.

What seems clear is that Rock’s joke about Pinkett-Smith crossed a line. It is absolutely believable that it could cause significant offence. As Pinkett-Smith told a 2018 episode of her Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk, her alopecia has caused her considerable suffering. “It was terrifying when it first started,” she said. “I was in the shower one day and had just handfuls of hair in my hands and I was just like, ‘Oh, my God, am I going bald?' It was one of those times in my life where I was literally shaking with fear.”

It has also been pointed out that Smith and Pinkett-Smith do have some previous rifts with Rock, having been on the receiving end of another Oscars ribbing by the 57-year-old in 2016. Reacting to the pair’s decision to boycott that year’s awards over a lack of diversity in the nominees, Rock, who was hosting the ceremony, said:

“Jada said she’s not coming. I was like, ‘Isn’t she on a TV show?’ Jada’s gonna boycott the Oscars? Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties. I wasn’t invited!” Rock also took aim at Smith, saying: “It’s not fair that Will was this good [in the movie Concussion] and didn’t get nominated. It’s also not fair that Will was paid $20 million for Wild Wild West!”

But still, Will Smith hitting Chris Rock for offending his wife is unathema for anybody who knows and has followed the two. There is no comparison to what's wrong with that picture. Imagine that this wasn't Chris Rock, but Jay Leno who told a bad joke and got a member of the audience walk up to the stage and b*tch slap him for it. On top of that, he goes back to his seat and shouts, audibly, that Jay should keep whoever out of his dirty mouth.

A comedian has a dirty mouth now?

Comedians can cross the line sometimes and when this happens we don't expect people to walk up to the stage and punch, slap, kick or shoot them in the head. That defeats the entire point of a comedy show. There would be nothing left of comedy if comedians couldn't tell certain jokes for fear of a violent reaction from the public. And if one really crosses the line then there is always time afterwards to put them back in line without endangering the entire profession.

This is a social contract about comedy and comedians, and it is observed globally, if I am not mistaken.

What's disturbing about this incident is the fact the individual who did this is himself a stage performer, an actual comedian who had come to get an award for a performance in which he could possibly have crossed the line for somebody somewhere. This attack was made by someone who should have known better.

I think Will Smith has trashed his entire film making career right at its pinnacle. I for one will find it very hard watching films in which he stars after this, and I think that it's going to be the same for many more people around the globe and if this whole thing was staged then the Kabal shot itself in the foot.

I doubt Will Smith will be able to pull the crowds to movies he stars in, as easily as he has managed to do thus far, after exposing himself as a shallow, emotional and violent, insecure man.

Yes he should care about his wife. Yes he should protect her from being offended and having her feelings hurt. But the question should be asked what, in that GI Jane joke, was offensive in a way that's insensitive to victims of alopecia? This is if Chris even knew this is what she was suffering from.

And no! This is not me being distracted from what's important. This is me voicing concern for an incident I find unpalatable on many levels, almost all unconnected to Oscars and Hollywood, a feeling that I share with many other people around the world.

Ritual Human Sacrifice is the Driver of All of the Western World's Major Global Activities

One way to get your head around the fact every major undertaking by the western kabalistic elites is driven by ritual human sacrifice and torture, a practice inherited from their ancestry, is to study the "Etymology of Holocaust".

I have put the words in quotes and ignored grammar so that you can copy and paste them into a search engine that way, as this will start you off on the initial research much more easily. 

Provided you ignore attempts to associate the term to what actually happened in Germany during WWII, but instead focus on those results that go into the fact offering burnt human and animal sacrifices was cultural practice among jews, you will get to the truth

By "major undertaking" I mean such events as cause bloodshed on a major or minor but significant scale, such as major wars, political assassinations, massacres, major covert experiments in which hundreds or more are lobotomized or incapacitated and/or tortured till death, false flag operations that claim many lives such as 9/11, and so on. .

What remains unknown to the world population is the fact the holocaust was an act of ritual human sacrifice on a global scale, and it didn't just involve the jews. This truth is easily arrived at once you research the origin of this word and the fact it wasn't a German term. 

Keep in mind the fact the jews weren't burnt and offered as a sacrifice to some German god. They were gassed or shot, and many of them were experimented on. 

And it wasn't only jews who ended up in those gas chambers. Gypsies and even Germans themselves were also murdered. 

