Monday, 8 May 2017


Recently, a white male scientist called Mike Adams, The Health Ranger", disclosed a fact that has been told numerous times within black communities worldwide but has more or less fallen on deaf ears.

This fund raiser is an attempt to create a movement to spread the confirmation made of this truth by a white scientist, through black communities on a worldwide scale, taking it directly to the people, as it were.

Afraid you will be duped, well then take it that if I got you to come this far then I did my part spreading the word. Understand that when telling black folk the truth becomes big business, that's when change will come not just to black communities, but to the system that has made a habit of defiling people's health to make money off them or control them, whether they are black or white, and this fact will be stressed in the awareness campaigns to avoid shooting self in the foot.

Remember it took economic changes to end the slave trade, not the efforts of abolishonists. You can view the youtube video and hear The Health Ranger "in his own words" below the link to the fundraiser below.

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Mukazo Vunda said...

No responses yet? No Donations either. But I am not giving up that easily on this one. This fundraiser is here to stay. I am going to keep at it for a year if I have to and the reason I am not letting you, my people, off the hook this time around is simple.

This is not the first time I have come up with an idea that went nowhere while I remained busy with it but, as soon as I let go, another one similar to mine came up and booked remarkable success in a very short period of time. It has happened "TWICE" already and both ideas keep growing from strength to strength.

The first one has been running for a good decade thus far, a novel unification drive for blacks pooling their resources in order to deliver to black communities, and the second one is in line with a status I will not publicize here. It involves the creation of safe houses and it too relies on pooling resources. Both are doing well and I know ... whoever is getting the donations in the end is NOT a friend of those it is directed at, otherwise why did they wait till the coast was clear and I had given up to start?

This idea is good, and I am serious about it. "Alluta Continua" for me till ...