Monday, 8 October 2018

Patriarchy and Matriarchy do not Work in Isolation

Tree Yin yang symbol 

Patri-assy ahem ... Patriarchy leads to anarchy, because it represents a male/female imbalance expresed in leadership roles.

Now, lets get one thing clear to clarify this.

Women have wombs while men do not, right? Women give birth to males and females.

Men determine the sex of the newborn. They are the ruggid ones, the testosteroned, the protectors, the hunters, the providers, but so too can women be all this even when they become more attractive to males when they minimize on these male exceses and, vice versa, males usually become more attractive to females when they exhibit more of the characteristics that are typical of males.

Thus, resorting to matriarchy would also lead to anarchy inasmuch as this, too, wouldn't represent the whole story. It is an incomplete representation of the whole, just the hoe lol.

Not reducing females to that. Follow me.

What we need is for leadership by both sexes in the context of a nation state or any kind of political entity to be shared evenly, starting from the very top, to be meaningfully effective. It must be enshrined in the constitution and not just ritualed in folklore that in order for a political system to succeed really, and deliver all round development,  its leadership has to consist of members of both sexes, represented equally in leadership roles. If the president is male, then the deputy must be female, or reversed, and so on down the line till the smallest unit of organization: the family.

Rule by two males or more males than females is the equivalent of homo marriage, or someting fake and illegitimate like that, for homo sapien doesn't come about and propagate through homo sexual union but through heterosexually intact contact.

Not dissing homosexuals or bi-sexuals with this.

Rule by both sexes is acceptance and acknowledgement propagation is central to as much survival as developmental change.

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