The only part where there was any burning of human bodies was during the disposal of the dead bodies. The affair wasn't religious at all, though the dedication to it was. What you then have to ask is why was a term that didn't have any relation to what was going on chosen to describe the elimination of jews from Germany? More to the point, why was a word that's exclusive to a single culture used to describe the mass murder of millions of people who belong to that culture in Europe? 

The thing to understand about the Kabal is the fact that they leave hints and clues to what they are doing in the open. They hide the evidence right out there where everybody can see it. They picked the term. "holocaust" to point out that what they were actually doing is conducting mass ritual human sacrifices of both jews and gentiles on a global scale, giving burnt offerings to an ancestral God worshiped by the western elites. What this event has been called in history, specifically the name "Second World War", is a cover for what is hidden right out in the open, which is that a ritual was being performed by the Powers-That-Be, a ritual they would later actually supposedly coin a culturally specific term for that described the event accurately. 

The Germans, who are seen historically as the main perpetrators, would hardly have used the term holocaust to describe what they did to the jews, in hindsight. "Eidlossung" would have been a more appropriate term for them to use, and they did use it for this during the war, but the people in control today who wrote this history, as victors do, do not want to refer to this event by that word? 

What's wrong with calling it what it really was, i.e. genocide?

Now, for the kabalistic western elites, ritual was, and is always the driver of the main undertaking, which in the case of the holocaust was the major world war. This is to say for them, if a major undertaking cannot be useful as ritual human sacrifice, then it cannot be done. They use ritual human sacrifice to guide their decisions. 

Theories about the cause of the major world wars, for instance, stress that the same people started all of them for the purpose of making huge profits off arms sales to both sides in the war. But then the profits from the sale of weapons can but be secondary and are largely superfluous for Bankers capable of creating money out of thin air. They don't need to sell anything to create wealth for themselves in a capitalist system they control. They just need to stand back and let commerce happen. The money will come to them and if too little comes their way, they simply make more of it, or they bend the rules so that it does. 

They may occasionally need to create more havens to launder the money they create doing their daily business, and the increased manufacture and sale of weaponry during wars does this very well.

In more ways than one, the profits from arms sales would serve as a measure of how the sacrifice they made to their god has been received.

The fact of the matter is the holocaust followed major bloodshedding events spanning centuries, and led on to a series of bloodshedding rituals that last till this very day, because the same people are still at it.

The transfer of jews to Palestine led to Palestinians taking over the mantel from the jews and becoming the central human sacrifices, and BTW this should in fact have been Ugandans had the initial plans gone through.

We are dealing here with the global assault on everybody on the planet by a cult that's lasted the better part of 2 millenia, and it's happening currently with vaccines that are intended to kill or maim, after the covid19 so called pandemic (that has failed to live up to that definition after 2 years), and we should really expect more ritual human sacrifice to come as long as the Kabal remains in control of our communities via their puppets in positions of power, as long as their system/culture prevails. They still staunchly believe that the god they pray to only blesses them once they have thrown victims to him after all and, apparently, they believe that the more people they sacrifice, the better their prospects become.

Decoding and Exposing The 666 In Kabalah

The Kabalah with Daath included.  

The Torah is the encoded Kabalah as the Rabbi's state and show. The Torah symbolically forms their world tree, and in the exact middle of the Torah the letter Vav is placed at the navel of the body of "god". In the Torah the number of the Temple of the Sun (Solomon or Sol-Amun) is 666.

The Sefirot of Tifereth is the sun and is given the number 6 and its placed at the solar chakra in the middle of the tree where everything connects. In Kabalah Tifereth is stated out of the short face which is the seven Elohim or "gods" that are the seven chakra's that Tifereth is the most important and the leader or king of them all. In Kabala the entire soul unites at Tifereth. This is due to the fact still noted in Hinduism all the male and female nadis unite at the navel. And the navel governs everything like a King governs a Kingdom.

The 666 is the number of the sun square and each square is given a sum number. 666 is the sum of all the numbers in the sun square. The seven planet squares relate to the seven Elohim or "gods" of the lower face in Kabalah. Hence this is the square of Tifereth and thus the six letter Vav is placed here.

The Vav in Kabala unites things. By placing the Vav here they are uniting the soul by activating this point the soul comes together in. That is why Tifereth is also called Daath in Kabala. Daath relates to melanin which is also referred to as the force behind life itself. Daath also means sexual union. It's the alchemical sexual union of the soul if you understand that alchemy relates to melanin as its study. Daath also relates to spirit and the solar chakra is responsible for converting spiritual energy into vital force for the being. The Vav is the letter of the serpent in Kabalah and relates to the belly of the serpent. The belly is the navel point and the serpent is the symbol of the sun here. Tifereth is the energy center that rules all the other ones as all the chakra's connect to the solar. Note: One in Kabalah means 13. Some diagrams show the map of the 13 chakras all connecting at Tifereth as well.

The formal Kabalah. Note that it is without without the "Daath". 
In free Masonry Hiram Abiff is the corner stone. Hiram is also spelled Haram which means "The Ram" the Ra or Ram is the ancient name of the sun God, the solar Chakra, and is also a mantra for the solar chakra. Abiff relates to serpent father. The Temple of the Sun in Masonry is the 666 as well. Its all relating to the solar chakra. The corner stone is an ancient title for this chakra its also called the Omphalos. The Beast 666 is a title of the Omphalos to the ancients. The Omphalos had the Phoenix which is what this word beast relates to in the ancient Greek.

Note the V letter was the original sixth letter in the Greek alphabet the Digamma. This was removed by the Church later and replaced with other letters and hidden away. The ancient Greeks placed a pentagram inside the serpent circle with 666 under it to show the Magnum Opus. The Pentagram in this fashion relates to the solar chakra which is the "sun or son" of the serpent goddess Venus being born into the world. This is the reborn soul and how it relates to the transformed solar chakra and life force or melanin. In the east, transforming the solar chakra is the major key to the Magnum Opus. This is openly talked on a lot in Taoism and mentioned in Hinduism in the Tantra's.

The Digamma in some ancient symbols are shown as four Digamma's coming together forming the Swastika the symbol of the solar chakra. The Digamma swastika shows the V letter connects the "four directions" which in Kabalah all unite at the navel chakra. The upper chakras the lower chakras and the left and right sides of the body and their nadis.

The fact is the Kabal simply stole the ancient teachings of the Gentile Pagan religion (kemetian science) and then corrupted them and hid them away in the encoded Torah. The Torah on the encoded level is a false history which forms a geopolitical doctrine and blueprint for the creation of a Jewish world government. The encoded Kabalah is simply the occult level of how the Kabal are using stolen spiritual knowledge against so called Gentiles (goyim to them) to achieve this.

Much of the actual Kabalah is taken from the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians before them. 666 is the sacred number to the ancient Egyptians, Hindu's, Babylonians and Pagan Peoples in general. Which is why like with 13 the Kabal want to scare Gentiles away from 666 because its an important number they want all to themselves.

Note 666 is also Satan or lucifer, and the Kabal know this. However it's because Satan is the symbol of the Gentile soul, and the 666 is the heart of the soul as even the Kabala admits. In Hebrew "Ra" the solar point means "evil". Because spiritually empowering Gentiles is evil to the kabal.

That there is the whole core of the Bible they push on us Goyim. Anything to do with spiritual knowledge and spiritual empowerment is evil in the hands of Goyim. 

Just send your energy into a kabalistic thought form of Rabbi Yeshua and bow to the kabalistic political ideology of their Zionist World Government ... which happens to be how the kabalistic Bible ends. With the 12 tribes of Israel [the 144,000] ruling the world under the "INRI", ie the King of the Jews.

We are dealing here with the same book which tells us Goyim the symbol of Gentile spiritual enlightenment (Satan/lucifer) is evil as well, meaning melanin is evil.

The Bible is full of the kabal's "god" attacking Gentile humanity in order to prevent them from spiritually empowering themselves. It is a literally device to act as the warning of the Rabbis. This is why under the Noahide Laws that the Kabal want to impose on the Gentiles, the first law is Goyim are not allowed to practice spiritual empowerment, the punishment for which is death.

Just like the Bible orders. 

Remember, Noah killed around 3000 people for worshiping a symbol of gentile empowerment in the form of a golden calf (Het Heru) when he returned from the mountain top, and he called it idol worship for which the punishment is death.